Chapter 1

Casey opened the door to her apartment and headed straight to the couch. She was beat. She shifted, finding a comfy position, and fell asleep. A few hours passed, and suddenly, she was awakened by strangled, desperate cries that sounded as if they belonged to a baby.

"No, that couldn't be," she thought as she crossed the room. As she opened the door, she saw a baby girl in a basket with a note.

It read:

I can't take care of Kayla anymore. Please give her a good home.

Casey picked Kayla up, shaking her head disapprovingly. "Come on, Kayla," she soothed, stepping back into her apartment. "It's okay. Shh, don't cry. I bet you're hungry, hmm?" She grabbed a bottle and filled it with milk. As she sat down to feed her, questions raced through her mind: Who? Why? What had happened to make someone simply abandon Kayla? Why had they left her here, of all places? Why had they chosen her to give Kayla a good home?

Damn, this was complicated. She decided to call Olivia and see if she had any ideas. When the milk was gone. she burped her and carried her up to the room she'd once thought would be a nursery. Unfortunately, she'd miscarried in her 14th week and would never meet that baby. She hadn't had the heart to get rid of the baby stuff she'd bought, so the room was still fully stocked. She kissed Kayla, put her in the crib, turned on the baby monitor, and went down to call Olivia, hoping she could help her figure this out.