Kurenai and Kakashi walked down the streets of the hidden in the sound village. They just finished up there but it was late so they thought they should stay the night and go home tomorrow. Kakashi look at Kurenai. Her and Asuma got in a fight before they left for the mission and she been down every scents. He hated that Asuma hurt her all the time. He loved her and if being with Asuma made her happy and he doesn't see how then her would let him have her.

"What?" she asked bring Kakashi back to reality. They stared at each other. A few minutes passed Kakashi looked around then back at Kurenai.

"What?" he asked. She was all ready in a bad mood and Kakashi wasn't helping with his stupidity. She sighed and closed her eyes. She then opened them and looked at Kakashi.

"You was staring at me." She said

"I was? Sorry" he said. He then looked at the building in front of them. It was the hotel. Kurenai walked in Kakashi fallowed. They walked up to the desk. A girl with long brown hair and brown eyes turned them.

"How can I help you?" she asked looking at Kakashi She licked her lips. Something in side her snap. When girls hit on Asuma she would glare at them to let them know he was taken. Kurenai's eyes narrowed and she took a step forward..

"Yeah you can help us you can keep your tongue in your mouth or I will cut it off you slut!" she said. Kakashi grabbed her arm and pulled her back. They looked at each other. Kurenai looked the other way. Kakashi looked at the girl. He smiled.

"She is a little …upset .can you get us one room please?" Kakashi asked. Kurenai looked at him

"Y-yes sir we have one room left" said the girl her eyes never Kurenai. Kurenai looked at her. The girl grabbed the Key and gave it to Kakashi. "And how long will you two be staying?" she asked

"One night" Kakashi said. "what is the room number?" Kakashi asked.

"Its on the key" she said

Kakashi looked at it and saw 409. "Oh" he said. "Thank you" said Kakashi he walked way Kurenai right behind him.

"Why one room?" she asked. He looked at her and smirked under his mask. "Why not one room?" he asked . She blushed. They walked and finally found there room. Kurenai sat her bag on the bed. He put his bed by hers and sat down on the bed he started taking his vise off.

"Am getting in the shower" they both said at the same time. They looked at each other. He smiled

"Ladies first" he said. She smiled. It made her happy that he thought of her as a lady and not a ninja. She picked up her beg. " I love to see you smile" he said. She looked at him. She blushed and smiled again

"Thank you Kakashi" she said then walked in to the bathroom. He head the shower start and her get in. He sighed and laid back in the bed. Before he knew it he fell asleep.

Kakashi's eye shot open. He looked around it was dark. He sat up and walked in to the bathroom. He turned on the light. He walked up to the tub and touched the bottom of it. It was dry showing Kurenai was out for sometime. He walked back in the room and turned on the light. She wasn't there. He sighed and scratched his head. The door opened. Kakashi turned around Kurenai walked in

"Where did you go?" he asked. He eyed her up. She rose an eye brow at him

"To the bar" she said

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked "I was worried" he said. She smiled.

"Am sorry Kakashi. You were sleep. I didn't want to wake you, you looked so cute" she said as he walked up to her. She tried to hold in her laugh. He leaned in closer she blushed. "Kakashi" she said. He pulled down his mask

"Kurenai all he does is hurt you and am sick of it." He said. She turned her head and when and sat on the bed.

"Kakashi I really don't want to hear it" she said taking of her shoes. He sat beside her.

"Well to bad because you are going to hear what I have to say" he said. She looked at him anger and frustration on her face

"Does it look like I give a d---- what you say!" she said.

"I don't care if you don't but you will listen to me! What good is he if all he does is yell at you and hurt you. Your to good to be with someone like that!" he said. She looked away. He cupped her chin and made her look him in the eyes " why do you stay with him? And please don't tell me its because you love him because I know you don't" She tears filled her eyes she closed then and swung Kakashi's hand away.

"You can't tell me how I feel! You don't even know me!" she yelled

"I care about you Kurenai! I don't want to see you hurt! He is just using you because he knows I…" he shook his head " you know what never mind" he stood. She grabbed his arm. He looked at her.

"You what?" she asked

"I said never mind" he said looking away. She pulled on his arm.

"You wanted me to listen. Am listening." She pulled him down on the bed. "Tell me" she said. They locked eyes.

"Am tired I don't want to ta-"she cut him off when she kissed him on the lips. She cupped his face. He put his hands on her hip. She opened her mouth enough for him to slip his tongue in. The kiss deepened as she rapped her arms around his neck. She lied back and he got on top of he with out breaking the kiss. The kiss grow rough and hungry. She ripped Kakashi's shirt open. He started kissing her neck. She moaned when he gentle bit down. She took his shirt and threw it on the floor. There lips clashed together. Kurenai ran her hands up his chest. She then ran them threw his hair. They flipped so Kurenai was on top. She started to kiss his chest.

"Come on Kakashi you what?" She said and bit. He moaned. She when down unzipped his pants with her teeth. She when back up and started kissing his neck. "Kakashi" she licked his ear lobby "Tell me" she said

"I will tell you when we are done" he said. They flipped again and pinned her to the bed. He bent down and kissed her.We all no what happened next


A few weeks later Kurenai walked quickly in to Tsunade office. Her eyes where red and puffy . It looked like she was up crying for days. "Where is Kakashi?" She asked sounding like she was doing to brake down any second. A look of worry over took Tsunade's face.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Anko who was sitting looked at her.

"I-I have to talk with Kakashi" she said holding back her tears.

"He was just sent to a 3 year mission" Anko said Kurenai whipped her tears away. Anko walked up to her put her hands on her shoulders. "Kurenai look at me" she said Kurenai looked Anko in the eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"A-Am pregnant with Kakashi's kid" she said