I don't own Dean, Sam, John or the wonderful impala. I do own Dean and Sam's friends and the creatures in this story though.

This is my first ever fan fic! I hope you like it.

Dean slammed his locker shut, his arms full of books and started toward his first class of the day; English. He found it to be a completely useless class that wasted his time, but his Dad wanted him to go to school so he did.

"Mr. Winchester," Mrs. Lee said as Dean walked into the class room ten minutes late,

"You might want to consider being on time to class at least once this year."

"Yes ma'am." Dean said politely.

"Yes ma'am as in you'll try or are you just humoring me?" the teacher asked.

Dean shrugged "I'll try." He lied.

Dean sat down in his seat in the back, wincing as he did so. He was sure he had a few cracked ribs from last nights "Skirmish".

"Hey, you alright?" Dean's friend Sandy asked.

"Yah, I'll be fine."

"Did you get your homework finished?" Mike, another friend, asked Dean.

Dean shook his head, "Do I ever?"

"Here." Mike said holding up his homework for Dean to copy.

Dean leaned over Sandy to grab the paper from Mike, 'Gosh, he smells good.' Sandy thought.

"Hey Dean, hey Sam." Jill said as Dean and Sam sat down at the lunch table with their friends; Kyle, Mike, Eric, Jason, Jill, Megan, Sandy and Lilly.

"Hi Jill." They both said.

"Hey guys," Kyle said. "We're all going to see a movie tonight, want to come?"

Sam's face lit up, "Yah!" he exclaimed. He looked at Dean who smiled, "If Dad says yes, we'll be there."

"Great." said Kyle.

"The movie starts at 6:30, we're meeting at 6." Sandy said.

"What movie is it?" asked Sam.

"Urban Legend." Eric said mischievously, "My brother works at the theaters and said he can get us in."

Dean and Sam exchanged smiles, even though they didn't really get scared at horror films they still quite enjoyed them.

"Do you think Dad will say yes?" Sam asked his brother for about the hundredth time as the got out of the impala and walked to their motel room.

"I don't know Sammy, we'll see." Said Dean as he opened the door.

John was sitting at the table in the kitchen, papers spread all around him.

"Hey boys." He said without looking up.

"Hi Dad."

Sam nudged Dean's arm and nodded toward John. Dean glared at his brother then stepped toward John and cleared his throat.

"Umm, Dad?"

John looked up at Dean.

"Some of our friends are going to see a movie tonight," Dean looked at Sam then back to their father. "And, well, they asked us if we wanted to go, so…. could we?"

John looked between his boys. He knew it wasn't very often the got to do things like this and he was sure he could handle this creature alone.

"Sure boys, you can go."

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed punching the air.

"But make sure you take your phone and keep it on." John told Dean.

"Yes sir." Dean said smiling. Sam ran to the bathroom to take a shower.

Sandy looked down at her watch again, it was 6:10 and Dean and Sam weren't there yet.

"We should go in, they aren't coming." Jason said.

The young group begrudgingly agreed and started walking toward the theater.

"Wait!" Lilly said. "Listen."

There was a low rumbling sound that was immediately recognized as Dean's car and sure enough soon the black impala pulled into the empty parking spot next to their cars and Dean and Sam got out.

"We were beginning to think you weren't coming." Sandy said.

Dean patted Sam's back, "Sammy had to wash his hair."

Sam elbowed Dean in the ribs, Dean let out a wince as he bent over, Sam had forgotten about his cracked ribs.

"Oh man, I'm sorry." Sam said putting a hand on Dena's back.

Dean shrugged Sam's hand off and stood up.

"It's fine." He said, not letting the pain his side was in come out in his voice.

"I forgot." Sam said guiltily.

"Sure you did." Dean teased, "The fact is you know the only was you can take me is if I'm injured."

"What happened to your side Dean?" Megan asked.

"A brotherly tussle ending up with a smashed table." Dean smiled. "Shall we get the tickets?"

The group bought their tickets and went into the theater. Sandy and Sam sat on Dean's sides and Jill next to Sam. While it wasn't scary, Dean had to admit that the movie was good and the fact that Sandy was clutching his arm was definitely a bonus and he noticed Jill was taking comfort in Sam as well. During the movie Dean and Sam whispered to each other what they would do in such situations and how completely clueless the people in the movie seemed to be, as most people in horror films are.

After the movie the young group was standing by their cars talking about the movie and how scary it was. "Dean and Sam weren't scared." Jill said, still holding Sam's arm.

Eric and Mike proceeded to state that they weren't that scared either when Dean's phone started ringing. Dean pulled it out of his back pocket, it was their father. Something must have gone wrong, or why else would he be calling them?

"Dad?" Dean asked, there was a pause as John talked to his son.

"Yes sir." Dean said, he walked away from the group so they couldn't hear what he was saying.

Sandy noticed the was Dean called their father sir and his tone on the phone toward him, it was interesting, as if he were just taking orders from a commander in the army or something.

Dean shut his phone and walked briskly back to the group.

"Sam, we gotta go." He said shortly.

"What?" Sam whined. "Why?"

"Sam!" Dean ordered. He was already opening the door to the drivers side of his car.

Sam sighed and followed Dean and got into the passengers side. Dean nodded bye to the others then slammed his door shut. The impala roared to life and the tires squealed as Dean slammed the gas to back out, then to leave the parking lot.

"I wonder what's up." Jill said a bit a worry in her tone as every one stared silently at the corner where they had last seen the impala.