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Dean opened his eyes; it was bright and he didn't like it.

"Hey Buddy." Dean heard the raspy voice of his father and felt a rough hand enclose on his.

Dean turned his head and saw that his father was sitting on a chair beside his bed with Sam standing behind him. He looked around the room; white walls, clean sheets, monitors, Dean groaned he was in a hospital.

"Sam, go get the doctor." John said without taking his eyes off Dean.

Sam hesitated of a second, looking at Dean then left the room.

"How are you feeling?" John asked.

"Better than I have in weeks." Dean said with relief in his voice. Now that he thought about it he really wasn't feeling that bad what with being a scratching post to monsters and all.

Dean looked at one of the I.V. tubes going into his arm then looked at the bag.

Morphine it was labeled. Dean smiled he liked that stuff.

"Ah awake is he?" a white haired old man walked into the room wearing a long white jacket and blue scrubs. Sam was behind him.

"Dean," the man said walking up to Dean's bed. "My name is Dr. Eggleton. You gave us quite a scare when you came in all bloodied up like that, but we seem to have fixed you up well enough. How do you feel?"

Dean eyed the Dr. he was talking to him like he was a freakn' kid!

"Fine considering I have about a quart of morphine mixing with my blood." Dean said smartly.

The doctor raised an eyebrow and looked at Dean as though he expected him to answer like a kid.

"I'll have to have the two of you leave the room for a moment so I can examine him." Dr. Eggleton said turning to John and Sam.

John nodded, "We'll be right outside buddy." He said softly to Dean, then he and Sam walked out and closed the door behind them.

"Well Dean," The doctor said after he had examined him. "Seems like you'll be just fine. Sore fore a while, but you fixed up quite nice." The doctor gave Dean a warm smile.

Dean wished he would just go away and let him sleep, but he was still talking.

"…pills for a few weeks and by then the pain shouldn't be so bad. Tylenol should work just fine by then." He sat down beside Dean's bed and looked at him. "Do you have any questions?"

"No." Dean said simply.

The doctor looked taken a back then recovered. "Alright then. I'll let your father and brother back in."

The doctor left and Dean sighed leaning his head heavily on the pillow. He was extremely tired and his head was spinning a bit.

"Hey Dean." Sam said sitting next to his brother and taking his hand.

"Hey." Dean croaked.

"You look dead tired." John said kindly.

Dean ignored the comment, "What happened?" he asked.

"Dad got them." Sam said. And John nodded.

"How?" asked Dean.

"It wasn't easy." John said rubbing his hand over his face. "First we had to draw them away. I distracted them and drew them out of the cave while Sam got you. They followed me deep into the forest, far up the mountain. It was easy to figure out which one was the leader, as she was the only one giving orders. I had drawn the others away from her then I circled back and found her sitting on a tree. I took out the silver bullets and shot her wings, she fell and I shot her in the heart."

"So." Dean said. "So they really are gone then?"

"Yes Dean they really are gone." John said stroking Dean's hair.

Dean sighed. He really was safe now, there was nothing left to hurt him, he was going to be ok. He smiled, rolled over and fell into a completely encompassing, relaxing sleep. It was over and he was safe.


Over the next few days Dean continued to heal. His friends had come to visit him and to his dismay Sam had gotten his homework for him. Eventually he was able to leave the hospital a week later.

Over time things went back to normal, or as normal as things could be for the Winchesters, Dean started going back to school and hanging out with his friends again. He still had nightmares sometimes about the Lipticons, but he never admitted it and John and Sam both knew it was better to pretend that they didn't notice.

The best thing in Dean's opinion is that there were no permanent scars to spoil his perfect body. (John and Sam just laughed)


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