Hinata couldn't attend Sasuke's funeral. She couldn't handle it. She now knew her life was in danger. She now knew what that warning had meant. And the day Sasuke died, the first person Hinata called was Naruto.

"Naruto," Hinata said.

"Hinata? Why are you crying?"

"Sasuke died?"


"He died to save me."

"No...You're pulling my leg!" Naruto said.

"No. Who we thought were the good guys, were the bad guys. You can't trust anyone anymore."


"Naruto, I have to move. My life is in danger. Ino, Sakura, and Lee want to kill me."

"No, Hinata, don't go! Hinata, I-"

Dial tone. Naruto's phone must've gone dead. Hinata sighed and hung up the phone. She turned around and looking at her through her bedroom door frame was Neji.

"You didn't take my warning seriously," He said.

"What?" Hinata said.

"I called you that day. I told you to go. I didn't want you to get hurt."

"How did you know?" Hinata asked.

"You think Lee lives alone? He lives with Gai-sensei. I was over training when I heard Lee and Sakura talking."

Oh," Hinata said.

Neji turned to leave. "I take it you're going to move now?"

"Yes," Hinata said.


Hinata continued packing. But she didn't move until the next day.

As Hinata began to dream, she began to see Sasuke's face. Her and Sasuke were alone. They were out by the river.

Hinata was asleep on Sasuke's shoulder. He looked down at Hinata. "God," Sasuke said. "I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world." He slipped his arm around Hinata.

Hinata slowly woke and looked into Sasuke's eyes. He smiled. "Hinata," He said.

"Yes?" Hinata answered.

"Will you live the rest of your life happily? Will you move on without me?"

"Sasuke, I can't," Hinata said. "I love you."

"Hinata, your life was made to be a sad song. Everywhere you turn, a wall blocks your path. Every time. But now, you have me watching out for you. I'll push down the walls so you won't have to do any work at all."

"Sasuke, I don't want you to go," Hinata cried.

"Hinata, go to Naruto. I think he now understands how you feel. Run away with him. He and Sakura were never meant to be. But you can fit together – like the pieces of a broken puzzle."