Yes, there will be slash in future chapters. Just thought I'd warn you.


Dear Diary,

Guess what? I talked to Kenny again today! I'm still not sure why he talks to me; he has his other friends, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan. It makes me nervous sometimes, because I never know what to say to him. I always stutter when I talk to him, at least more than usual, but he just laughs. Its weird coz most people get really frustrated and just stop listening to me whenever I stutter that much, but Kenny never does that. No, Kenny's nice; I wonder why do so many people call him a prostitute? …Maybe I should find out what a prostitute means, first.

Cartman told me once, "That poor piece of trash will fuck anything- ," he stopped for a second and gave me this wierd look, "-or anyone that moves." (I'm still trying to figure out what that look was for.)

I thought that was kinda mean, coz Kenny is a real nice guy, at least he's nicer than most people. He always smiles at me and he even gave a hug yesterday, which was nice, even if his hands slipped down a little. Kyle was standing there, watching us. He had a strange look on his face, I don't know why, though. He whispered something to Stan, who shook his head in surprise. " No way, dude!" I heard him laugh. Kyle glared at him.

Kyle is scary sometimes. He's been in more fights than anyone can count, even though I know it's mostly with Cartman. I think it's really Cartman's fault for always calling him a "stupid Jew!" and trying to do stuff to Kyle that might get him killed. Once I saw him put some kind of powder stuff in Kyle's drink when he wasn't looking. Stan saw him doing it and took the drink away before Kyle could swallow it, and that was the first time Cartman got beat up by Stan instead of Kyle. I wonder why Stan got so mad at Cartman, it only looked like baking soda or something. When I asked him that, he got mad at me and said,

"Butters, you douche! That was not baking soda!"

"Oh, w-well then what was it?" I was really confused.

Stan rolled his eyes at me and told me, "Never mind."

"G-gee Stan, y-you must care about Kyle a lot if you beat Cartman up for him, just b-because of b-baking powder." Stan got really red, almost as red as Kyle's hair even, and looked even madder.

"Damn it, Butters! It wasn't baking powder either!" Stan yelled, and then he walked away looking awfully embarrassed. I didn't know talking about baking powder could embarrass someone that much. He walked over to Kyle, who was frowning at a bottle of pesticide he was holding. He scowled at Cartman, who was holding a tissue over his nose. Cartman flipped him off right when the teacher walked in, and got detention.

Not much happened after that. Anyways it's late so I better get to bed before Mom finds out I'm still awake. Good night, Diary. Maybe I should give you a name. Hmm… how does Damien sound? I think I heard that name a long time ago, and I always liked it. Well, I hope you like your new name, Damien! Goodnight.