Always About You


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

Dedication: This is dedicated to A.j., someone I deeply care for. I'm sorry for everything. It's sad, because he will never know.

A poem about how Kagome feels for Inuyasha.

I've seen you in my past,

Why didn't we last?

It's my fault once again,

I lost another piece of my shattered soul,

And lovesick goals,

I've tried to tell you what I need,

Not sure if you'll listen,

I'll even plead,

I'm living someone else's life,

Full of strife,

I'm always second best,

Different from the rest,

I've even lost you,

And it won't do me any good,

To try to find you,

When you're not ever there,

It's not like you ever care,

You say you love me,

But you love her too,

What do I do?

Loving someone without a cause,

Is like trying to mend the broken pieces,

Of a shattered heart,

Cutting my fingers each time,

But always saying I'll be just fine,

This laugh, this smile,

Are just empty promises,

That wishing on a shooting star,

Will take you very far,

That rainbows always come after the rain,

Love is a painful game,

It's hard to say how I feel today,

I haven't got a clue,

But I'm sick of writing every love song and poem,

When they are always about you…

The End

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