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A few days after the Championships, Decathlon and callbacks, Troy is playing a basketball match but is badly tackled

Gabriella: Taylor, did you see that tackle? Why isn't Troy getting up? What's wrong with him?
Taylor: I don't know Gabs but i'm sure he'll be up and running in the next few minutes.

Gabriella jumps out of her seat because there are paramedics coming out onto the court with a stretcher

Gabriella: Troy, Troy what's wrong?
Troy: Baby, I can't feel my leg
Gabi: Oh my god!
Gabi turns to the paramedics
Gabi: Will he be ok?

Paramedic: Let's just get him to the hospital.

The Ambulancee comes and Gabby is just about to get into the ambulance when a different paramedic stopped her.

Paramedic: Are you a direct relative to Mr Bolton?

Gabi: I'm his girlfriend.

Paramedic: Go right ahead.

After the x-ray and scans
Paramedic: Are you Gabriella Montez?
Gabi: Yes i am, what's wrong with him?
Paramedic: Mr. Bolton has broken his leg and he says that he wants to see you
Gabi: OK
Troy: Gabby?
Gabi: I'm here
Troy: I won't be able to do the musical so you will be singing with Ryan.
Gabi: OK, but i would prefer to sing with you
Meanwhile, Ryan is in a meeting with Mrs. Darbus

Mrs. Darbus: Ryan, Troy will no longer be able to perform in the winter musicale so you will need to take his place.
Ryan: Sure thing, Mrs. Darbus

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