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Chapter One

Today in School, students were told that they would be having "Sex Education Classes." You each will be taking home permission slips and they have to be signed or you will not be allowed to attend the class the Teacher said. Mokuba and Serenity were in the same class and on the way home they were talking about the class. Seto and Joey were waiting for them and they drove them home. Seto and Joey was a couple and so Serenity was living at the Mansion with her brother. "What did you do today in school?" Joey asked them. "We found out that we would be having Sex Education Classes and we have to get both of you to sign our permission slips or we can't be in the class." Serenity said. Joey and Seto were kind of shocked but they signed the slips anyway. That evening after everyone was in bed, Joey asked "Seto if he thought that it was a good idea that they were allowing both Mokuba and Serenity to attend the class." "Listen Seto said I don't think that they allow the teacher to teach them that much about sex, they are too young." "I hope you're right, but I have a weird feeling about it" Joey said.

The next day at school the kids who had the signed slips were allowed to go to the library where the classes were to be taught. Miss Thompson was the Instructor. Today we will be discussing the difference between a male and female. Who can tell me the difference, and no vulgar language will be allowed in this class. Serenity held up her hand. "Yes, what is your name?" Miss Thompson asked. "I'm Serenity Wheeler" she said. "Alright Serenity what is the difference?" Miss Thompson said. She stood up and began: "a female has breasts that get larger as she grows and she had a vagina and ovaries where the eggs are developed. A male has a penis and scrotum and that is where the sperm is formed." "That's right." Miss Thompson said. There were a few snickers from the back of the class, but when Miss Thompson cleared her throat they stopped. "If I hear anymore of that, you'll be asked to leave the room and not be allowed to return is that understood?" She said. They all said yes. Now I will be handing out pamphlets that will describe both the female and male body parts and I want all of you to know what they are and what they do. As the class goes on, I will be giving exams on what all of you have learned. Later on, we will be discussing how the female body develops during pregnancy and what happens when she gives birth. So maybe you can discuss this with you're mothers or sisters. After class, both Mokuba and Serenity asked to speak to the teacher. "Neither of us have mothers." Serenity said. "Well do you have sisters?" Miss Thompson asked. "No we just have brothers." Serenity said. "Well talk to them and if you need to talk to someone else I can have the Nurse speak to both of you." Miss Thompson said to her. "Thanks" Serenity said and they left the room.

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