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Chapter Five

Today they learned what "Masturbation" meant and how it helps relieve sexual tension. They learned how a boy and girl can masturbate. Then they learned about how it use to be thought that if you masturbate it would either make you blind or make a person go crazy. None of these are true she told the class. I know that a lot of you are embarrassed so it might be a good idea to talk to either your fathers or brother about it. Now, I will be handing out permission slips for your parents to sign, because we will be seeing a film on the human body and the effects of sex and how it makes the body react. We will have Dr. Faust here again and if your parents would like to come it would be a good idea. When they got home they showed their brothers the slips and they both closed their eyes and said "if either of you have questions we'll answer them." "Joey how are you going to tell me about how a female masturbates?" Serenity asked her brother. He got really red and said "I'll see if either Marie or Mai can talk to you." He went to find Marie and she knew that he wanted to ask her a question and it was really bothering him. He showed her the slip and she too turned red. "Listen I can't help you here" she said. Then he called Mai. "Laughing she said that she'd come and talk to Serenity and yes she'd go to school with her." "Thanks" he said and she could hear the relief in his voice.

Mai came over and she and Serenity went to her room to talk. "Alright Mai said, I will tell you how a woman masturbates" she said. After she explained it, Serenity was blushing. "Can a boy do that to a girl?" Serenity asked. "Yes he can "Mai said. "Alright let me tell you this. When a boy and girl or man and woman want to have sex, they will stimulate each others bodies to get the other ready to have sex. It is what is called "Fore Play" and it helps get the woman ready for when the man inserts his penis into her." "What if he doesn't get her ready?" Serenity wanted to know. "There is a lot of pain because she isn't wet inside to lubricate his penis." Mai said. "Does a woman have to give a man a "blow job"?" Serenity asked. "No, honey she doesn't. If she does it is because she wants to make her man feel good." "Dr. Faust said that a man can, how did he say it "eat a woman out" what does that mean?" Serenity asked. When Mai got through explaining it to Serenity, she was bright red. "Sex can be very complicated can't it?" She said to Mai. "Yes, it can" Mai said. "Thanks for coming and talking to me." Serenity said as she hugged Mai. "Joey was so embarrassed" she said. Mai laughed and said, "I guess any man is when he had to talk to his child about sex."

Joey met Mai at the door and said "thanks and gave her a kiss." "Anytime she needs to talk just call me. Oh, and if Mokuba needs to talk call me too." Mai said. Serenity came downstairs and went to the living room. "Are you alright" Joey wanted to know? "Yes and thanks for calling her" she said. "Sex is such a big thing isn't it?" she said. He went over and sat beside her and said "it sure is." She kissed him on the cheek. "Joey I love you she said and she kissed her brother. I know how hard this is on you, but you still keep coming back and making me so damn proud to have you as my brother." "Hey, you're pretty great yourself" he said. Mai was there when the class had the discussion on masturbation and some of the mothers didn't even know a lot of what was being discussed and some did. What surprised Miss Thompson is that none of the parents were disturbed by the questions their children were asking and that they even stood and answered the questions themselves. All the students were sitting quiet as each question was answered and none of them said anything that was inappropriate. When class was over, Miss Thompson stood in front of the class and said "I am very proud of each and every one of these students and all of you parents and friends should be too. All the parents and friends stood and applauded the class. "This is the first year we've had this kind of class in this school and by the way it was received we will continue having it Mr. Wallace. As they filed out of the Library, Mokuba and Serenity held hands and Joey, Seto and Mai smiled at each other. "Mai I want to thank you for being here and talking to both Mokuba and Serenity" Seto said as he kissed her cheek. "Anytime you need a question answered, just call" she said as she walked to her car. As time passed Mokuba and Serenity did become a couple and eventually married and raised a family. Seto and Joey adopted a little girl and boy and one day while Mokuba and Serenity were visiting them, Mokuba asked his brother "who will be answering question about Sex when these two get old enough to understand?" Seto gave his brother a look and Mokuba let out a squeal and the chase was on. Serenity and Joey sat there laughing, but then she did get serious and she said "who will answer their question?" Joey smiled at his sister and said "why Seto and I." They were still laughing as they watched Seto catch his brother and tickle him till he nearly wet his pants. Seto and Mokuba came back and sat down and Seto said " little brother I think that Joey and I are educated enough to answer any question" and that make all of them laugh so hard they had tears running down their faces…………………


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