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A Naruto And Hinata Love Story

Chapter 1

It was morning. Normally this wouldn't be anything special to Naruto, but today it was morning in Konaha. Naruto breathed the fresh air from his apartment window and got out of bed. It was still an hour before dawn, but he'd gotten used to getting up early with Jiraiya. Not that Jiraiya ever got up early, it was just that it took that long to get him going after one of his all night carousing sessions. Naruto now understood why the man tended to nap while he was training him.

Naruto quickly gulped down a cup of instant ramen for breakfast and looked at the time. He wasn't going to be training with Jiraiya today, but Sakura had said something about wanting to train with him today just like old times. He figured she would probably be with Tsunade until later so he had plenty of time.

Naruto dressed and quickly loped down to the training area that he'd always shared with Sasuke and Sakura. Time was growing short to rescue his friend, but he was determined that he was going to get him back. For now though he was content to have his pink haired teammate back in his life. He hated to admit it, but life with Jiraiya could get rather lonely.
Naruto arrived to find the area deserted. He knew that nearly all the other ninja were on missions and that things were going to be busy for the village's ninja for still some time before the ranks began to fill again with fresh recruits. Naruto spied a particular tree he thought needed an attitude adjustment and grinned. A moment later his shadow clone was spying the tree with him and grinning.

"Rasengan!" Naruto yelled as he blasted the trunk with his ball of charka. The tree exploded with a reassuring 'Boom', which if he was lucky, only woke up half the village. Naruto turned

to shake the hand of his clone for a job well done when he heard something nearby.
A quick gasp, and an 'Oh Naruto-kun' brought his attention to a beautiful young girl who was

standing by watching his training.

"Uh, Hinata, is that you?" Naruto said staring at the young woman that Hinata had blossomed into over the past two years.

"Um, I'm sorry!" Hinata said bowing. "I'll come back later. Bye!"
Hinata's face was as red as a fire's ember and probably about as hot as she dashed away. Naruto only shook his head, it seemed like every time he saw her she was getting some sort of fever. It was odd though, he had never thought of it before but Hinata's face was kind of… cute, when it got all red like that.
Shrugging, Naruto went back to his training and quickly made ten replicas of himself. "Alright guys, let's find out who's the toughest me."
What then transpired was a virtual feeding frenzy of kicks, fists, and even bites, as Naruto rolled around on the ground with his clones in a training method he liked to refer to as masochism in stereo.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" A familiar voice said in exasperation.
Naruto looked up from the ground where one of his clones was holding his head down while they pounded on each other. Sakura had entered the clearing and now stood over him with her arms crossed looking down at him in consternation.
Please, oh PLEASE, don't let Sakura-chan remember she's wearing such a short skirt, Naruto thought to himself as he looked up, grinned, and pretended the nose bleed was from getting punched.

"This isn't good." Tsunade said looking at the papers in front of her."Ebisu said that he had been training with the three of them over near the forty fourth training area when they were attacked. He's expected to make a full recovery, but he'll be laid up for a while due to the injuries." Shizune reported.

"We simply don't have enough people here to handle this right now." Tsunade groused.

"Isn't Jiraiya back with Naruto?" Shizune asked.

"Yes. I guess we have no choice. Go find the two of them. Tell Sakura to come in here as well." Tsunade commanded. "Is there anyone else who isn't tied down?"

"Hinata was sick when the mission came through for her team. They had to leave her here, but I think she'd better now." Shizune said thinking.

"Fine, send for her too. That will at least make a four man squad." Tsunade said before shuddering. "Even if it does mean exposing those poor girls to that pervert."

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