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A Naruto And Hinata Love Story

Chapter 2

The 5th Hokage, Tsunade, requested Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, and Jiraiya. "Your all here because I have Mission for you Ebisu was training Konohamaru and His team when Ebisu was attacked and Konohamaru and His team captured."

"Ehhh? Who would do that?" The blond Shinobi asks with confusion.

"We don't know who or why." Shizune says.

"Whatever the case Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, and Jiraiya go find them!" The 5th yells.

"Where were they taken?" Sakura asks with concern.

"44th training area."

"Hai" Sakura says.

"Dismissed!" All of the team run out of the room to go to the training area.


The 3 Leaf ninjas are in hiding " Do you think Naruto will come?" The first one asks. "He will come and then we will take Him and the Kyuubi in side him to." The second replies.

The third one never spoke at all.


The team arrives at the training area 44. "S-So this is w-were they were taken. Hinata says.

"Yah." The pink haired female ninja says.

"What's the plan Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asks.

"Split up into two groups Naruto your with Hinata, Sakura your with me."

"Hai!" They all split up.


Naruto and Hinata are running through the forest. Naruto looks troubled Hinata thinks to her self. "N-Naruto-kun who is Konohamaru?"

"He is this guy who looks up to me."

"H-Hai." The shy girl says.

"Byakugan!" Hinata yells. "T-this will h-help us find them Naruto-kun.

"Good Idea Hinata-Chan."

'Chan' when Naruto said that word Hinata blushed. "Chan" "He finally recognizes me."

"Lets Hurry up and find them." Naruto says.


Sakura and Jiraiya search and search until they find the captors and Konohamaru with His team unconscious tied up on the ground.

"Who are you?" Jiraiya asks.

"Give them back!" Sakura yells and throws a kunai at one of them.

The third person explodes. "A Kage Bunshin!?!" Sakura says in confusion.

Then the other two people explode in a puff of smoke to reveal… "Your from Akatsuki, Itachi and Kisame right." Jiraiya asks with a calmed voice.

"You are correct." Itachi says.

Itachi… Sakura thinks to her self. He must be the one that Sasuke wants to kill.

"There they are!" Naruto yells.

"Naruto get back!" Jiraiya yells.

"No way Ero-Sennin Im taking them down!"

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" 10 clones appear from Naruto ready to fight. "Rahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The Naruto's yell. (A/N The Music from Naruto "The Raising Fighting Spirit" Pretend that music is playing right now because it fits with the scene sort of)

"Byakugan!" Hinata gets ready for battle.

Sakura and Jiraiya get in there fighting stances.

"Hinata-Chan, Sakura-Chan don't fight you might die." Naruto says.

"No way Naruto, Itachi is the one who made Sasuke so mad in the first place."

"N-Naruto-kun I will help you even if you don't w-want me to" These were big words from Hinata to Naruto.

"Ok fine but Hinata and Sakura help Naruto out I'll handle Kisame." The perverted sennin says.

"HAI!" Sakura and Hinata say in unison.


Jiraiya charges at Kisame, kicks to the head and misses but than Jiraiya throws a uppercut to the face with Hais fist that connects. Kisame goes flying into the air but lands on his feet. Kisame unrapes his blade and grabes onto the handle.

"Die!" Kisame yells.

Kisame swings Hais blade and cuts Jiraiya arm but the blade diden't cut it shaved some of the arms skin off! "You like that?" Kisame asks sarcasticly. "My blade SameHade shaves not slices."

"Suiton,Suishouha!" (Water Element, Water Wave) (A/N I don't know any jutsu's for Kisame)

Jiraiya gets hit with the water attack and is sent flying into a tree. "Haha now this area is mosit enough gor this!" Kisame says with a evil grin on his evil face. "Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu!" (Water Element; Explosion Skill)

Jiraiya gets hit but that time it was a log! "Gah he must of used a substitution jutsu." "Now were is he?" Kisame looks to the back of him but that wasen't a substitution it was a Henge no Jutsu!

"Rasengan!" The Rasengan hits Kisame in the face and blood splatters all over and Kisame falls down. "You should never of let your guard down." Jiraiya says. "Now to end this!"

Jiraiya jumps super high in the air throws 5 shuriken at Kisame one hits Kisame in the right arm, the heart, left leg, one just missed his face, and the last one almost hit his groin area. (A/N you know were it almost Hait)

Than Jiraiya throws a kunai with a explosve tag at Kisame Blowing Kisame up and killing him with blood everywere.


While Jiraiya was fighting Kisame Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura were just about to fight Itachi (A/N The fights were happining at the same time) "You really think all of you can beat me?" Itachi asks.

"We wont beat you we will kill you!" Naruto yells.

"N-Naruto-kun, Sakura-Chan who a-are they?" Hinata asks.

"There a group called Akatsuki I don't have time to explain just fight for your life and be careful of His eyes I can't explain right now just fight ok!" Sakura says to Hinata.


Naruto and his clones attack Itachi head on while Sakura throws a few shuriken at Itachi, while Hinata comes from behind… Itachi Hit all of the clones and Naruto, deflected all of the shuriken and kicked Hinata to a tree.

"Hinata-Chan!" Naruto yells.

"I said it before you can't beat me."

"Kit you can't do shit I'll give you some of my Chak-" Naruto cuts the Kyuubi off.

"No way Kyuubi I don't need you!" Naruto yells at the Kyuubi in his mind.

"Fine kit if you want to die but one day you will beg me for my power!"

"Naruto…NARUTO!" Sakura yells.

"Sorry Sakura-Chan I was talking with him." Naruto says.

"Ok whatever now lets take him down." Sakura says.

Itachi starts running at Hinata with a kunai. "Hinata get up he's after you!" Sakura yells.

Authors Comments: Well that was fun to write I hope you like it see yah! Also I wrote this chap by my self-yah me and it took me some time because Im 13 lol.