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A Naruto And Hinata Love Story

Chapter 3

Itachi starts running at Hinata with a kunai. "Hinata get up he's after you!" Sakura yells.

Naruto runs and swings a punch at Itachi but Itachi ducks and hits Naruto. Poof "A Kage Bunshin." Itachi says in surprise.

Than Naruto pops out of the ground and nails Itachi in the face but Itachi luckly moved out of the way so it just grazed Itachi's face.

"I guess I might need this after all… Sharingan!" Itachi says. "For now…" Itachi appears right behind Sakura and hits her with his knee than hits her in the chest. "She should be out for a while."

"Sakura-Chan!" Naruto and Hinata say in unison.

"Gahhh Im going to kill you!" Naruto yells in a rage.

"Well let's just see you try." Itachi says. "But first let me kill the Hyuuga girl." Itachi runs toward Hinata with a kunai. (A/N Im using Kunai a lot ant I sorry)

"Oh no you don't!" Naruto yells and runs toward Hinata.

Hinata kicks Itachi in the shin "You Bitch!" Itachi yells. "Good job Hinata-Chan now eat this Itachi!" 10 clones appear behind Itachi and grab his arms, legs and all other areas to hold him.

"If you ever lend a hand on Hinata-Chan I'll kill you!" Naruto yells. "Rasengan!"

Itachi manages to slightly move out of the way even with 10 clones on him, so the Rasengan only hit on the left side not the whole body, Itachi gets sent flying. Itachi lands on his feet than he sees Kisame dead and runs away to tell Akatsuki what happened.

Naruto walks over to Hinata. "You really did great Hinata-Chan, you really di-." Naruto pass out from being so tired.

"Thank you Naruto-Kun…" Hinata falls asleep.

"You guys really had a tough battle." The perverted sennin says. Jiraiya took the 3 ninjas to the Konoha hospital.


Naruto wakes up in the Konoha hospital with Hinata and Sakura in the beds next to him.

"I wonder what day it is?" Naruto asks himself quietly. Naruto hears a knock on the window.

"ERO-sennin." Naruto says Ero to loud and almost wakes Hinata and Sakura up.

"Naruto come out here." Jiraiya says quietly. Naruto opens the window and goes out side.

"What day is it Ero-Sennin?" The blond Shinobi asks.

"One stop calling me Ero-sennin and two it's Monday."

"What! Today is Monday but when the Akatsuki thing happened it was Saturday!" The blond says.

"I know you Sakura and Hinata have been out for a whole day." The Perverted Sennin says.

"Well Im going to go get some ramen." Naruto says.

"You can't go yet you still haven't fully recovered!"

"I don't care I want some ramen!" Naruto runs off to go to the ramen shop.


Hinata wakes up. "Oh Sasuke-Kun." Sakura says in her sleep.

"Sakura, me, Naru- I w-wonder were N-Naruto-Kun went." Hinata says quietly.

"NOOOOOO Sasuke-Kun!" Sakura wakes up from a dream were Sasuke was with her in here bed and than he gets killed bye Orchimaru. (A/N Don't even asks about the bed part.)

"S-Sakura-Chan are you ok?" Hinata asks with concern.

"Yah I'm fine just a bad dream…"


"Miso Ramen please!" Naruto is at his favorite place to eat the Ichiraku Ramen shop.

"Coming up." The old man says with a smile on his face to see his best customer there.

Naruto eats his usual 17 bowls of ramen when… "There you are!" One of the Medical ninjas was looking for him. "Get back to the hospital!"

"Come on one more bowl pleas-." The medic ties Naruto up, pays for Naruto's meal and brings him back to the hospital.


"Gahhh let me go!" Naruto is getting tied down bye 5 medics so he can stay in his bed. Hinata giggles.

"Naruto just sit still!" Sakura yells. Naruto sweat drops.

"Sorry Sakura-Chan, Hinata-Chan."

"Well I'm off." Sakura says with a smile on her face.

"Why do you get to leave early?" The blond asks.

"Because I had less injuries."

"Oh fine." Naruto says.

"Well I'll be back later but for now me and Jiraiya-Sama are going to tell Hokage-Sama what happened." The pink haired girl said. Sakura walks out of the room with the medic ninja.

"N-Naruto-Kun I'm sorry I was to weak to help you." The shy girl says.

"Hinata-Chan you're strong you kicked him in the shin when you were down and that made him forget about me!"

"T-Thank you N-Naruto-Kun."


A two days later Naruto and Hinata get out off the hospital; Naruto goes home and Hinata goes to her Mansion.

Naruto is relaxing on his couch. "Hinata is getting stronger and beautiful especially the chest area, WO why was I thinking that I mean she's cute and all but why was I thinking that stupid Ero-Sennin must be getting to me."

"Well maybe I do like her gah I don't know and even if I do, she wouldn't like me anyways because of him, that stupid fox! Even if she doesn't know yet." Naruto says.

"Kit who are you calling stupid I have saved your life time and time again because of my power!" The Demon Fox said.

"Shut up!" Naruto says with rage. "I need to ask Granny Tsunade if I can tell all of my friends something."


"Naruto are you sure you want to do this?" Tsunade asks.

"Yah I think they have a right to know, I mean Sakura-Chan already knows but everyone else…" The blond says.

"I understand I'll call them." Tsunade says.


Tsunade calls Hinata, Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, and Sakura. "You have all been called here for a special reason, Naruto?" Tsunade says.

"You all know the story were the Kyuubi attacked Konoha and the 4th Hokage sealed it into a boy by giving up his life?" Naruto says.

"Yes." They all say.

"Well do any of you know who the 4th sealed it into?" Naruto asks.

"No." They all say in unison.

"Naruto if you please lift up part of your shirt." Tsunade says. Naruto lifts up his shirt and Hinata blushes a deep red blush. "Now please gather your charka." Tsunade says again. When Naruto gathers the charka it reveals the sealed symbol.

"That person is me…" Naruto says.

Author's comments: that was fun also I use the cliffs of doom! Muahahhahaha… srry about that I hoped you liked that chap also this is my friends fanfic plz read while your waiting for mine "How Haku Helped" is the name.