This is my first fan fiction.

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A Naruto And Hinata Love Story

Chapter 5

Naruto's hands move to the back of Hinata's head and Hinata puts here hands on the back of Naruto's head while there lips are still pressed against each other. (A/N Im 13 so I don't know much about making out srry) Naruto and Hinata seemed to enjoy what was happing only taking short breaks for air. They had been doing this for about 20 minutes so its 4:20 PM now until Naruto and Hinata move to the side of each other. "Hinata-Chan so I guess you're my girl friend?" Naruto say as he takes deep breaths. "And now you're m-my boy friend N-Naruto-Kun." Hinata says very pleased.

Naruto and Hinata go home.


Hinata walks in when Hyuga Hiashi is in the house. Hinata were have you been your 1 hour and 20 minutes late." Hiashi says pissed off a bit.

"I-I…well was training a little longer Hiashi-sama." Hinata says lying.

"Fine just don't be late again!" Hiashi commanded.


Naruto is running down the streets of Konoha looking for Sakura. He finnaly finds her "Sakura-Chan!" Naruto says.

"Naruto Im not going to dat-." Naruto cuts her off.

"No no its not that anymore you see I want to take Hinata-Chan out on a date and."

"What you and Hinata you to finnaly got together?" Sakura asks.

"Yah well sort of that is besides the point! Were should I take Hinata-Chan to?" Naruto asks all hyped up.

"Let me think." Sakura says with her hand on her chin. A Few moments later… "I got it!" Sakura says putting the bottom part of her fist on her palm. "There's a good fancy restaurant a block or to down?"

Naruto and Sakura walk to the restaurant.

"Is it expensive?" Naruto asks.

"Yah but it not super expensive." Sakura replies.

"Ok Ill go check how much I got." Naruto pulls out his fat little frog wallet. "I should have enough." Naruto says with a smile on his face and runs off. "Thank you Sakura-Chan!"


A day later Naruto is walking down the streets of Konoha with his hands behind his head when he hears Kiba. "Hey Naruto!" Kiba yells.

"Eh?" "Oh hi Kiba." Naruto says.

"Were you going Naruto?" Kiba asks.

"To Hinata's." Naruto says while still walking with Kiba.

"What for." Kiba asks.

"To well um ask her out."

"What!" Kiba yells. In Kiba's mind "Naruto you ass Hinata is mine!"

"Why you jealous?" Naruto says with a smirk on his face.

"N-No! And besides when did you to get together?"

"Just a few says ago."

"Oh…" Kiba thinks in his mind dam I Hate you Naruto.

"Well what ever than. See yah!" Naruto runs off.


Naruto arrives at the front of a mansion. A Hyuuga guard sees Naruto "What do you want?" The guard says.

"Is Hinata-Chan there?"

"Yes I will get her."

A few moments later Hinata comes out surprised when a guard said there was a boy at the gate.

"Hey Hinata-Chan." Naruto says with a smile.

"H-Hello N-Naruto-Kun."

"Hinata-Chan…I well um wanted to ask you well a… if you wanted to go on a date?" Naruto says with a small blush.

"S-sure Naruto-Kun."

"Is it ok if I pick you up at 7:00?"


"Ok see you at 7 than!" Naruto runs off.

"Yes I get to go on a date with Naruto-Kun." Hinata says whispering to her self.

Authors Notes:

Im so sorry that was a short chap I have writers block and all.

Naruto: Yah so don't yell at Smallkeller.

Maikeru: What Dad said!

Smallkeller: Get back into my mind Maikeru dam you don't come in till the Sequa-… srry about that.