Unknowing to You

By: Cartoon Shakespeare

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha….everyone should know that fan fiction is obviously not owned by the writers but for some reason we have to put this anyway . lol

As the night crept on and the quarter moon glistened in the sky, a goddess could be found looking down upon a village.

In this village it was peaceful and the many villagers lay sleeping in their huts, but the one particular hut that the goddess laid her gaze upon was full of awake and alert beings. Outside sit a monk, taijia, kitsune and neko youkai listening to the howls of pain coming from inside where two human females helped a hanyou named Inuyasha.

She had guided him these past moons, protecting and guiding him to now, where he lay giving birth to his very own pups. She had allowed such an outcome of his mating for the hanyou to live with a happy family of his own.

Now she watched down upon him in pain, squirming on the floor of the hut belonging to the elder miko named Kaede, deciding on the best way to help him along his path to fatherhood.


"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. OWW! God Dammit!" yelled Inuyasha as pain ripped through his swollen midsection and the flesh visibly tensed.

As he breathed in short pants, he felt a cold washcloth against his forehead. He looked up to see Kagome patting his overheated face and a sympathetic smile. Her face was serene and loving, motherly even, and it made him feel as though his own mother were helping him out. She stared into his eyes and offered her hand to him, which he took gratefully.

She comforted through his pain as best she could. "Shhh, Inuyasha the contraction's almost over."

He breathed heavily in deep full breaths through his nose as the pain continued. In minutes, Inuyasha was able to relax as he panted out his efforts. He sighed out his relief as more sweat made down his face and chest.

"Are ye alright Inuyasha?" Kaede asked as she gathered towels around the hanyou.

Inuyasha scowled. "I feel like I'm having my insides ripped out! Do I look alright to you!" he yelled.

"That is to be expected Inuyasha" Kaede said smirking her amusement.

The hanyou looked away as he let out his casual, "Feh."

Inuyasha fell silent and stared to the hut's wall as he rested and thought about his other, his lover and mate.

Inuyasha missed his mate and wished that he could be there for the birth of his own pups, but the situation wouldn't permit it. The morning after his mating, he woke to an empty clearing with his mate no where in sight. He never got the chance to tell him of their pups.

Inuyasha supposed that he wouldn't want them anyway. They would be quarter human and three-quarters demon; he knew his mate would never accept them. He also knew that what he felt for his mate would never willingly be returned.

He could remember the soft caresses of his claw endowed hands, the feel of his soft silky long hair upon his back and the comforting words whispered into his ear as his mate eased inside him. The memories were still fresh in his mind.

The loving touches of his love, his mate.

His Sesshoumaru.


Inuyasha was still in utter shock as he ran thorough the forest, past tree after tree. He had been running for hours away from Kaede's village and his friends.

He couldn't face them. Not like this, in a weakened state that would bring anyone into shame. He still couldn't believe it was happening to him.

This morning before anyone awoke, he had gone into his heat, and his inu began telling him it was time for him and their mate to complete the ritual. Inuyasha felt complete fear at the pull for mating because even though his body was ready, his mind wasn't. He didn't want to mate yet. In fact the whole idea caused spine tingling fear to consume him, not that he would admit.

Another fear had gripped him when he found out Kagome wasn't his mate. He had been able to tell with a single sniff of the air. Your mate's scent was supposed to lure you to them, like your drunk off the simple smell of them, but Kagome wasn't emitting that scent. He for once didn't know what to do. He always thought Kagome would be his mate since she was the only one who understood him, but he turned out to be wrong.

That's what had caused him to run. It was the confusion and fear. Because if Kagome wasn't his mate, then who was?

Inuyasha pulled from his thoughts and sniffed the air, finding the scent of water not to far from him.

'A bath would be nice' he mused internally. He took another deep breath and found no youkai in the area. He came to the conclusion that a bath was exactly what he needed. He bounded off in the direction of the water source. It was a relatively small clearing with a single hot spring sitting in the center. The water was surrounded by large and small rocks covered in green and yellow shades of moss. He found the area suitable for the short amount of time that he had.

He straightened and untied his obi, letting his hakama fall to the ground. He next took off his haori and inner haori, throwing it into the pile of clothing. He walked over and sighed as he sat into the hot spring. The running he had done that day was taking a toll on his already heated body. He relaxed in the warmth of the water and laid his head on a medium-sized rock to rest.

He stayed like that for a short time, just lying back and enjoying the soothing of his sore muscles. However soon he knew his time was running short and he would need to continue running before the others caught up to him. If Shippou and Kirara were leading the way, they would all find him in no time flat.

He stood from the hot spring, the water dripped off his beautifully sculpted body as he made his way towards his clothing. He bent down to pick up his haori when his body was tackled into the ground. His body hit the ground with a loud 'thud' and a body landed on top of his. His legs were pinned under him and his hands were held behind his back.

Inuyasha struggled in the grasp of his attacker and growled threateningly, but the growl he received in return silenced him through fear.

It was a growl of dominance. A growl that would usually come from the dominant of a mated couple and the very thought made his fear escalate. He knew that whoever his mate was, had found him. The youkai was emitting the alluring scent that attracts mates together. He struggled against the grip holding him but the youkai held strong.

"Let me go!" Inuyasha yelled into the forest floor.

A loud feral growl was his answer. His body was flipped over quickly and straddled. His hands were moved from behind and shoved above his head. He opened his eyes and gasp.

"Se-Sesshoumaru!" he said in a hushed tone and stopped his struggles in shock.

From a first glance, he could see red eyes signaling that his inu was obviously in control. The growl emitting from his throat was low and dominating towards him which meant something he hadn't thought of before.

He was the submissive.

Inuyasha got a shock for the second time that day. He was a submissive in his mating. He couldn't believe it; he was going to be the bitch! This couldn't possibly be happening! He was not going to be a fucking submissive to his brother! He began fighting against his brother's hold.

"N-No! Let me go! I don't want you!" he yelled.

Sesshoumaru growled threateningly this time and he found his own body betraying him as his body relaxed to the growl against his minds wishes.

'What the hell was the matter with me?' he thought angrily.

The information soon clicked inside his brain that as the submissive, his youkai would cause his body to relax in the arms of their mate. Inuyasha realized that he would slowly find himself submitting to his brother.

He could only watch in horror as Sesshoumaru bent down, nuzzling and sniffing at his neck. His body shivered when a tongue darted out, licking him.

"Mate taste good." Sesshoumaru's hoarse voice purred against his neck

Inuyasha actually trembled at the primitive tone that reached his hanyou ears. It was low and feral and he knew that his brother had not lost some control he had lost all of it.

His knowledge of inuyoukai mating was slim, but he knew one thing for sure. If the submissive ever denied the claim of the dominant mate, they were killed for their denial. This piece of information was the only thing holding Inuyasha from him and his freedom.

He lay completely still with his eyes clenched shut, allowing the touches to his body, despite his slight inner turmoil. The caresses were somehow loving and full of passion. Inuyasha opened his golden eyes to come into the gaze of his brother's stare. He became shocked to find it was full of caring and love. Love for a mate.

Inuyasha melted into his brothers movements, and hands traveled up and down his chest, caressing the skin sensually. Kisses made their way down his neck to his chest. Lower and lower he went. He cried out as a tongue licked over his highly sensitive nipple. He arched his back into the touch upon his chest. His soon-to-be lover switched sides and started licking and suckling the opposite nipple into a hardened peak.


A whisper broke the somewhat silence of the clearing.

"I love you Sesshoumaru"

The taiyoukai looked down to his mate and smiled a true smile. Red eyes softened slightly as they looked into golden.

"And I love you, my puppy"

Both became silent and lay for a long deserved rest.


Inuyasha almost cried at the memory of his first and only mating. The way he woke up to an empty clearing with his mate nowhere in sight. He forced back his tears so Kagome and Kaede wouldn't ask questions. He noticed that he was sweating profusely and felt overheated. He didn't think this was good for his pups and it worried him.

"Oi!" he bellowed as he struggled yet achieved to roll onto his side

Kagome and Kaede turned their attention to him with somewhat puzzled faces. "Yes Inuyasha?" Kaede asked.

"I'm really fucking hot! Isn't there someway I can cool down?" he asked

Kaede looked to Kagome before they made their way over to him. Kaede placed a hand on his wet face and her face showed her dismay. "This does call for some concern Inuyasha; ye need to cool down immediately. I'll need ye to strip." she stated.

"What are you crazy? I ain't strippin' for you, ya old hag!"

Kagome and Kaede sighed simultaneously.

Kagome sat behind Inuyasha and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Inuyasha, you have to. Not only will it help you cool down but it's best for your pups."

Inuyasha's eyes softened. "Alright, I'll do it for my pups. Help me up Kagome" he said, struggling to sit up.

Kagome gripped his underarms and lifted him with a grunt, but in the middle of her lifting a contraction gripped him, and he cried out, "Ah! Kami!" he yelled.

"Breathe, Inuyasha, Breathe" Kagome comforted, rubbing his stomach.

Inuyasha took comfort in Kagome tone and movements towards him and his unborn pups, but groaned as it didn't make the pain go away.

This contraction seemed more painful than the others. In the middle of the peak of pain it vanished and felt as if a weight had been lifted off his stomach as the pressure was released.

"W-what was that?" Inuyasha asked somewhat tiredly.

Kagome looked down and gasp, "K-Kaede, I-I think his…water broke?" she said somewhat confused. Kaede turned her attention to the hanyou's hakama that was soaked through with what looked like water. The old woman scooted closer to the pair and looked to Inuyasha sternly.

"I need ye out of these clothes now"

Kagome quickly went to helping Inuyasha out of his haori and hakama, leaving him as bare as the day he was born.

Ignoring the heat rushing to Inuyasha's face, Kaede made her way down to Inuyasha's feet, quickly taking her hands and opening his legs.

Almost immediately he shut his legs tightly. "Oi! What the hell do you think you're doing!" he yelled, utterly embarrassed.

Kaede, despite her old age, was able to reopen the hanyou's legs and gave a motherly look.

"Inuyasha, ye must cooperate. If ye water has broken, that would mean that the pups will be delivered anally. I must check the status of the first pup and make sure everything is in order."

Inuyasha winced at the thought of delivering his pups that way. That would be more painful than the 'c-section' as Kagome called it. He visibly tensed at Kaede leaned down with her hand at the ready.

"Be ready Inuyasha, this will be somewhat painful" she informed him.

Inuyasha felt extremely nervous but an extended hand from Kagome made him feel grateful for such understanding friends. He took the hand and nodded for Kaede to continue. He watched the old woman lean down slightly and he closed his eyes, bracing for the pain.

As soon as his eyes had been closed he yelped and white hot pain shot up his back as she breeched him. He could fell her poking and prodding him on the inside, looking for his pups.

He yelled in more pain as she went deeper, feeling him for the pups. She focused on a single spot for a short time before she slowly pulled out of him.

Inuyasha let out a breath as the pain ebbed away little by little after she had left him.

Kaede covered Inuyasha's lower half with his haori and stepped away from his lower section and moved to sit next to him.

"Are they ok?" he asked in a shaky voice.

Kaede sighed and he looked up to her face. She was deep in thought and it worried him immediately causing tears to pool in his eyes.

"W-what! What's wrong? What's wrong with my pups?" he asked frantically as tears ran down his face.

Kaede quickly answered, "No, Inuyasha there's nothing wrong but there seems to be a problem"

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked, deeply concerned for her friend.

"Inuyasha's pups appear to be in inu form, instead of human." She informed

He had stopped crying by now and asked shakily, "What does that mean?"

Kaede thought hard for a moment. "If my theory is correct, the only way you will be able to deliver your pups is if you are in dog form. Otherwise I fear for both you and the pups."

"B-but how am I supposed to transform. I-I've never done it before" he said slightly worried that he wouldn't be able to bring his pups into the world

"Do not worry Inuyasha, your instincts will tell you what to do." she enlightened.

Inuyasha stayed silent and turned to Kagome with fearful eyes.

"Don't worry Inuyasha, just close your eyes and focus" she said with warmth.

With one last look to Kagome, he closed his eyes and did as she suggested. He focused on his pups and what they needed from him. They needed for him to transform and be allowed into creation. His pups. His and Sesshoumaru's pup. They were vunerable and in danger. He focused on him inner demon and thought

I need my inu to come out. My inner inu. My true demon form.

As he thought about it he never noticed the changes his body started to go through. His body got shorter, along with his legs and arms. His skin became furry and his nose grew to into a muzzle. His hair was a stunning silver

Without even realizing it he was fully transformed. He opened his eyes and tried to say something but only growls and barks came out of his mouth.

Inuyasha was shocked and tried to verbalize it, only getting more growls and whines. He looked to Kaede who nodded and said, "Ye did a good job, Inuyasha" she complimented.

He could only give a curt nod and yip before lying his head down onto the floor of the hut, relieved that his pups were no longer in immediate danger. He relaxed his body to rest before pain would engulf his being once again. Shutting his eyes he drifted of into a very light sleep.