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Summary: Two brothers and one dark plot to destroy them both. The demons have known all along what could break the Winchester's, and that's killing Sammy.

Warnings: Angst, basic cussing... and demon arse kicking :D


"Wake up sleeping beauty…"

Brown eyes snapped open to glare over at the person who was constantly flicking his forehead. "Stop it Dean," he ordered as he pushed his brother's hand away. "This is the first good rest I've had in god knows how long and decide now to wake me up?"

Dean's eyebrows raised in amusement at his brother's hissy fit. "I hate to break it to you Sammy, but that little rest was in no way good… believe me, I know what a wet dream sounds like and that definitely was the starting of one."

Sam's cheeks reddened. "You have severe psychological issues. And stop calling me Sammy."

"Pfft, we both do Sammy," Dean said before turning his eyes back to the dark road ahead. "God I hate snow."

Sam leaned forward and squinted out at the darkness that reigned itself around the high beams of the Impala. "Maybe you should take it a little slower Dean, haven't you ever heard of black ice?"

"Hey Sam, how about you sit like a good little brother over there and keep your mouth shut while your big brother drives? Sound good?" Dean smiled when Sam sat back with a huff.

"Wake me up when we get there alright?" Sam asked softly as he wrapped his jacket around him a little tighter. "And would it kill you to turn up the damned heat?"

Dean unconsciously ground his teeth together at Sam's whiney voice. So much time without sleep was really beginning to screw with his brother's attitude and Dean was about ready to spike Sam's food with some sleeping pills. "Here and I thought you were supposed to be the college boy Sam."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

The older brother set his jaw and stared back at the road unaware of the hand that sneakily reached out and turned up the heat knob. As soon as the warm air blew out of heater the windows fogged up, obscuring Dean's line of sight.

"What the hell! Sammy!" Dean quickly moved his hand and turned down the heat.

Sam's eyes opened wide at what he saw in front of the car. "Dean!" he shouted.

Green eyes swerved back to the road. "Shit!" Dean slammed on the breaks and turned the wheel in hopes of missing the deer that was staring stupidly at high beams. "Hold on Sammy!"

The car spun, the slushy mess that covered the ground made it impossible for Dean to maneuver his car to a safe stop. His heart dropped into his stomach as he felt the undeniable thud as the car slid into the deer and to his horror the car didn't stop there.

Seconds passed until another stronger impact was made against the side of the Impala. The last thing Dean heard before lapsing into unconsciousness was the sound of glass breaking as a third and final impact brought the car to an abrupt stop.

"Sam! Sammy, you better wake your skinny ass up right now!"

Once again Sam Winchester opened his eyes to the annoying pestering voice of his older brother, only this time, upon entrance to consciousness was a lot more pain. "Uuuh, oh god," he moaned as pain from everywhere hit him at once.

"Are you up Sammy?"

Slowly, Sam let his eyes slip open. As more of his nerve endings came to join in the brutal fun he realized that he was freezing, and how painful it was. "Dean?"

"Oh thank god. I've been calling your name for the last fifteen minutes you deaf moron," Dean sighed in relief.

Sam let out a dry chuckle. "I guess I know why you didn't want me to turn up the heat…"

Dean laughed until he realized doing so hurt. "I dunno if college was the best idea for you Sammy… it might have actually made you stupider."

It was then that Sam realized he couldn't see his brother. "Dean, where are you?"

Dean grunted as he tried to shift. "I'm behind the wheel Sammy, you're in the back seat."

Sam groaned in recognition.

"I thought I told you to put on your damn seatbelt Sam," Dean scolded softly. "How bad Sammy?"

The younger brother tested how well he could move and came to a painful realization that his feet were pinned beneath a seat. As he tried to wiggle his feet free, pain lanced through his legs and blasted through his head making him lean back on whatever was there. "I'm stuck," he relayed weakly.

There was a grunt from the front seat. "That makes two of us."

Sam's eyes wandered around the car to assess the damage to his brother's beloved Impala. In an instant he knew that Dean would kill him once he got a good look at his car… and this was just the inside. "I think I'll live… what about you?"

There was a bitter snort from up front. "Oh Sammy, you'll only be alive until I get my hands on you. And that deer better thank the big man upstairs that it's dead! And Thanks to your crappy listening skills, my girl has been destroyed."

Shit… too late. "Um… I'm sorry?"

"Yeah right."

"Are you really okay?"

There was a sigh of annoyance. "Nothing is broken… except for my car… and I'm guessing you too. I'm fine Sammy, you just stay where you are now until I can figure out how to get myself free."

Silence lapsed between the two and somewhere in that time Sam fell asleep. It only seemed for seconds but one second he was staring up at the ceiling and the next he was staring at the inside of his eyelids.

Again it was his brother who had brought him back to that land of the living.

"Dean?" Sam was so confused. Wasn't his brother just pinned beneath his steering wheel? How did he get back here, and why was his face hovering over his with such a worried look plastering his face.

"This doesn't look so bad. A concussion, maybe a couple of fractured bones… but for the most part I think you'll be okay."

"That is, if we don't freeze to death first," Sam mumbled back.

"Way to be optimistic Sammy. Now, you know how I said a while back that you were allowed to fall asleep anywhere as long as we weren't hunting?"

Sam nodded even though he couldn't remember any such conversation, but he did zone out on Dean's lectures and scolding a lot more nowadays.

"Well I take it back. If you even think about closing your eyes I'll tell dad it was you, who broke his shotgun back in 94'," he promised.

With half-lidded eyes Sam half-smiled at the memory. Their dad had freaked out, and Dean had taken the fall when he had seen how scared Sammy was. "That's not fair Dean, I was like ten."

"Whatever Sammy. It's only a little miracle that the high beams are still working," Dean stated as he practically climbed on top of Sam and tried to inspect his trapped legs. "This is gonna hurt like a bitch Sam, but I'm gonna try to pull your legs free."

Sam arched his eyebrows up at his brother. "That sounds like a bad idea, and it's so cold. If you get me free, where are we gonna go? We're in the middle of nowhere."

Dean ignored Sam as one hand braced the seat that had broken and wedged itself over Sam's crushed legs and used the other to grab one of his brother's ankles. "On three. One… two… three!"

The brown eyes disappeared as eyelids slammed shut in pain. "Stop Dean!"

Even though Dean knew he was causing Sam unintentional pain, he couldn't bring himself to stop halfway and continued to pull while ignoring Sam's screaming. With a satisfying pop Sam's leg was free. Dean looked up to his brother's face and was terrified to see his eyes were shut.

"What did I say Sammy!" Dean spit out as he grabbed Sam's freezing cold cheeks in his palms. "There's no way in hell that you don't have a concussion, your big head broke the passenger window before you were thrown in the back. You need to stay awake Sammy."

Slowly a sliver of brown was seen beneath the dark lashes.

"Thatta boy, come on back before I get lonely and start talking to myself," Dean coached. He gave his brother a big smile once his eyes were fully opened.

"You're not gonna kiss me or anything I hope," Sammy joked sleepily. "See, you do have psychological issues."

"If I were you I wouldn't be joking with the guy who still has to pull your other foot from the seat," Dean replied with a cockily at his brother's unconscious wince.

Ten more minutes of screaming and Sam's other foot was finally free and had maneuvered themselves outside of the car.

Sam grunted as Dean pulled his arm over his neck and threaded his arm around his waist and pulled upwards. "Dean, we were safer in the car."

Dean turned on the flashlight he found in his dash and looked around the darkness. He did the best he could to ignore the gasps of pain Sam would give every now and again when he was jostled.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body Sam," Dean spoke in a fake tone.

"Well thank you Buddha," Sam sneered as a shiver coursed through his broken body.

"Actually, dad told me that," Dean remembered. "I'd say it was when I got thrown at that wall in Boscon City. Nasty poltergeist that was."

"I don't remember going to Boscon City Dean."

"You were with Pastor Jim. You couldn't have been older than…"

"Did you hear that?" Sam asked suddenly.

Both brothers looked around wildly as the sound of something moving faded. They both remained incredibly silent as the most feral growling sounded through the air.

"You're right Sammy, maybe it was safer to stay in the car."

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