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He thinks about Sora sometimes.

Its hard for him not to- when the sunlight comes streaming through the blinds. The boy had been apart of him, so much so that Riku couldn't trace his memories back to a place that didn't have those bright blue eyes lingering in them. When they were young, Riku would insist on the two of them watching scary movies together. Hours later, when the brunette would ask to climb in bed with him- afraid of monsters, ghosts or zombies, Riku would tease him about being a chicken and acquiesce. He always had trouble sleeping alone anyway.

Riku turns over on his side, sliver strands falling across his eyes as he buries his face in the pillow.

He'd started waking up early back then. Unable to stay asleep when delicate fingers tangled themselves in his shirt, wild auburn strands tickled his chin and the smaller body pressed desperately against his own. It was times like that, when the sun was just breaking the horizon, that Riku would run a reassuring hand through Sora's unruly hair- in an attempt to sooth away the nightmares he'd insisted on causing. That was before it had been just Sora and Kairi, back when it had still been Riku, Sora and Kairi. When Riku could still hold on to something like hope.

He couldn't remember now when things had changed. But slowly, his best friend had grown up, and at some point, he had stopped needing the shield of Riku's body to protect him from bad dreams. He'd started holding Kairi's hand, started smiling more. And Riku would think and think, and he would feel small under the weight in his chest.

Later, he had found comfort in looking at Roxas- who was Sora and not Sora. And he would feel both sick and relieved because Roxas had no Kairi to steal him away. Because Riku was lonely enough that he could ignore that his Sora-not-Sora had too dark eyes and too light hair. He could overlook the malice in his glare and the hardened apathy of his expression, the emptiness in his smile. Because Roxas was almost like Sora and when he stood close to the boy, Riku's dark didn't seem so dark, and his cold was no longer so cold. It was one more place where he could pale in comparison.

Sea green eyes slide shut and Riku lets himself relax into the blankets- trying to let their warmth in.

No, Roxas was not Sora, and Sora did not want him and in the end he had let both go. But sometimes, like on early November mornings, Riku finds himself remembering it all. Sometimes he can not keep from waking at sunrise and thinking of phantom hands that clung to his shirt like a lifeline- when he remembers Sora and not-Sora.

Sometimes the cold creeps up on him and the blankets are not enough.

So Riku reaches out hesitantly, eyes still shut, feeling for the one thing that always forced the chill away. From underneath the nearby lump of blankets, a familiar long arm flings out carelessly in response, pulling the silver-haired boy close. "You need to learn how to start sleeping in" it mumbles, and the blankets shift once more to accommodate.

Riku's shoulders relax at the contact and he lets his breathing slow as his body settles willingly back into half-sleep. "I'm trying" he whispers, and emerald eyes soften at the words. A low chuckle escapes him as Axel presses a soft kiss to the boy's even softer hair. "You cold or something?" he teases, letting his own eyes slide back shut and he feels Riku's lips brush against his collarbone when he speaks.

"Not anymore."