The Inevitable: Jar Jar Binks Dies A Horrible Death

A/N:I figured It was coming. Here you go Star Wars fandom(s), The Death Of Jar Jar. Enjoy. Sadly, my only OC evil Andy won't be appearing.This fic takes place during Episode I:The Phantom Menace.Finally I can kill what ruined Star shot character death.

Qwi-gen Jiin was leading Obi Wan and Jar Jar through the Naboo palace.

"Wesa gonsa gonna goinga toodah placa nowa owa?" Jar Jar sqweeked.

"We are almost...THERE!" Qwi Gon said. He shoved Jar Jar into a room with a window and a dial on the door. Obi Wan put a lock on the door. Qwi Gon slowly turned the dial. The room Jar Jar was in began to warm up.

"Oh, its likea sauna..." Jar Jar said.Obi-Wan turned the dial again.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Jar Jar said. His skin started to burn. Obi-WAn turned the dial again, this time to MAX POWER. Jar Jar's eyes popped like marshmalllows and fell to the floor. They sizzled on the ground. He started to melt like a fat kid's candy bar on a July afternoon. His body turned into a pile of orange goo and he died, Jar Jar was dead.

"Good job, my friend." Qui-Gon said to Obi Wan.

You know what? I hate Jar Jar so much, I'm gonna kill him again in chapter 2. Go read it.J-The Ievitable.