Angela groaned as she knew she had to get up to go to work soon. She shot up andquickly climbed out of bed. She walked into her bathroom and showerered. Without clearly thinking she walked into the shower, forgetting to turn the water on hot. She shrieked in shock and knew she wouldn't need coffee now as eh was wide awake. She got dressed and headed to work. It was raining outside and she was sure glad that she hadn't forgotten to pack her umbrella. She walked in thinking she would be the only one at work but gasped in surprise when she saw Leo without his shirt on soaking wet. She walked down the stairs thinking to herself, 'This man is way to sexy.' Leo turned around and looked up the stairs and saw Angela walking down. "Hey Angelawhat are you doing here?" He asked in mild surprise. He looked her up and down and smirked with male appreciation clearly shining in his eyes. It was a game that he and Angela had been playing lately. They would flirt but they knew it would never really be anything considering they were partners. He wished however sometimes that things were different that they started out different. He remembered when he first met the sexy lie detector. He was furious that she had to be his partner but he could not deny that woman was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. She was like a lethal weapon, the way she walked, with that wit, he swore he couldn't stand her sometimes but he was sure he couldn't do without her. "Hey Leo, I just wanted to get in early. Nice outfit." She smirked at him and openly looked him up and down. He looked down and shook his head in shame as he realized that he had not put on his shirt. "Yeah, you see being the brilliant person that i was, I forgot to bring my umbrella so I was out in the rain. I'll put my shirt on." "No, no, don't put on a shirt to please me, I rather like what I see." She smirked as Leo looked away from her and thought to himself, 'When has she been so open?' "Sure why not, I always felt my shirts were stifling." He said huskily. She blushed as she saw Leo sit down comfortably waiting for her to reply to his bait. He stretched, watching as his muscles flex and stretch. She felt her face turn hot. He looked back at her and waited patiently. Not about to be outdone Angela walked slowly and sort of provocatively toward Leo and smiled, she laid her hands on his shoulders and made a journey down his torso. Her heart was beating so fast she thought she would pass out, she slowly brought her hands back up his chest and her right hand felt that Leo's heart was beating as fast as hers. She looked into his eyes and saw them darken. She climbed onto his lap and leaned in. Their lips metin a whirlwind of passion. They pulled apart gasping for air when Leo asked softly, "What are we going to do now?" "I don't think you want to hear my answer." She smiled seductively at him, with a hidden promise in her eyes. They continued kissing, and Angela moaned as Leo began to kiss her neck. He was about to unbutton the buttons to her shirt when she grabbed his hand and whispered, "Not here." Leo nodded in understanding and agreement. "Later?" "Later." She replied with finality. A door creakedand Leo and Angela jumped apart quickly. Leo rushed to put his shirt on and Angela helped him button the buttons. They finished just in time when Gene and Dozer walked in. They looked as guilty as teenagers being caught making out on the girl's parents couch. "Good Morning." Gene said unaware of the nervous flickers in both his agents eyes, but Dozer however caught them. When Gene walked away, Dozer simply said, "I'm on to you guys." The walked to his computer. Leo and Angela looked at each other and chuckled nervously as they knew Dozer would be on to them, but the thought of them meeting tonight and doing some strenuous activities seemed to have lightened their day. THE END.