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17-year-old Yamanaka Ino sighed as she put her hands in her back pockets. She had seen Sasuke and Sakura again. Sasuke was still his cold usual-self even if he did come back to Konoha two years ago. Sakura was beyond happy that Sasuke was her boyfriend while Ino hated it. She had moved out of her old house and had gotten her own. She slipped the key into the key hole and walked in.

Setting her jacket on the nearest chair and walked into the kitchen and looked at the refrigerator door which had a note placed on it as Ino bent down and read it.

Dear Ino-Chan,

Sorry that I ate practically all of your food, demo Ichiraku isn't open because of the holidays and I didn't really want to walk all the way to Iruka-sensei's house so Thanks for all of the food.


Ino opened her refrigerator and glanced at the note and back at her, now empty, refrigerator. "Naruto just what is it I supposed to eat?" she muttered and closed the refrigerator.

Naruto and Ino started hanging out when Inochi had asked Iruka to take care of Ino when he went on a two-week long mission. Naruto had gone to Iruka's house everyday and had played games with Ino and had invited her to Ramen, but Ino always ended up paying. Since then Ino and Naruto were practically siblings. Ino sat down on the nearest chair and laid her head back. Being ANBU Interrogator wasted a lot of her time.

She closed her eyes and groaned when she heard the door bell ring. She reluctantly got up and walked to the door opening it. Ino raised an eyebrow to who was at her door. "What do you want Uchiha?" Ino asked as she leaned on the door frame crossing her arms. "Tsunade wants you at her office now" Sasuke said as he glared at her. "And since when do you call me by my last name?"

"Since I decided to." Ino said bitterly as she walked past him and on the path to the Hokage tower with Sasuke a few feet behind her. Meilin had ice on her arm when Ino arrived. "What happened to you?" Ino asked as she looked at Meilin's burned arm. "I decided to walk into Tsunade's room when she threw hot sake at the door because she was frustrated." Meilin said as she saw Ino with a smile on her face "Don't you DARE laugh" Meilin said a she glared at Ino. Ino giggled and walked in the corridor when she stopped by Tsunade's office.

Ino knocked on Tsunade's door as she herd a 'come in' from the other side as she opened the door. "You wanted to see me?" Ino asked as she entered the room. Tsunade drank the last of her sake and began "I need you, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Hinata, TenTen, Neji and Kiba for a mission. I also need Temari from the sand which you will meet up with her when you pass by the Sand Village.

Ino merely nodded as did Sasuke. "I'm putting both of you in charge. That's why I called both of you here. So any complaints, comments, question?" she asked as Ino shook her head as Tsunade threw her a scroll. "All the rest of the information is in there. So go tell the rest and tell Naruto that I'll get him for his little prank.

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