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All the shinobi sprinted out of the gates, leaping from tree to tree. Ino looked to the left seeing Shikamaru. His usual bored face was replaced with a serious one. It kind of bugged her that Shika always took missions so seriously. He wasn't always like that, but then again after your best friend is on the verge of dying because you sort of screwed up, well after Ino thought about it Shika had every right to be serious.

She looked to right looking at Naruto. He had his usual smile, his bright blue eyes sparkled. Ino chuckled, the two people she considered brother were completely different. Naruto was always happy on mission and Shika so serious. Naruto being the… not so bright one and Shika being the genius.

Ino's thoughts were interrupted when she heard someone yell, practically scream. Ino turned at the sound of the yell. Unknown to her a branch was in front of her. So when she turned around the branch knocked her off her feet and onto the ground below her.

She hit the ground feet first. A VERY bad idea. Her ankle twisted and she bent down by the acute pain on her ankle. Sasuke was the first there. "Hey, you okay?" Sasuke asked. He only had seen when she bent down, not when she had fallen off the branch.

"No, I think I twisted my ankle." Ino said as she looked at her swollen ankle. By now everybody was there. Sakura had refused to bandage 'That Pig's ankle' even though she was the one that screamed because she thought that she had seen something in the tree where she was. Sakura wouldn't do it so Sasuke did. When he was done Naruto had volunteered to help Ino walk along with Sasuke so she swung her arms around Naruto and Sasuke's neck.

Ino felt Sakura's glare on her back. It wasn't her fault that the branch was in front of her, it wasn't her fault that Sakura screamed and now her boyfriend was helping her walk, it wasn't her fault she turned around… okay maybe that one was her fault, but she only did it because one person of the group decided to scream because she saw a squirrel.

"We're almost to the Sand. We'll camp out here for the night and you" Neji said looking at Ino "rest up and try to heal your ankle."

"Yes, Neji." She said in a childish voice. Neji just smirked at her and she blushed, looking away. Ino tried healing her ankle, but apparently too much stress didn't let her. "Ten, what am I supposed to do know?" Ino asked looking at her bun-haired friend. "Well first of all you wear that red dress and look nice for Neji-kun." TenTen said teasing Ino. "And second ask Sakura."

"Ask… Sakura?" Ino said in a low voice. TenTen just nodded. Ino sighed. "Okay, and if you ever mock me again about Neji I will make sure that you have a permanent bun on top of your head."

TenTen just laughed. "Hey, Sakura!" Ino yelled from her place against the tree. Sakura turned around and looked at her. Ino signaled for Sakura to come over to her. "What do you want Ino?" She asked. "Well, as you know my ankles twisted and I can't heal it because I've got too much stress on me right now and I can mold my chakra." Ino answered.

"Point?" Sakura asked as she looked at Ino. "I'm asking you to heal my ankle, smarty" Ino replied obviously annoyed. Sakura smirked. "Captain Ino needs help, oh my." Sakura said putting a finger on her lip. "Sakura…" Ino growled.

"Fine. I'll do it. I've already had my fun." She said as she bent down, her hands having a green glow. "Try it out." Sakura said as she got up. Ino put her weight onto it and smiled. "I can walk." Ino said happily. Sakura just turned around. Ino looked at her retreating back.

"Sakura!" She yelled again. Sakura stopped, but didn't turn around. "Thanks." Ino said softly, but load enough so Sakura could hear her.

"Let's go pitch our tent." TenTen said as she and Ino picked a place on the floor. "Hey, Ino." TenTen said while she opened up the tent. "I think Sasuke likes you." Ino froze. "No he doesn't. He has a girlfriend and he doesn't even show anything toward me." Ino said.

"That's… a lie." TenTen said over the tent, which was already standing. "He helped bandage your ankle."

"Because Sakura wouldn't. He was probably ashamed that his girlfriend didn't want to help out, so he did it." Ino said.

"And helping you walk. Naruto had already volunteered and he already did something for you." TenTen said as she backed away slowly from the tent, smiling at their job.

"He was just being nice." Ino said as TenTen looked at her "Exactly. When has Uchiha Sasuke been nice to anyone?" Ino looked down thinking. "I don't know. I wasn't that obsessed with him that I knew what he did and said to everyone."

"Whatever." TenTen said smiling one of her evil smiles. "TenTen…?" Ino asked a little scared. "Are you okay?"

"Hm? Oh, yea."

"DINNER!!" Naruto yelled from where the fire was.

Everyone sat around the fire eating the fish. Ino and TenTen got up and looked at the trees. All the guys and Sakura looked at them. "What are you doing?" Sakura said, glaring at Ino. "Shhh!" TenTen said and looked at Ino. Ino put her hand back slowly reaching for a kunai and chucked it at the place where she was looking.

"Your aim's improved, that's for sure." A voice said from the trees and a girl with spiky blonde hair came out of the trees. "Tema!" TenTen said and ran to give her rival and friend a hug. TenTen and Temari were rivals, but not to the extent that they fought like Sakura and Ino. "Hey, Tema." Ino said and gave her a hug.

"I'm not kidding your aims improved." Temari said as Ino smiled at her. "Thanks." Ino said and smiled. "Well, at least that saves us the trip of going to the Sand." Kiba said.

"Well I guess we should go to bed. We all have an early start tomorrow morning." Sasuke said. Ino didn't put up a fight and neither did anyone else. They were all tired. Ino got into her tent and laid down on her side. 'Does Sasuke like me? Do I like Neji? Does he like me? Do they both like me?' Ino thought to herself and fell asleep.


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