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Chapter 1: Things Are Not Always As They Seem

She stared at the cell phone, Booth's number glaring back at her. Why didn't she want to call him? Because she found out he was sleeping with Cam, after just sleeping with Rebecca. So what, they weren't dating, she wasn't really angry, so what was her problem? She continued ruminating, hoping to trip over some revelation. What did she feel? She took a deep breath, flooding her brain with oxygen in an attempt to clarify her thoughts. Hurt, she felt hurt and disappointed, she was disappointed in him. Then in a flash it came to her why, because when she was dating on line he told her he dated women that he cared about, he asked her if she believed in the magic of love at first sight, seeing someone across a crowded room and knowing. He lied to her and the worst part was, she had wanted to believe him, every time he had shifted his dark gaze on her from across a room she had wanted to believe it. She had seen people that were in love although she never felt that way herself; she wondered how it happened to them. It wasn't the sex, she could do that, chemical reactions, serotonin release, heat generated from nothing but burning energy, and she understood the science of it, but unlike him, she had never pretended it was anything else.

Booth, who had been interpreting the world for her for the last year, had led her to believe there was magic when some people met and even though she had never experience it and it went against all her logic, part of her wanted to believe it may be true. Deep down she had thought that spark flickered between them. He had lied to her, no matter how she looked at it. He had hidden his relationship with Cam as though there was something to be ashamed of, maybe because he had no magic with her, it was only sex. On the other hand, he said he had to feel something to have sex with a woman, which is why she understood the fling with Rebecca. So did he have feelings for Cam, or was he lying about the magic? Her head was spinning, he had lied about the magic, that part she was sure of and it was part of her disappointment. He had fed it to her like you feed a child a fairytale and the little girl that she had once been, before there was science in her world, wanted it to be true. She was mad at herself for listening to him. He wasn't the man she thought he was, it turned out he was like everyone else, living a life of self gratification and assuaging his guilt by trying to convince himself there was something magical happening.

The number continued to glare, his message had said he had an update on her parent's case and he knew that was the one reason she would call, had to call. She had thought he was different, a burn spread across her chest, a pain born from knowing you were alone in the world, she had felt it since the day her brother left, after her parents disappeared. It had abated a little since knowing Booth, the edges of it softened by the strange relationship they shared. Maybe she had idolized him too much, as she had Russ when they were children; maybe she had created an image of him that didn't really exist. It didn't matter now that she could see him clearly; she would go back to being just his partner, after all, if he had feelings for both Cam and Rebecca then he obviously gave his affection away easily and she would have to question its value. It gave her a strange sense of satisfaction, despite the pain, to know that she had been right from the beginning, you can't count on anyone but yourself and all that talk of love and marriage and living happily ever after was nothing but a lie. She straightened in her chair, fighting the fatigue that had been chasing her the last few hours. She decided it was time to go home, it was late and her thoughts of Booth had brought back too many old feelings, although the ache was strangely comforting in its familiarity, it still exhausted her.

She organized her desk for the next morning, jotting a quick note to Angela and sticking it on a file to drop on her desk before she left. She gathered her things and set them on the chair by the door, heading to Angela's office with the file. She was surprised to see a light coming from under the door in the room that held the Angelator, she didn't think anyone else was here, maybe they had just forgotten to turn off the light. She opened the door and stopped in her tracks, the computer was running, the Angelator was slowly creating a face. She walked over to the machine, puzzled; Angela usually had to be here to feed data into the system as she went, to allow for adjustments to be made, so how could it be running? Temperance studied the computer screen as the lines of programming churned by, telling her nothing. Perhaps Angela had found a way for the unit to run an auto program; it would certainly be a time saver if that were true. She turned to leave the office and froze in her tracks, staring at the face suspended in space before her. It was her mother.

Why would Angela be running her mother's facial reconstruction program? It was startling to see her, so precisely the way Temperance remembered her. She stood watching for a moment, her body trembling with the need to touch her, to hug her, even if it was just one more time. She had missed her so much over the years, feeling the loss of her everyday in almost everything she did, especially in those first years and more recently because she knew for certain she was never coming back. Maybe this had something to do with Booth wanting to talk to her.


She jumped, her heart pounding with surprise at the sound of her name. She turned, finally spinning completely around, but she was alone in the room.


The hair on her arms and neck stood up, prickling her skin. It wasn't her imagination, someone had spoken, again she scanned the room, but she was alone. She looked at the face of her mother, her brain unwilling to grasp what her senses told her to be true. She stared at it intently for a moment, watching this time as the lips moved and the eyes focused on her.

"Temperance, you have to listen to me." A chill swept over her body and her palms began to sweat. This had to be some kind of a trick, some program gone haywire in the computer. She wanted to back out of the room but found herself firmly rooted to the floor, her body not responding to the screaming commands inside her head. It was her mother's voice; part of her knew it even as she tried to remember what her mother had sounded like all those years ago.

"Temperance, I don't have much time, please listen to me. I miss you, I'm sorry I couldn't come home. I wanted to, with all my heart, you and Russ were all I thought about, but I needed you to be safe. I wanted you to be able to grow up and be happy, have a life that wasn't crippled by everything your father and I had done. You have to stop looking for your father, if they find him; they're going to kill him and then you and Russ. Please Tempe, for me, just stop looking. I couldn't bear it if you were all lost after so many sacrifices were made to keep you safe. I just want you to be happy. Are you? Are you happy?"

She didn't move, her mouth slack, her eyes wide with shock, she felt incapable of doing anything. Her eyes filled with tears as the face of her mother smiled at her, waiting for an answer that she did not have the voice to give. She could feel the panic uncurl in her belly, spreading through her, knowing this could not be happening. She moved suddenly, running over to Angela's computer she bent down and jerked the plug from the wall, watching as the desk monitor went black. She sighed heavily, trying to collect herself but she could feel the fear walking up her spine as she slowly turned around to see the image still there, in front of her, crystal clear above the projection table.

"Why don't you answer me Temperance? There are so many things I want to say to you and so little time. Don't be afraid, that's why I'm talking to you, because I knew you wouldn't run, you were always my brave daughter, beautiful and brilliant and brave. I love you Temperance, I always have and I always will."

The tears were sliding down her face but she didn't move to wipe them away, her hands were trembling and her mind was racing, trying to find answers to all the questions rocketing around in her head. She was tempted to speak to her, part of her wanted desperately to hear herself utter the word mom but her logical mind told her this was not real and to answer it would be to confirm her own insanity.

"Temperance I have to go. You and Russ hug each other for me, and stop looking for your father; it won't bring you answers, only trouble. You never answered my question about being happy, I hope you are, good-bye bug."

The image before her dissipated into the air and the display unit went dark. Her hand came up from her side as though she was going to reach out but her fingers fluttered in the air and returned to her side. Only her mother had ever called her bug, when she was very little she would call her love bug, snuggle bug, science bug, busy bug or some other form, in the end she shortened it to just bug as she tucked her in at night. Temperance had never told anyone about the term of endearment and had in fact all but forgotten about it herself until just that moment. Her body was trembling and fear gripped her as surely as a hand around her throat. Darkness threatened at the edges of her vision and she grabbed her left wrist, digging her nails into her flesh, unaware through the fog of adrenaline that she had drawn blood. She didn't want to pass out and she needed to make sure she was awake, that this wasn't a dream. When the pain registered in her brain she ran from the room, snatching only her bag from the chair by the door in her office, abandoning her files and heading for the door. She forced herself to calm down to a rapid walk as she approached the security guard at the door, nodding at him and jogging out to her car. Once she was securely locked inside she paused and took a deep breath, knowing she needed to collect herself to be able to drive. Her heart was hammering at a dangerous rate and a cold sweat broke across her skin. She shook her head and started the car, turning on the heat to try to bring back some semblance of warmth to her limbs.

After a few moments she snapped open her phone and dialed Angela's number, she just couldn't wait until morning.

"Dead people are our business so this better be something better than that Bren; it's two in the morning." Her voice was heavy with sleep and irritation.

"Ange, it's important and I'll only keep you a minute. Did you start an Angelator program tonight before you left?" Her voice was still shaking and she didn't sound right, even to herself.

"No, it can't run on its own and I haven't had it up and running for a few days. What's this about Bren? You sound funny to me." Her tone had turned to one of concern.

"Can the projection monitor run independently from your computer?" She needed to get some answers before she gave any.

"No, it's basically just a three dimensional screen, it has to have input to project anything. You're scaring me, what's going on?"

"I was at work and the Angelator was running a program, it was doing a facial reconstruction all on it's own."

Angela was awake now, "Bren, that's not possible."

"Ange, I'm not crazy, I was just there, it was not only running a program, the face was my mother's." Her voice cracked on the last word.

"Honey, are you sure you weren't dreaming? The unit doesn't have that capability, even if there was a power surge or something tripped the program on somehow, it can't run on its own." Her voice was soft as though she were explaining something to a small child.

Temperance looked down at her wrist where crescent shaped cuts were just crusting with dried blood. "I wasn't dreaming Ange, I even pinched myself to be sure, but it doesn't really matter, we can look at it tomorrow. I'm sure there's an explanation for it but don't use the system at all until I get there. You go back to sleep, I'm sorry I woke you." She hung up before Angela had a chance to reply. She hadn't even mentioned that the unit had continued to work after she unplugged the computer, or that the face had spoken to her. She needed to go home, get some sleep and look this all over in the morning when she could have the system checked for problems.

As she drove home she contemplated calling Booth and then decided it was a bad idea. It was late and he may not be alone and as much as she wanted to hear some reassurance from the man she once trusted, she no longer thought he existed. The rush of tears surprised her, she reigned in her emotions, putting the thoughts of him away, locking down that part of herself. When she got home she wanted and needed nothing more than her bed. She was curled up in it within ten minutes, her arms wrapped tightly around herself, rocking gently in a primitive gesture of self comfort as she sobbed, mourning everyone she had ever lost.


Temperance was in her office when Angela arrived, already going over files.

"Bren, what the hell happened last night?" She was more worried than anything but in truth she was a little irritated at having been brushed off in the middle of the night.

"I told you Angela, the Angelator was running a program when I was here last night. I walked by on my way to put a file on your desk and the light under the door caught my attention, when I opened the door the unit was working on a face." Her voice was clear, steady and clinical; there was no trace of the woman that had been so upset.

"Well, let's go take a look at it, you can walk me through it and maybe I can figure out what happened." She stood waiting while Temperance closed the files, pulled on her lab coat and came over to walk with her.

As soon as they reached the office Angela went to turn on the system.

"Oh, I unplugged the computer, to stop the program, but it didn't work."

Angela was staring at her as though she were speaking another language. "Bren, what was on the screen when you pulled the plug? And can I ask why the power button wasn't an option?" She bent down and plugged the system back into the wall and then turned and waited for an answer.

"Look, last night was…complicated"

"It must have been because you didn't call me back." Booth's voice from the door startled both women.

"I was busy Booth but you can update me now." Her tone was definitely cold. Angela turned to the computer and turned it on, watching it load and looking for warnings.

He looked at her with a curious expression, "did your parents have any friends or relatives in Canada? We traced a call we believe was made by your father to a place in Canada, after it had been deflected half way around the globe that is."

"I don't really know. We traveled to Canada when I was young but I can't remember if it was to see someone specific. My dad would go and run errands, he could have been meeting someone, I don't really know. Maybe Russ would remember, I'll call him later today." She showed no response to him at all.

"Bren, shouldn't you tell him about last night?" Angela's voice caused them both to turn to her.

"No Angela, it really isn't any of his business and it has nothing to do with the case." The two women locked their gaze for a moment while Angela contemplated whether or not to push the issue, she knew something else was going on, Temperance was acting strangely.

Booth put his hand on her arm and turned her toward him, "maybe you should tell me and let me decide if it's important or not."

"Take your hand off of me, Booth." Her hostility was palpable and he dropped his hand to his side.

"Temperance what's the matter with you?" He seemed genuinely confused.

"There is nothing the matter with me." She was cut off by Cam's voice from the doorway.

"Well no wonder I couldn't find any of you. Are we having a party in here?" She was glancing back and forth between Booth and Brennan.

"No, why would you ask something so ridiculous?" Brennan was staring her down, there was not a flicker in the smooth blue of her eyes.

"I'm just trying to get a handle on what my team is up to this morning." Cam centered her focus on Brennan.

"Dr. Saroyan I'm working, we're having a problem with the Angelator, I assure you there are no unauthorized experiments being conducted here so unless you actually need something I'd like to get back to work." She turned her back to Cam and took the two steps over to the desk where Angela sat with her eyes wide desperately trying to act like she was working on something on the screen. "Booth unless you have something else to tell me, I've said all I needed to say. I'll contact you after I talk to Russ." She never turned to look at him.

"Dr. Brennan I would like to talk to you." Cam's voice was as smooth as polished steel and she was staring at Seeley with a death glare.

"I have work to do, but I'll make some time this afternoon, you can find me in my office at three o'clock." She never looked up from the computer screen, her body language clearly stating that she had dismissed them both from further conversation.

In her peripheral vision she watched first Booth, then Cam storm out of the office. Angela didn't speak, she realized that Temperance had found out about Booth and Cam and she felt guilty for not having told her friend. It was an act of betrayal and in response she could see that Bren had shut down.

"This is really bizarre but according to the system there were no programs running last night, no recorded activity for the last three days, no emergency power loss from the cord being pulled and your mother's file hasn't been run since I closed it after the case. There is absolutely nothing here that indicates the incident you described happened at all, except for the computer being unplugged." She spoke softly, knowing that on top of everything else this is not what Temperance wanted to hear. "Sweetie, I'm sorry."

"That can't be right. Could there be another computer tied to the projector?"

"Not without us knowing, it would at least show up on the security system, besides, there isn't another computer in here."

"Does the program have the capability to add sound like the Christmas tree you did last year, wasn't there music playing?"

"Not really, I had music piped into the back ground but the program itself runs without auditory. Why? Did you hear something when it was running?"

Temperance knew the question was asked in innocence and that Ange wasn't considering that she had heard a voice. She wondered how crazy she would sound if she turned around and told her that her mother's face actually spoke to her, was animated, blinked, looked at her with open eyes, smiled. She stared at the projection unit, at the space where, the night before, her mother had said that she missed her. It didn't make sense.

Angela walked over to her, watching her closely as she stared at the machine, lost in thought. She went to reach for her hand and noticed the cuts, now surrounded with spots of purple bruising. Had Brennan struggled with someone? Here at the lab?

Angela's touch was hesitant on her arm, just a light pressure to get her attention, "Bren, please, tell me exactly what happened here last night." Angela could see the anguish in her face and at that moment had to resist the urge to hug her, knowing Temperance would not accept the gesture, especially now.

"It doesn't matter, please just run the computer through a full program and make sure there's no malfunction. Let me know when it's finished, I'll be in my office." With that said Temperance walked briskly away and moved her thoughts to the files still on her desk, she was in a mode of such hyper focus that the building could have burst into flames around her and she wouldn't have noticed.


Cam approached Dr. Brennan's office, already steaming at having been manipulated into coming to her. It was a power play that she lost and that had proven to her that the good doctor was not as naïve as her friends would like to think. There was a full blown fighting bitch in there, Cam was certain of it. Just outside the door she paused because she could hear voices and quickly realized that Temperance was on the phone, although she knew she shouldn't eavesdrop she quickly decided that Dr. Brennan declared war this morning so all is fair.

"I'll tell you all about it tonight when I see you. You know what a mess things are here so just meet me at my apartment. I love you too. Bye."

Cam was shocked, who could she be talking to with such familiarity? Was Seeley playing some dangerous game between them? Just the idea that Dr. Brennan loved anyone was somewhat surprising to her, she struggled to visualize a warm and fuzzy Temperance and came up with nothing. Realizing that she was just standing in the hall she rounded the corner into the office, and flinched as Temperance glanced at the clock in silent recognition of the fact she was now late. Score two for Dr. Brennan.

Temperance continued to shuffle files on her desk as Dr. Saroyan entered, when she did look up at her the woman was standing in front of her desk with her arms crossed, looking rather irritated. Temperance smiled at her.

"How may I help you Dr. Saroyan?" She couldn't have sounded friendlier but there was an edge beneath her words, blade sharp, the glint showing in her eyes.

For a second Cam was caught off guard, by the voice, by the pleasant question and mostly, by the intense shine in those cool blue eyes. She could see why people were intimidated by this woman.

"Well you can begin by dropping the attitude you have with me." Cam watched the hint of a smile tug at the corners of her mouth and was instantly infuriated that she was amused by the situation.

"Is there some problem with my job performance?" She looked almost innocent as she asked.

"This is not about your job performance; it's about your attitude, specifically your hostile attitude toward me. You may not like me Dr. Brennan but my position here does command your respect."

Without missing a beat Temperance responded, "respect is earned not commanded." The air between them nearly crackled with the sparks of suppressed anger.

"What exactly is your problem with me?" She was tempted to ask her if it was her history with Seeley or the recent sex with him but she was unsure of how much Temperance actually knew and she didn't want to tip her hand.

"Well, you have destroyed the learning and creative environment of this lab and my team and turned what used to be a pleasant and cooperative environment into something just this side of military captivity. You have demonstrated that you are willing to compromise the evidence in an investigation to suit your own conclusions. You have a compulsive need to have everyone report every step of their actions to you as though they are incapable of working without supervision, which is insulting to their abilities and accomplishes nothing but satisfying your raging need to control everyone and everything in your environment. You observe my staff for a few days after your arrival and give them pet names to create the illusion that you've bonded with them and that you actually know them, which just confuses them when you turn around and slap down their ideas because they aren't the same as yours, which is especially ironic because their ideas usually result in a more accurate conclusion. You lack the management skills to handle a group of people with such high IQs so you bully them and count on their lack of social skills to keep them from challenging you." She paused briefly to take a breath and something that Cam couldn't place flickered across her features, she looked for a second as though she was going to continue but decided against it.

Cam's brow seemed to arch higher in shock with each sentence, "are you quite finished?"

"Actually no, but it'll do for now." There it was, the direct matter of fact delivery that Cam found so infuriating.

"Do you feel better, having gotten that off your chest, Dr. Brennan?" She was struggling to remain calm; her voice had lowered to a hiss.

"No, I don't feel better or worse, why would I?" Temperance wasn't sure what it was that Cam was trying to accomplish with this meeting, she was confusing.

"Look, I'm not going to back down, I do my job the way I do because it gets results and I don't really care what you think."

Temperance cut in, starting to get tired of this game, "then why did you ask?"

Cam looked at her questioningly.

"If you don't care what I think, then why did you ask me?"

"Because Dr. Brennan I thought you would tell the truth. Although I believe the things you stated are actual work related issues you have with me I have the feeling that there are other more important, personal issues that remain unnamed."

"Then you are mistaken, because my work is the most important thing to me and let me assure you, I have no personal issues with you." There eyes were locked now and Temperance realized that Cam was talking about Booth, like animals in an alpha pack, neither woman even blinked. "I am more than capable of doing my job here and unless you have an issue with my job performance, I believe we're done here. Unless, there was some other point you were trying to make?"

"So this is not about the fact that I'm sleeping with Seeley? You have no problem with that?" Cam was angry at herself as soon as the words left her lips but she wanted to break this woman's expression, wanted to see some emotional response from her. She had never met anyone over whom she had so little control.

Temperance actually managed a small laugh, her walls having been solidly rebuilt last night, she didn't flinch, she had shed her last tear over Seeley Booth last night. "I don't care who either of you are sleeping with but thank you for volunteering the testimony to your lack of professionalism. I hope the defense attorneys don't find out, I would hate for them to think your relationship has compromised evidence or justice for any of their clients." Her cell phone rang and she reached for it, checking the caller id and setting it back down. In that moment Cam saw her wrist and wondered if it was made by someone she knew, in anger or in passion, maybe she had underestimated her.

"If I didn't know better, I would swear you just threatened me Dr. Brennan."

"Not at all Dr. Saroyan, now as I said, I have work to do so unless there is some constructive conversation to be had here, I'd like to get back to it." She turned her attention back to the computer screen, once again dismissing Cam.

"This isn't over between us Dr. Brennan." Cam turned and left the office, her hands curled into fists at her sides she suddenly realized that she had actually been suppressing the urge to slap Brennan. How was it that this one woman could so easily press her buttons? She was angry with herself for loosing control and wondered when Brennan had gotten the upper hand with her. She needed to calm down and think of a way to reach Temperance Brennan, to be able to keep her in line. She knew she was not in the frame of mind to solve this right now so she headed off to see what Zach and Jack were doing this afternoon.


Once Temperance got her hands to stop shaking she went back to work, burying the thoughts of Booth and Cam, finding comfort in how it was becoming easier each time she did it. Soon it would be true that they didn't matter to her at all. She tackled the folders on her desk, plowing through back logged paperwork and accomplishing more than she had in weeks. It was several hours later when a shadow fell across her desk and she looked up to see Booth standing there.

She sighed deeply, moving her left hand under the desk so she didn't have to answer questions about her wrist.

"Bones, I've been calling your cell all afternoon, why don't you answer it?" He just couldn't leave her alone, he hated when he knew something was wrong between them. It ate at him all day and made it near impossible for him to be productive.

"I'm busy and we don't currently have a case so what is it that you need?" She was as distant as earlier and his expression dropped with disappointment.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to have dinner tonight and then I'm taking Parker to get pumpkins tomorrow and I thought you might like to join us, he asked if you could come." The dinner was a peace offering, he wanted to find out what was wrong between them and the pumpkin idea was really Parkers. Cam wasn't interested in doing anything with his son so he didn't see her when he had Parker but beyond that the child had asked to see Temperance.

She didn't lift her head, finding it easier not to look at him. "I have company tonight and I'm working tomorrow but you have a nice time and tell Parker I said hello."

The comment about company felt like a slap and even though he had more of a sex life than he could handle right now, it always bothered him to be reminded that Temperance had one too. His brain flashed briefly to the image of her, naked, sitting on some hulk of a man, her eyes closed, her perfect lips slightly parted, riding him. He slammed his thoughts in another direction before he got himself into more trouble.

"Are you working all day? Because we can wait to carve the pumpkins until you come over." He sounded hopeful, wanting her to say yes, wanting her to let him fix whatever it was that had gone so terribly wrong.

"Booth, I have plans."

"Temperance, look at me." He waited for her to lift her eyes to his and then gasped slightly at the hostility he saw swimming there. "What is wrong? What have I done that you're shutting me out?" Her gaze switched to one of utter indifference.

"Nothing, I'm just busy." She heard him mutter damn it as he left her office. She knew that he thought she was having a man over and she intentionally left out that it was Russ because it wasn't any of his business, at least that's what she told herself.


Booth was storming through the building when he heard Angela call his name, she directed him to follow her and once in her office she closed the door.

"Look Booth I need to tell you some things because I don't know what happened to Bren last night, but I know something did, before I go over that though you need to know I went and listened to her conversation with Cam and it didn't go well."

Angela had thought all afternoon about whether or not to talk to Booth but after hearing the conversation between Cam and Temperance she decided he needed to know what was happening. She was proud of Bren at first, for holding her own against Cam but by the time it was over she realized that her friend was completely shut down. She told Booth everything, from the phone call to the incident with the computer, to her seeing her mothers face to the marks on her wrist. Then she recounted the whole conversation she had overheard with Cam, watching him visibly flinch when she recounted Cam directly asking about their relationship. She knew he was angry by the time she was done.

"Angela, I've slept with her twice, we are NOT in a relationship. What the hell is she doing?"

"Pissing on her territory Booth but Cam went up against Bren on a day when she had all the human sucked right out of her, Cam didn't have a chance. I haven't seen Bren like this for a long time; she has shut back down and slipped into that place she built after her parents left. I'm really worried about her, I just have a really bad feeling about this whole incident last night and the only reason I told you is because I want your help with this. I don't want you running off all vigilante hero on me, I want to know what's going on with her and I want to help. We need to do this together, besides, she's not going to open up to you right now, she may think I betrayed her by knowing and not telling her but you, she must really feel betrayed by you."

"Angela, I didn't mean for this to happen. It's not like Bones and I are in a relationship."

"Seeley, Cam didn't run into you naked, don't act so innocent. You know that there has always been something between you and Brennan, that's why you hid the thing with Cam from her. You know if you are going to have other relationships you two need to clear the air between you and you need to quit having sex with women she knows. There's a world of people out there, maybe you could at least date outside her workplace." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm at the last comment.

"Jesus Angela, like I don't feel bad enough."

"You had to know she would find out, now she feels like she's all alone in the world and dealing with this whole other issue that I don't even understand."

"Well, for someone all alone in the world she has company coming over tonight. Do you know who she's seeing?"

"I didn't know she was seeing anyone but there are a number of guys she could have called. You know she doesn't say very much about that part of her life, not even to me. Right now we need to worry about what's going on with her as far as this computer incident goes. Do you have any ideas?"

"No, I know first I have to go talk to Cam and let her tell me about the conversation with Bones, but I have no idea how to get Bones to talk, maybe you should come in tomorrow with only the two of you here and try to talk to her."

"Okay, I can say I came in to pick something up and see if I can get her to lunch. I'll call you after I see her."

"Okay, and Ange, do you think I blew it with her? Do you think she'll ever forgive me?"

"I'm sorry Booth but I really don't know at this point." She watched him walk away from her, his shoulders looking heavy, his head down and she felt bad for him. She hadn't exactly told him the truth because she believed he had blown it and that Booth and Brennan would never be the same again.


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