A/N: Forgive me if this fic is really bad (especially the ending!). I, of course, got the idea from the Nickleback song, "Far Away". It's a beautiful song. ;D

FanFic 100 Challenge Prompt #090: Home

Far Away

Far across the horizon the sun has begun to rise from its nightly chamber. The crisp morning breeze breaks the golden silence as it rustles the frail autumn leaves on the ground. The fresh dew drops sparkle like diamonds as the birds sing their ancient, merry melodies. Nature awakens around me, and my soul is elated. Three days after the defeat of Voldemort and his followers, I mount my broom and begin the journey home. Soon, my love, I shall be with you again.

The thought intrigues me that at this very moment you are possibly snuggled down deep in the warmth of your bed, cheeks flushed with sleep and your hair tied in a single braid down your back or loose, flowing freely over your pillow. Perhaps you are dreaming of me, dreaming of the special memories we have made and the future we will share together.

This war has proven to me how important you are in my life. You were the one I dreamed of every night, the strength that allowed me to survive. The very thought of you kept me going when all hope seemed lost. I only wish that I had not made our marriage wait until after the war; victory, I knew, was not always certain. You, however, taught me to learn from my mistakes, not to regret them, so I have come to believe that our love is stronger and more steadfast.

I cannot wait until I am able to hold you in my arms again. I want to declare our love from every rooftop and forever place sweet kisses upon your soft, inviting lips. I need to hear you say that you love me in return and you forgive me for leaving you behind. From the moment I am embraced in your arms once more, we shall never again be apart.

The land is fully lightened now by a fresh new day, and the world finally appears to be at peace. It is almost as if I am beginning to sense the nearness of you as I eagerly anticipate the surprise of the moment in which we shall meet again. My heart pumps faster with every second, every minute that passes that brings me closer to you.

At long last, do I see the pinnacle of the Hogwarts castle in the distance? The clouds dissipate... Yes, the castle awaits before me. My heart leaps. The hot sun shines behind me now as it heats my back and the top of my head at this slower flying speed. I quicken my pace as I near the school, anticipation rising within me.

I begin my descent. The cool wind whips against my face as I reach the ground and vanish my broomstick. The castle grounds are desolate; the children have not yet returned from their summer vacation, but I know you will be busy nevertheless.

I cast an invisibility spell upon myself; I want you to be the first to see me since my return. I tiptoe down the halls and up to your office. Alas, your door is closed. Perhaps you simply do not wish for any company. Will you make an exception for me this time?

I turn the knob and push open the squeaky door. My breath becomes staggered at the sight of you. You turn in my direction, eyes full of surprise at the unexpected sound. I cast the counterspell to my invisibility charm, revealing myself to you.

"Albus," you whisper, barely audibly.

You take a step forward, and I see the tears forming at the brim of your bottom eyelids. I outstretch my arms, and you rush to me, fighting the urge to cry. I wrap my arms around you, making up for lost time.

"Albus, I've missed you."

"I missed you too, Minerva," I say as I brush the loose strands of hair out of your lovely face and kiss your cheek. "I love you, and you don't have to worry. I'm not leaving you anymore."