what happens after Urban Jungle. I don't own DP or it's characters, or Paris Hilton's song , "Nothing in this world." I know it's a songfic, don't report me! anyway, it's in third person. sorta whatever.

When she woke up, she just starred at her ceiling, wondering what the hell happened in the past 24 hours,So I was thinking to myself when you passed me by " Here's what I like". And you were with somebody else but you can't deny. That's me in your eye. when she found a garter on her leg. "Wow, what made me wear this thing, It's cute but..." She opened her hand to reveal a crystal, fogged by her fingerprints. She thought back to what happened .

"Woah", she said to her friend, " You can do that now?" he placed the new crystal in her hand. "Huh? What's this for?"
"I'm just glad you're okay" he replied, leaning closer to her. Then Tucker rolled in , in an unusually large lawn mower. "What is that?...Five thousand dollars to mow someone's lawn?"

"Oh yeah..." She paused in herself with her thoughts.

"Hey Sam." he said, with Tucker long gone.
"Oh hey." She replied, watching the sun setting down.
"Well, it's getting dark...you want me to drop you home?" he offered. She agreed and they were off. "So," He asked in midair, " Do you remember anything?"
" Well, I remember something about plants." she lied; she was oblivious to the past...which brings her here.

"Well, I do remember one thing." She said to herself. " I remember you." In fact, ever since she regained her concioussness, all she could think about was Danny. Do you know, what it's like? When it's wrong, but it feels so right? So many questions she had for him. Why did he give her that crystal? What did she say to him? What happened?

Nothing in this world can stop us tonight
I can do what she can do so much better
Nothing in this world could turn out the light
I'm gonna make you feel allright, tonight.