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Summery: 9 yr old Souji had only two choices when Toshizo Hijikata walked into shimabawra: Live out the rest of his life being prostituted, or become a demon and a killer of men.

Warnings: M/M, Sex, language, child abuse, child prostitution.

Laying on the hard wood floor, violet eyes concentrated on the ceiling over them. The man above him grunted, as sweat trickled off his body and landed on top of his pale body.

The man shifted which caused him to wince in pain, but he never cried out or made a noise. He knew he was going to have bruises all over his body, from where the man had roughly pulled on him.

His eyes traced different patterns on the ceiling, it would be over soon. And with one final thrust it was. The man collapsed on his side and fell asleep seconds after.

He gave himself a couple of minutes before he attempted to get up off the floor. He reached behind and grabbed a dark blue kimono and placed it over himself. Finally he got up, his legs threatening to give out under him, but he manage to reach the wall and brace himself before it happened.

"Soujiro?" A female voice called from behind a closed shoji

He moved over slowly to the closed shoji and opened it revealing an attractive girl around her twenty's. Her hair picked up with decorative pins, and she wore a red kimono with pink and white cherry blossoms.

She looked sadly at the disheveled figure in front of her.

"Lets get you a bath." She stated, reaching out and grabbing his arm.

With a nod, he closed the shoji behind him and followed her down the hall.

His dark black/purple hair in disarray and his deep violet eyes blank as she removed the dark kimono. She quickly noticed the bruises on his arms, then the ones on his hips and thighs. Fingers had been imprinted clearly. The bruises stuck out greatly on his thin pale body.

"Soujiro, did you try to fight this time?" She asked as she helped him into the hot bath.

He shook his head. "He was just rough." He answered sitting in the hot water. "At least he left my face alone." He commented, with a smile. A false smile, but a smile none the less.

"Mistress says that's what brings in the money, my pretty face." He said it in a bitter tone, but that smile still on his lips.

"I'm sorry." The women said wrapping her arms around his frail body. "I wish you were somebody else, living in a different place, and living a different life." She whispered into is ear.

"Keiko, where is the boy?" An older women rushed into the room. Her hair was black, with gray streaks in it. Her kimono was black and had no types of designs on it.

"Sorry mistress." Apologized Keiko. "He needed a shower." Keiko poured water over his violet hair.

"Where having company in a couple of days. Members of the Shinsengumi, will be traveling through here, I expect they'll be visiting. I want the boy perfect." She handed a white kimono over to Keiko. It had light purple and dark purple blossoms on it.

She walked over to the boy quickly and lifted his chin, to meet his eyes. "Your face is still flawless. Good." She looked at Keiko one more time before walking out of the room as quickly as she came in.

"I guess even the Shinsengumi like to play with little boys." Keiko angrily.

"C'mon, we should get you to bed."

"Just a little longer, o.k. Keiko?" Violet eyes turned to look at her. "Just a little longer."

"Fine. But not too long, I wouldn't want you to get sick." Keiko sat on the floor near the tub, and began to wash his hair.

"Keiko? Are you awake?' A soft voice asked from the other side of the room.

"What it is?' she asked in an equally soft voice.

"Can I sleep with you?"

"Yes, you can." She lifted up her blanket, and waited until his soft foot step made in toward her.

"Thank you." He said climbing in next to her.

She gripped him tightly as he slowly fell asleep.

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