Warning: This story is SLASH, which means a relationship between two MEN

Warning: This story is SLASH, which means a relationship between two MEN. There, nice and big. If you don't like things like that or you're under the age limit, please turn around & go away. Just don't say I didn't warn you.
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When Someone Found Out

By Cat Samwise

Part 1 - Crying

Staring out the window.

That was the only thing he had left. He stared at the beautiful moon outside, shining with silver rays. Those silver rays, he was so beautiful, like them.

He was all Harry had.

Now he had nothing.


Harry Potter was sitting in the Dursley's living room. It was late evening and all the Durselys were present but Harry didn't notice them and they didn't notice him.

Harry was almost eighteen now. He had just finished his studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was planing to get an apartment. He was planning to get a job. He was planning to live.

Now, he just couldn't see the point anymore.

No one knew that he had had someone. Both thought it would be dangerous if anyone knew. Both thought they would be safe without telling anyone.

Obsession, that's what he used to call it. A week before graduation he had told him he loved him. He said he loved him too.

Two weeks after graduation, the last time he saw him was on the train. He said he loved him again. They decided to meet that Saturday. They wanted to be together. They wanted to be happy.

Everything is ruined now. No point. No chance.

No reason…

He stared out of the window at the moon again. So much like his skin, his soft white skin. Silk, it was made of silk.

He remembered his touch and a small lonely tear slid from his left eye.

The Forbidden Forest, the most dangerous place in Hogwarts, the only place where they were safe. How ironic life was. They would go to the forest, to the small wooden house about a mile into it and there they would make love.

It was the only thing that kept them sane through the years. The constant attacks on the Wizarding World, the killings, so mach killings…

A second tear slid down his cheek and to the small paper in his hand. Harry stared down at it.

Ron had sent letters, so did Hermione. He hadn't. He told Harry that he couldn't risk it. If his father ever found out…

A half sob escaped Harry. The Dursleys were so occupied with the TV that they didn't notice.

Harry always answered Ron and Hermione's letters. But without him around they always turned out dry and unhappy. Ron and Hermione noticed, of course. They tried to ask him what was wrong. He never told them. Something horrible might have happened if he did. No point in it now.

No reason to keep going on.

He didn't even know who did it, who found out.

But someone did. Someone found out…

Harry closed his eyes. He didn't want to cry. He knew he wouldn't have wanted him to cry. But he couldn't not to. The tears slid down his cheeks without his permission.

Harry stared at the piece of paper in his hands. It was Ron who had sent it. His owl flew directly into the living room and to Harry.

The Dursleys hadn't reacted. They knew Harry had his license now. He was a fully trained wizard and could do anything to them.

Harry looked at the moon. His vision blurted and all he could see was his eyes. Those eyes that had a special look just for him. Those eyes that were so cold to everyone except him. Those eyes that he always melted into. Those eyes broke him.

He started crying helplessly. He covered his eyes with his hands and sobbed.

The small piece of paper he had been holding fell to the floor and the startled Dursleys could see it was cut from a newspaper.

A Murder in the Woods the title said. And under it - The body of Draco Malfoy was found yesterday evening in the woods outside London. Ministry of Magic officials revealed the 18 year-old man was murdered wi - the rest was smudge and wet from Harry's tears.

But at the bottom, a small line was readable. It was written in blue ink and strange handwriting.

You are so down lately. I thought this might cheer you up. Ron - it said.