Warning: this story is SLASH

Warning: this story is SLASH. Two MEN involved with each other in that way. You should know this by now, if you read the first two parts. Although this part is a bit more physical, not what you're thinking but it's implied. OK, so the point is… everyone who's under the age limit or\and doesn't like this stuff: GO AWAY. I don't want to deal with whining & corrupted little children *shudders*

When Someone Found out

by Cat Samwise

Part 3 - God Bless You

"Stupid pest," thought Mr. Dursley as he watched his nephew cry. "Never good for anything and now he breaks down. What would people think?!"

A knock sounded on the front door. Mr. Dursley groaned and went to open it. He left Mrs. Dursley and Dudley to laugh at the pathetic man.

Mrs. Dursley watched her husband walk out of the room. She turned back to her nephew. She never liked him and now he looked even more pathetic. He was sobbing and tears were sliding down his cheeks, not stopping for a moment. He looked small and vulnerable like that, his hands covering his face and all of his body shaking.

Suddenly, Mrs. Dursley heard something unusual.

"What do you want?" her husband was demanding in a loud voice.

"I told you what I want," an icy voice answered.

"And I told you I can't help you."

"You stupid muggle. Don't lie to me. You don't want to do that. Let me through."


"I warned you."

Something must have happened, because the next thing Mrs. Dursley heard was a loud bang and a tall young man came into the room. He had silver - blond hair and what appeared to be gray eyes. He was wearing all black and he went straight to Harry.


Harry heard a loud bang very close to him. He didn't move. He couldn't move. All he could think about was Draco. How he loved him and how he couldn't live without him. He knew that after the initial shock had worn off he was going to kill himself. There just wasn't any other thing to do.

He heard someone sigh, as if in relief. Then, there were two hands holding him and pulling him down. It startled him. He opened his eyes and looked up. The only thing he saw was two gray eyes looking back.

He started crying again. Now he even couldn't see straight.

"Oh god, silly, you're not imagining things. I'm really here."

Draco's voice. It had to be his voice. Harry'd recognize it anywhere.

He opened his eyes again. This time he saw all of him, his face, which was wet from his own tears, his hands, still holding him, and his eyes, revealing to him his whole soul.

Harry crushed into Draco's embrace. His arms going around his neck instinctively and his face buried in his hair. Draco pulled him closer and shook him in his arms. He was crying too.

Harry kissed Draco's neck. He didn't know how he reached his lips but the next thing he knew, they were kissing passionately and deep. Draco could feel all of Harry's grief and desperation in his kiss and kissed him back as hard as he could, trying to tell him he wasn't going away, that everything is doing to be OK…

And in that exact position Ron and Charlie found them when they aparated in. Both gasped a little.

Ron looked away. His gaze fell on the Dursleys. They were standing by a wall, looking scared, repulsed and angry.

"Go away," he told them. "Go away for a couple of hours. When you return the house will be the same, nobody will be here and you will never hear from us again."

Not saying a word, they left.


Draco and Harry finally parted.

Harry lifted his hands to Draco's face, touching his cheeks, lips, hair…

"Are you sure you're not dead?" he asked. "I could have killed myself and joined you."

Draco smiled. "No Harry, love. The paper made a mistake. They found my father's body, not mine."

Harry looked startled.

"He found a letter you wrote to me," Draco continued. "And, well, you know…"

"Gods, Draco…"

"It's OK. He didn't get me. He missed, hit a tree that was standing left from me. The cursed rebounded and hit him instead."

Harry hugged him tighter.

"I thought I might be late. I thought I'd lose you. I thought I'd go mad if I were late. Do you know what I did?"

Harry put his head on Draco's shoulder. He was much calmer now that he was in Draco's arms again. "No, what did you do?"

"I went to Weasley and asked him for help."

"You did that for me?" Draco nodded. "Gods." Harry kissed him again.

After about five more minutes, Ron and Charlie decided they had enough. Ron cleared his throat.

Amazingly (A/N - sarcastically, people!), that didn't do anything. Draco and Harry were locked at the lips and it was quite obvious that if they weren't stopped, Ron and Charlie would have to leave.

"Um…" tried Charlie. "Boys?"

Harry broke their kiss and looked around. He spotted Ron and Charlie and immediately had the same expression they did - stunned, embarrassed and alarmed.

Draco, noticing this turned around too. "Oh god."

An awkward silence captured the room.

"Listen," Charlie said finally, breaking the silence. "We're not going to ask a lot of questions, um, right now. We won't blame you or anything. But we do need to know several things right away."

Harry buried his face in Draco's neck and Draco nodded.

"H - how long has this been going on?" Ron asked quietly.

"Two years," answered Draco. "Since the Christmas break in our sixth year, when you left Harry alone."

"All right," said Charlie. "How you're alive we heard. What are you going to do?"

"I was thinking, since my father is dead…" Draco looked at Harry. "I thought I might live with Harry." Harry just held him tighter as if saying 'you're not going away from me, ever.'

"That's fine," said Charlie. "Harry, gather your things and leave, go with Ma - um, Draco. I'll go to the paper. We have to get that article corrected. Ron, go home."

Everyone nodded and Charlie and Ron left.

After about fifteen minutes, Harry's things were gathered and he and Draco were leaving the Dursleys forever.

"I love you," Harry whispered into Draco's ear.

Draco took him in his arms again. "Gods, Harry, I love you too."


Love after Death, said the title of the Daily Prophet. And beneath it - Draco Malfoy, who was mistakenly considered dead, had married his long-time boyfriend. He and Harry Potter had made their relationship official in front of a small group of family and friends...

~ Y ~

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