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Mind Games: The Real Deal

by JennonDonnon

It was a dark and not-really stormy night.

A single figure stood among the carnage that occurred in that very dormitory room a few months ago. Panting, waiting. Panting, waiting.

"What the hell am I waiting for?" the figure asked aloud. "And why am I panting?"

"Panting is an endotherm's corrective mechanism which allows excessive body heat to leave the body through evaporation of water in the organism's mouth. That means you've been doing some kind of strenuous physical activity which resulted in cellular respiration, thereby leading to the increase in your body temperature," the figure heard.

"You mean I was running," the figure matter-of-factly said.

"Yes. And Chao can uxx mxxxx."

"Aggh! Spoilers! Damn you, Wikipedia!" the figure, now revealed to be Jennon-Donnon, screamed.

"Seriously, you didn't know that?" the disembodied voice said. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am-"

"You are now known as the Wikipedia Data Integration Entity. I will not allow you to spread your massive amount of spoilers all over the world! I'll kill you! HISS!" Jennon-Donnon lunged at the voice - only to find out what disembodied really meant.

"Hahaha! You can't kill disembodied objects! Disembodied objects are-"

"Disembodied objects are meant to be destroyed! DIE!!!" Jennon-Donnon revealed a very dangerous object: a CD-RW.

"A CD-RW!? HA! You can't kill me with that! A CD-RW is a-" the Wikipedia Data Integration Entity said.

"Who said anything about using it to kill you? It's what inside this that matters." Jennon-Donnon inserted the disc into the nearest computer and started infecting the Wikimedia database with the 'virus'.

"Hahaha! I'm not dead yet!" the Wikipedia Data Integration Entity cried in victory.

"Oh yeah? Let's see you try. What can Chao Linshen do?" Jennon-Donnon asked.

"Chao Linshen can - ERROR! Spoilers must not be read! What? What the-"

"Oh, I just started a macro that will edit every unprotected article in your database!" Jennon-Donnon did the victory dance - as if he could.

"That's not how you do the victory dance! The victory dance is - ERROR!"

"HAHAHAHAHA!" His laugh could be heard across the entire internet.

"EH!?" Negi couldn't believe how stupid what he read was.

"What is it, Aniki?" Chamo asked him.

"Oh, it's just this fic I was reading..."

Real Author's note: I'm back... I've been gone for too long! Now I have to endure reading all the chapters and stories I missed... And I need to update, too. Oh well, no cameos for this one, just plain mind games.

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