What Would Happen if Sky and Riven were a Couple

Or: The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Or: Happy Birthday Riven

How this got started: This idea was suggested by Clueless97 because of a chapter of my other story Know Your Stars: Winx Club involving Riven having fantasies of making out with Sky. So now you have my first ever yaoi fanfic!

Summary : A short drabble about why Sky and Riven really fight heh

Dedication : To Clueless97 of course! Don't blame me!

Disclaimer: Writing fanfiction that tortures the characters- it's cheaper than therapy

Okay, I'm sure everyone by now has seen Winx Club. If you haven't why are you reading this? It won't make sense if you haven't watched the show- if you haven't watched the show just close this window now and turn around.

For those of you staying I would like to point out a non canon pairing that many people over look- Sky and Riven. Yes I understand ew! Two guys together. Well, I don't really like to read it either, but I have to write this so I can fulfill my dream of writing yaoi.

So have you ever wondered why Sky and Riven fight so much? So did I, until I thought that maybe it's not so much hatred as sexual frustration? Yes, that's right. The prince of Eraklion and the guy who was abandoned by his mom like eachother, and not just as friends . Oh no, they like eachother like Sky likes Bloom and Riven likes Musa (okay maybe more that Riven likes Musa.)

My theory is that the only reason these two aren't together is because where the cartoon is produced- or perhaps these two are just very shy about their feelings.

So how to get these two together and make a little love. How about a dark room and scented candles? What? It was just a suggestion! Don't kill me!

Okay so let's say that one day Codatorta got fed up with Riven and Sky's fighting and made them stay at school while the rest of the class was on a field trip or whatever and the power goes out so they have to use candles.

While using the candles Sky notices how handsome Riven looks by candle light. Riven thinks of how Sky looks like a cute girl when there isn't good lighting and they decide to experiment.

They both swear to never tell their girlfriends. Not that Bloom or Musa would believe them, but it would be a big blow to their male pride and their reputations if it was found out that they had done something like this.

I fear that if these two did ever manage to get together it would not end well. I mean the king and queen of Eraklion were pissed off enough that Sky had broken his engagement with Diaspro to be with Bloom. Imagine what would happen if Sky decided to not only be with a guy, but a really poor orphan one as well.

In short, although it seems like a good idea at the time in the long one it definitely isn't.

The end

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