Too much to take?

Chapter 1-The hard truth.

'It would kill her. I can't be expected to tell her. She loves him too much. It would be too hard on her.' Peggy nervously thought. 'But she would be so hurt if I didn't tell her' She decided no matter how hard it would be to tell her it was necessary. She picked up the phone and carefully dialed thinking of what to say.

"Hello" A tired voice said.

"Hey Miranda." She took a breath.

"What's wrong?" Miranda caught on instantly to her friends stress. She wasn't much different. She had a lot of work and no time. And she couldn't fail her studies.

"Declan's in hospital. He was in a crash." Peggy finally struggled out.

"Shit. I'll drive over right away. Which hospital?" Miranda asked worriedly. Peggy told her and she left to start her motor bike.

Miranda silently swore as the bike refused to start. She narrowed her eyes and kicked it. Perhaps more viscously than intended but it started nevertheless. Her mind kept replaying Peggy words. 'Shit. I hope Declan's going to be okay. I hope he doesn't…" she couldn't finish her sentence. She mentally beat herself up for thinking like that.

She walked in to see Peggy sitting on the hard plastic seats silent tears falling. She sat next to her brushing her shoulder lightly. "How's he doing?" she softly asked.

Peggy blinked a few times then realized Miranda had arrived. At once she put her arms around her and cried. Miranda was a bit surprised but made no move to comfort her. She stood there awkwardly trying not to cry herself. 'I gotta be the strong one'