Stop Talking

"Do you really want to do this?"

She nods.

"Are you absolutely sure?"

A small frown makes its way to her face and she scowls at him.

He waits.

She reaches for his arm and pulls him closer to her, by the wrist.

"Are you sure?" he repeats.

An impatient glare.

"I mean, it'll be the death of what we have. Our relationship. Before, well, you know." He shrugs sheepishly. "It'll all be different."

"It sounds like maybe I should be asking you if you're sure."

He waves one hand in front of his face. "No, no. I'm sure. I want this." He looks into her eyes; his lips form a smile. "I definitely want this."

She returns the smile. "Good. Stop talking then and kiss me." Her eyes glint.

His widen. "Right. Yeah. Of course."

Her lips crash to his and he can't form another word.