Sunrises She Won't Watch

The sun rises and Brennan watches it, numb. Despite the sunshine, it is cold. She wraps her arms around her middle and wonders what Booth is doing.

He's so far away from her now. A different country. It's weird to think about how much their lives have changed and how they have grown apart. It's weird to think that just when she was ready to begin a relationship with him, it turned out he wasn't, that he had moved on.

He left her behind for his new life.

And now, here she is, soaking in the rays of winter sun, and yet shivering on the inside and out.

She misses him. She wishes he was by her side, to watch the sun rise beyond the mountains and into the big, blue sky.

But that's never going to happen. Not any more.

She left it too late.

She lost him.

The rest of her days will consist of sunrises she won't watch with Booth.