Through All My Senses
By Bevino
Beta'd by planet na martian

Disclaimer; I do not own Naruto, sadly enought.
Rating; M, for the last chapter and some inbetween

Chapter 1

The First Time I Heard You

Sasuke looked down the street from his hiding-place. He didn't want them to see him. Then he would never get away. If he hadn't heard Sakura's voice in the market-stand he would have been caught. And probably caged to, if they got it their way.

Uchiha Sasuke; 17 years old; lives in Konoha; paranoid. The last one had actually a reason, so he wasn't paranoid for nothing. He wasn't afraid of his brother anymore, because his brother was dead since years. No, he was followed. By the fanclub. A pretty big club with girls aching to marry him. For Christ sake, he was only seventeen! And he didn't want to marry anyone. Not a girl anyway. Otherwise, that was the description of him. He didn't have much to tell about himself. You ask him, and he'd only snort at you. He had one hell of an attitude!

He sighed, and sneaked out from the shadows, walking close to the house-walls. In the center of the village, he drew his hand through his hair, frustrated. Sasuke didn't have time for these kinds of things - he had other stuff to do. Training, for example. He had to train to get strong. Only that nowadays he didn't have anything to train for. His brother he had sworn to kill was dead, and not by his hand. How wrong could it get?

The last Uchiha looked up into the blue sky. At least he couldn't complain at the nice weather. The sun shone, its warm beams touching his face in the most delightful ways. Usually he didn't like too much warmth - he was a boy who preferred the cold and the dark - but this day was really nice indeed. It was a shame that he couldn't enjoy it - not when he heard the screams of his fanclub approaching.

Yeah, the screams. He had been discovered. With a small curse he began to run. Normally the Uchiha didn't run away from girls, but today was a special day.

That was what he told himself.

Into the dark shadows on the tight alleys, into the dusty blocks and out until he reached the point where the trees began to show up. He was near the Konoha forest now - his ninja skills made him fast and he didn't have to worry about the girls with his speed. Well, when he actually runs.

Sometimes, when Sasuke looked into a mirror, he asked the world for ugliness. He wanted scars all over his face, breaking the perfect surface, he wanted acne or something else gross, he wanted look like shit. But any way he treated himself, he would look beautiful in the mirror and beautiful in the daylight and in their eyes. It was a curse. He couldn't remember Itachi having these kinds of problems. He had never seen girls at his home in the house that his family owned at that time. Never. He almost wished that Itachi could come back to life, only to tell him the secret to get rid of girls. Sasuke smirked. If Itachi came back to life, he would be the one to kill him. Not some stupid ANBU or guard at the prison. Che. Missing nins was always killed sooner or later, and Sasuke hadn't bother to upgrade himself to a higher rank, though he probably was the strongest one in the hidden village of Konoha. Hell, he had only thought about getting strong! He had not thought about being the one they would choose to kill his brother, instead he was the last person they chose.

Sasuke stopped mid-run. Itachi had been imprisoned his last time. Sasuke lifted his head to look at the big building. There were so many killers in there and so many waiting to escape or to kill themselves. The Prison of Konoha. It was a big building, surrounded by smaller buildings. The smaller ones were once prisons too. Sasuke had been here quite a lot when his older brother was caged here. He had never got the chance to meet him, but once he had seen him walk over the prison-ground with some guards. He had not been given a chance to kill him then. Their eyes had met, and Itachi had smirked. It had made Sasuke's blood boil. Not being able to do anything. Nor kill him, nor save him.

Sasuke shook his head. No need to bring up bad memories.

He walked around the ground. He walked past the small prison; he walked past the big one. Deeper into the forest, and distancing himself from the village. Sasuke could spend some time here. Not to hide, no - an Uchiha never hides. Sasuke was only spending some time alone. Yes, so was the case.

He sighed. How convincing!

He jumped over a small stream and began humming a song his mother had sung for him when he and Itachi had been small. The seventeen year old boy felt pretty safe so deep into the forest. No one would bother him here. A small bird was singing its song on a branch, and Sasuke looked at it. He didn't see the sign on the small path in the forest. 'Keep Away' and 'Danger' was missed by his eyes.

Suddenly, Sasuke saw the massive stone-building in front of him. It had come out of nowhere. Alone in the forest it stood, looking exactly like the small prisons. But why was it here? Why put a prison so faraway?

It was too late to go back now - Sasuke was already interested.

As quiet as he could, he walked up to the building. It had only one window, and the iron bars kept it closed. There was no light coming out of it, so Sasuke didn't think anyone was inside. Why put a prison here? He walked up the window and looked inside. All he saw was pitch black dark, and only the light from the window was the only light in the room. Sasuke put his hand around one of the bars. It was old - the whole building was old. It must have stood there for years. Maybe the prison had be lying here years and years ago? And nobody had ever bothered to tear this building down?

"Do what you want and go away."

Sasuke nearly jumped up ten feet in the air. The voice had seemed to come out from nowhere, but he now knew there was someone inside the building. He looked inside and he could hear something rustle. Clothes and chains. So it really was a prisoner.

"Who are you?"

There was a silence.

"Do what you want and go away. Leave me alone."

The voice was raspy and low, and it send chills down Sasuke's back. It sounded like it was lack off water. Sasuke felt the urge to make the man inside drink some. Because a man it was indeed. Such a beautiful voice could not belong to anything else. Sasuke's own mouth went dry, but he licked his lips to talk again.

"Che, answer my question first and we see what I do."

The air felt silent again. The man inside moved again. The chains rustled and he growled. Sasuke closed his eyes at the sound. The growl went into his heart, almost like the lowest bass.

Then there was a sigh.

"Then ask your questions." The voice sounded sad and defeated. Sasuke smirked, but at the same time, he felt kind of bad for making the boy give up. Something he sounded like he didn't do a lot.


"Uzumaki Naruto."





Sasuke made a pause. The man sounded so much older than twenty.

"Reason why you are here?"

"They told me I was too dangerous."

Another pause. To dangerous for the killers? Not even Itachi, who was the strongest ninja Sasuke had ever met and heard of, hadn't been isolated from the other prisoners.

"Are you?"

"Yes," was the short answer.

Sasuke shivered. He believed Naruto.

"Any...any reason?"

"Don't want to talk about it."

Sasuke could understand that. He didn't like to talk about his past either. It was too personal to share with strangers. He nodded, not knowing if the other boy saw it or not.

"So," came the raspy voice. "Want to spit on me? Hit me? Stab me? Chose whatever you want."

The voice was emotionless, like it had said those things hundreds of times.

"What?" was all Sasuke could say.

"Spit on me, hit me or stab me. You chose. But then maybe you have a new idea to make me suffer a little more. If you only had been here some month earlier you could have raped me, but the guards actually stopped that, surprisingly. Orders from the Hokage apparently. Sorry to disappoint you."

They had raped him? Who could do such awful thing?

"I don't..." Sasuke went quiet. "Why would I ever want to do something like that?"

The other boy snorted.

"'Cause I'm the demon-child of course." Naruto went quiet again. "But then again, maybe you have a new idea," he said.

"I already told you, I won't do anything like that. You haven't done anything to me."

The chains moved inside.

"Thank you," came the answer from the young man. Sasuke felt the urge to smile, and that surprised him. Only to make the man inside feel better made him feel better than he had done in years. Actually, he had never really smiled since he was small, and he and Itachi had trained in the forest together, and later, Itachi would let Sasuke ride on his back on their way home. That had been a good time, but Itachi just had to mess up everything by killing their parents. Now it was Sasuke's turn to snort.



It really was a beautiful day. The birds sang, the sun was out, and not a cloud on the heaven to spoil it, faraway from his fanclub. And Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke leaned against the small prison. Naruto, this boy with the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. Naruto who sounded so sad and alone, just like Sasuke. Naruto, with his small chuckle in the background of his thoughts. He smiled, and soon Sasuke laughed along with the mysterious boy. They had no idea why they laughed.