And our sixth sense

Yes, they had a house. a house, some metres from the forest. It was near the lake, and to reach it, you had to walk a small forest-path Sasuke had made. Naruto had mostly built the house, and as soon as he had sent the little frog to give Tsunade a letter, the people rained in.

Well, not exactly rained, but Sasuke always thought that the house was full.

But that was okay. They where their friends, and they had helped them a lot.

The first one to visit them was Shikamaru. Shikamaru was a couple of years older than Sasuke, probably he and Naruto had went in the same class at the academy. But Sasuke had heard about Shikamaru. Yes, the lazy ninja. It was surprising that Shikamaru was the first to come, and he bringed his best friend Chouji with him.

Yes, Sasuke found that even more amusing.

But all he cared for was to see Naruto happy.

And indeed Naruto was happy. The first thing he did when he saw his friends was to embrace them, smiling at the twitch in Sasuke's eyebrow. Hell, the Uchiha himself was surely not even aware of his jealousy.

And sine Naruto found it amusing, he didn't tell him.

The house was partly made of wood, and the roof had a sweet, cute chimney. Every winter you could see the smoke come from it, and that made it impossible for not coming visiting. Naruto and Sasuke lived on their own, and soon they where rather famous in the nearby villages, and sometimes strangers passed by to sell them stuff, or just to visit and welcome their new neighbours. in the beginning Naruto had flinched everytime someone other than Sasuke stepped inside the house, but he grew used to it.

But sometimes no one opened the door.

", please no, don't..."

Yes, that was how Naruto's nightmares sounded, and Sasuke heard how the sun-kisses boy choked his tears and turned in the bed. Sasuke's heart broke everytime, not able to imagine what Naruto saw in his dreams.

And Sasuke comforted Naruto. the dark-haired boy sat up in bed, turning on th light, and took Naruto's golden-haired head in his lap, and fingered with the locks. He stroke Naruto over his head, whispering soft, warming words to make Naruto feel better. And when the boy's breath calmed down, he carefully woke the man up, so h could tell Sasuke about his dream.

But Naruto never told him. he shook his head, and gently placed his lips on Sasuke's, asking him to hold him.

Sasuke did as he was asked, but he couldn't help but to feel a little sad. Sasuke knew that Naruto wanted to protect him from the hate in the world, the hatred toward Naruto, but Sasuke didn't care. One day he would tell Naruto that, and One day Naruto would tell him about his dreams.

When he was ready.

It didn't take long for them both to realise that there would not be only friendship in their relationship. Not that any of them didn't know, but signs was to big to get unnoticed.

"Can you talk with him?" Sasuke asked, as they sat on the sandbank, with their feet dipped into the cold water. It was in the middle of the spring, and the flowers grew like never before.

"Not really. Only when I lost conscious," Naruto answered. "But I know he can see trough my eyes, and I know he can hear the things I feel."

Sasuke nodded. Kyuubi interested him. Not as much as Naruto did, but still. It was the nine-tailed fox.

"Can he take over your body?" he asked. He couldn't help but to worry. Sasuke saw Naruto drop his chin to his chest, and he shrugged.

"I...I don't know."

Sasuke let his hand slip into the other's and he kissed him on the cheek. The next thing he knew, he was laying underneath Naruto, just like the first time they saw each other. A heated kiss was shared, and Naruto moaned as he felt Sasuke welcoming his tongue, and his hands roamed through the black hair. Sasuke smelled so much stronger up close. Naruto didn't know Why, but Sasuke's scent was a scent he never smelled before. It reminded him a little of curry, but it was not like that. Naruto couldn't decide.

Maybe Sasuke had invented a knew smell.

The Sasuke Smell.

Yes, Naruto never grew tired of Sasuke. The small insults that where made, the smirk, and then also Sasuke's rare smile.

And his rare tears when he held Naruto in the night.

Yes, Naruto had problem with his dreams. He couldn't get the dark prison out of his mind. As soon as he closed his eyes in the nights, he was sure that he would wake up and find out that this had been a dream, and he was still beaten to death and still in the prison.

Naruto hated it, his fear.

Because none of this felt real. Sasuke loving him, living in the same house as Sasuke, being happy with Sasuke. Being happy at all.

Sasuke understood that they couldn't make their first time in the house, how much he even wanted it. Naruto was free, and free he would stay. So one late night, Sasuke didn't go to bed with Naruto. He stood there, watching him crawling under the thick blanket, and he felt a blush spread over his cheeks.

He wished that Naruto wouldn't deny him and his inner him.

"Why aren't you coming to bed?" Naruto asked him.

"I want to show you something. Outside."

Naruto grumbled something 'you couldn't have said that before I went to bed', but followed the boy out. It was dark, and Sasuke looked like the moon as much as Naruto looked like the sun. Sasuke took Naruto's hand in his, and led him through the small forest.

The lake reflected the pale moon, lighting up the little seashore. He tugged at the and, and he sat down, making Naruto following him. Both of them watched the lake, and there was a small splash from a fish a bit further away. Naruto dipped his feet into the lake, like they had done some weeks ago, and he let his body fall backwards. Naruto let his hands lay themselves behind his head, and he sighed. Fully satisfied.

"It's really beautiful."

"It wasn't the reason I bringed you here."

And before Naruto could do anything, Sasuke laid with his upper body over Naruto's torso, his legs on Naruto's right side. Sasuke played with one of his bangs that hanged in front of his ears, and he tugged it slightly. And he looked Naruto in the eyes. Black met blue, and Naruto couldn't help but to smile. What had he done to receive Sasuke, to get Sasuke at all? What had he done to be worth Sasuke? Sasuke saw the sad smile on his love's lips, and he smiled back. He wanted to tell Naruto that he would never leave him, that they would be together forever, until they died, and together even after that. He wanted to kiss Naruto's problems away. And he did.

Soft butterfly kisses landed all over Naruto's face, making him tremble at the tickling feeling. It felt like Sasuke didn't really know what he was doing, but he still poured his very heart and soul to tell Naruto his hearts biggest secrets.

And Naruto cupped Sasuke's face and guided his lips to his own, smiling when they landed.

Yes, what had he done to be worth it?

Slowly Sasuke drew back and smiled softly at Naruto, before untying the belt that kept his kimono together, and he loosened the shirt Naruto was wearing. The kimono fell down his shoulders, and Naruto gasped when he saw the naked frame underneath it. Sasuke was almost completely naked.

Every button Sasuke loosened, and he drew the white shirt apart, revealing a tan chest.

Sasuke had looked amused when Naruto's skin colour changed, even in the months under the winter. Sasuke had never seen anything like it. Naruto's pale body was replaced by a tan chest with real trained muscles, and Sasuke felt the drool escape his partnered lips.

Naruto was gorgeous.

Sasuke let his hands and fingers trace over the muscles, and over the strong chest, pinching each nipple carefully. He didn't want Naruto to feel uncomfortable, but when he saw the face on Naruto, he realised that so was not the case. Naruto breathed heavy, and his half-lidded eyes looked at him, following every move that Sasuke and his hands and his fingers made.

He felt Sasuke's hands wander lower, to the part where he wasn't sure he dared to reach up and look. Caressing his bellybutton, and following the small trace of hair that went from it's underside and into his boxers. Naruto didn't know what sound he let out as Sasuke tugged at the boxers, making Naruto lift his backside. Sasuke drew them off completely, and Naruto had to take his feet out of the water.

The only thing left that had made him cold.

Sasuke took the shirt away from Naruto's shoulders, and eyes the man of his affection.

Yes, Naruto was gorgeous.

And he had Sasuke very excited with the proud erection of his.

Sasuke kissed Naruto, and let his right hand take a light grips on Naruto's cheek. With a movement he laid down so he was the one on the back, making Naruto follow him. He spread his long, slender legs, and Naruto fitted so perfectly between them, it made Sasuke moan. He felt Naruto shudder above him, and he looked at him.

Sasuke, as a virgin, didn't know exactly what to do in a situation like this, and even though it looked like Naruto didn't know more, he found his place quickly and let his body and instincts make the job for him, leaving only his brain to declare his love for Sasuke.

Naruto bent down and kissed Naruto's jaw, and slowly he begin to grind against Sasuke, making their erections touch and making the night being filled my a load, long, moan.

"It's enough, Naruto." Naruto stopped, panting.

"Please Naruto," Sasuke whispered in his ear, sucking and nibbling sweetly on Naruto's earlobe.

He would make Naruto but an earring in that hole he had there, that was for sure.

"Make Love to me," breathed. And Naruto flinched and looked at the younger boy. Sasuke had almost his eyes closed, and what Naruto could see of them, the black was clouded and full of lust for Naruto and only Naruto ever after. The kimono Naruto had bought him with the money from Tsunade laid spread on the grass under him, like the wings of a butterfly, making Naruto remember the small kisses he had got just some minutes ago. And he understood what Sasuke was offering him, and he wanted to be the one for Sasuke, who would love his ever after.

They didn't make much of a foreplay in the end. Naruto prepared Sasuke's tight entrance with his slick saliva-coated fingers, making Sasuke moan.

And if Naruto heard right, his cheeks blushed when Sasuke said he had done this before, for Naruto. Yes, and that was made it for Naruto. Carefully he placed himself at the opening on the smaller, pale body and started to press inside, not wanting to hurt Sasuke.

Naruto knew what pain from sex could feel like.

When he was half inside, he stopped.

"Does it hurt?" he asked. A small nod was the answer.

"Does...does it feels like you're being raped," he asked.

And the black eyes shot open, gripping his cheeks, pressing him onto a pair of pink lips.

"Never." That was the answer when they parted.

And with that answer Naruto made all the way inside, tearing a small whimper from Sasuke, and a animalistic low growl from Naruto.

And he let Sasuke get used to the feeling.

But after some minutes Sasuke grew impatient. Yes, it may hurt now, he thought, but that doesn't mean it will hurt forever. He wrapped his legs around Naruto's waist, pressing him onto him, making Naruto moan at the delicious friction. Naruto understood the meaning of the movement, and as slowly and carefully he could, he begun to move out and in Sasuke's body, his tight opening. And Sasuke felt the hurt, everytime Naruto rammed his length back home again, but after each time the pain lessened and was replaced with the pleasure from the little spot within him.

They one that he had found when he dreamed about Naruto, and the same one Naruto now found with his hard, erotic erection.

It was like a dance really, now when both of them moved together, Sasuke meeting Naruto's each thrust.

It was like a song, the both of them created with incorrect words and gasping moans and their heated bodies moving against each other.

It was like a play, and they could feel the laughing of joy everytime the three magical words were uttered.

It was like the universe had made them, Naruto and Sasuke, the sun in the solar-system, the middle of the entire Universe.

It was like when you find the first flower in the spring, making you know that this flower it the very first of hundreds.

And it was just plain wonderful, beautiful, and just...


Their senses streamed, leaked out from them, and Naruto's ears sang when they were filled with the lustful screams from Sasuke, and Sasuke's whole body trembled when the growling from Naruto's throat filled the air, making his hands roam all over Naruto, making Naruto feel the intense feeling of Sasuke's fingers and his tight opening even more clearly, to make Sasuke smell even more wonderful, that curry, and his arousing heat and Naruto's scent grow even more, bringing Sasuke's nostrils being filled with the flowers and now the sweat, and the smell made him reach up, tasting the drops before kissing Naruto on his lips, and Naruto shoot out his tongue, licking Sasuke's lips, tasting each other, and Sasuke finally opened his eyes to be met by those wonderful blue clear eyes that seemed to have caught the heaven itself and making Naruto roam his hands through the black hair on Sasuke's head, drowing in the black pools, and making both of them reach their climax.

Making both of them reach climax.

Afterwards, Naruto was the one to recover first. He pushed his weight of Sasuke's worn-out body, raising himself to his knees, looking at his love.

The kimono was not spread any longer, twinned around both of their legs and feet, but still leaving a panting body in the middle of it. In the moonlight, Sasuke looked beautiful. Naruto reached out and stroked the hair away from the others eyes, bringing Sasuke back from the world of Passion, smiling awkwardly at Naruto.

"I don't have any energy left to walk back, dobe," Sasuke said, not being angry of it. And Naruto smiled, lifting Sasuke up in his arms. Sasuke let his head lean against Naruto's strong, chest, the blonde still naked. The clothes could be left, no one would take them anyway. Now they had to go back to their cottage, Naruto lifting Sasuke over the threshold and onto the bed, after lighting a small fire.

It the other's embraces they laid, feeling completely safe.

And after that, Naruto's nightmares flared away, slow but surely.

Because somehow, they had found a sixth sense, they shared together.

Yes, the End.

And that was the final chapter of the story of mine, Through all my Senses. I hope you like the story (Yes, and the lemon scene I promised you, haha) and I hope I see you soon again. Thank you for sticking with me. Have a good day! bows