Claudia looked out at the crowd, she had won the medal, everyone was so proud of her. Julia and Bailey were were almost about to break out into a leap of joy. Claudia was only eleven and had won the 'Evergrade's' violin competition. She stepped down from the stage, holding the trophy tightly in her hand and ran over to Julia and Bailey.

"You did it Claud, you won! Congratulations!" Julia exasperated

"Yeah, too bad Charlie couldn't be here, but he had to work today. He's going to be so proud of you Claud," Bailey added.

"I couldn't have done without you guys!"

"Oh, the times I wanted to throw that violin out the window as far as it could go…" Julia laughed.

"Playing the same piece over and over and over again, could drive anyone mental," Bailey laughed.

"You want to go get ice cream and CELEBRATE!" He added.

"Yes!" Claudia shouted.

They walked outside and jumped in the car, they started driving back to their parent's old diner.

"So, Jules where is your boyfriend tonight? I thought he was coming," Bailey smirked.

"Where is Kate?" She replied.

Bailey looked in the rear view mirror and smiled, well good-o, that guy wasn't good enough for Julia anyway. Bailey was still confused over Kate, first she was with him then she wasn't, then she was. It was a headache and a half, especially when her old boyfriend keeps popping in.


"Yeah, Claud"

"Why am I the only one who can play the violin?"

"I guess, it's your talent, you inherited it from mum," Bailey replied,

"Oh, I… I wish she was here," She spoke softly.

Bailey started to say something but stopped – he was stuck for words.

"Claudia, she and dad would have been so proud of you, I know you want them to be here but you have to remember that they will always be with us forever," Julia replied. Owen gurgled in agreement and they all laughed.

The car pushed its way through the green light, they suddenly heard a squeal as a car skidded behind them and pushed the bonnet of the car where Julia and Claudia and Owen were sitting. The next thing they knew they were all in hospital beds.

"Jules, Claud, Owen," Bailey spoke.

A nurse replied, "They are in another room, Julia and Owen are fine, just a little sleepy."

"What about Claudia?" Bailey asked, the nurse looked uncomfortable, "Please tell me about Claudia," he added.

"Claudia has hit her head badly, she … she is in a coma, I'm sorry," The nurse walked out of the room leaving Bailey lost for words. He got out of the hospital bed and walked down into the emergency ward, there lying down, looking so innocent was Claudia. Bailey reached for a chair and sat there.

"Bailey," Julia was crying.

"The nurse just told me," She sobbed.

"What will we do without her?" She asked.

"She isn't dead," Bailey replied, "She is a fighter, she will get through this," he added.

Julia looked at her frail little body and cried. "You know the last time we were here mum and dad …," Julia trailed off.

"She isn't going to die Julia," Bailey replied.

Charlie came bursting through the door and they all stood here waiting, hoping for a movement. Suddenly Julia got an idea, she reached down for Claudia's violin and started playing, and it sounded atrocious. Just as Charlie was about to yell at Julia, he notice a tiny flutter of movement on Claudia's eyelashes.

"What … is that horrible sound," Claudia whispered as she opened her eyes.

They all laughed and Julia held up the violin, Claudia reached out for the violin with her left arm and took it, and suddenly screamed.

"Claudia, what is it," Charlie asked.

"My right arm, it won't move, make my arm move," Claudia sobbed.

Charlie looked at Julia and Bailey, "Nurse," They yelled as they tried to comfort their sister.