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"hello…hello, please wake up"


"good, I was afraid you were dead"


"yeah, you were knocked out for who knows how long, but now your fine"


"yes, so tell me, what's your name?"

"I'm…uh…I'm Zatch Bell!"

"oh, I'm Yuki!"

Zatch found himself waking up, sitting in a nice little chair, in quite a nice little room, in a nice little house where a nice little girl named Yuki lived. Yuki had, Zatch guessed, found him lying around, knocked out and had helped him. Now Yuki was standing in front of him, talking to him

"so you're Yuki" Zatch said "nice to meet you"

"nice to meet you two, Zatch" Yuki said going to sit down on a near by stool "but how did you come to be knocked out by the side of the road?"

Zatch thought for a moment, then laughed "I really have no idea!"

"really?" Yuki said "that's odd, do you think it was the Patrol?"

"the what?" Zatch asked

"the Patrol" Yuki stated "Naomi's evil group, she and her minions go around causing pain and destruction everywhere they go, it's awful"

"sure sounds like it" Zatch agreed "and it sounds so familiar…"

"well of course" Yuki said "the Patrol is everywhere!"

"why hasn't anyone done anything?" Zatch asked

"wow," Yuki said "you sure don't know much, many have tried to stop Naomi but all have failed and come home tired and defeated, If they're alive, that is"

Zatch just stared in horror, why hadn't he heard of this before? Wait…why hadn't he heard of anything? "some has to do something!" Zatch exclaimed, standing up

"I don't know about that…" Yuki began "it would be like walking in to a death trap, Naomi's base is on the other side of the world, and she has lots of followers that stand between"

"well…" Zatch said sitting back down, "do you have any yellow tail?"


later that day, after Yuki and Zatch had enjoyed a delicious lunch of raw yellow tail that Zatch had caught in a near by river, Zatch decided to go to town and have a look around. He strolled through the streets going to shops, but not buying anything because he had no money. Just then screams could be heard coming from the corner near by. Zatch turned to look, some big guy with a badge saying "Patrol" on it was harassing some woman, who was just minding her own business

"NO! leave me alone!" the woman said

"not unless you pay your taxes" the Patrol person said

"I did!" the lady pleaded

"you didn't give enough, the price was raised!" Patrol member laughed

"that's not fair" the woman said

"life's not fair, sweetie, we all gotta pay our taxes" the Patrol man stepped closer to the woman. "or you go to jail"

by this time a crowd had formed around the Patrol guy and the towns woman, including Zatch, who was applaud at the scene.

"you're coming with me" the patrol guy laughed and grabbed the lady "jail time"

"NO!" the woman cried trying to break free

"someone, do something already" Zatch thought the gathered up some courage to yell "STOP"

a gasp spread around the crowd, and the Patrol member turned his head to look

"did you say something, boy?" he growled

Zatch froze, this big scary person was talking to him "er…." Zatch stammered

"well?" the Patrol man asked, the woman still squirming to get free

Zatch hung his head, what could he do, just a little boy.

"I didn't think so" the Patrol guy said and dragged the lady to jail.


Zatch was back at Yuki's house, sitting in 'his' chair and sulking about the days events

"and they made her go to jail" Zatch whined "for like no reason"

"that's the Patrol for you" Yuki sighed "it's been like this for awhile"

"so it wasn't always like this" Zatch asked

"no" Yuki explained "once there was a kind king who treated everyone nicely and all his followers were kind to the citizens, then out of nowhere the evil Naomi gained control, how she did it, I still wonder"

suddenly, Zatch began to laugh

"hahaha haha" Zatch laughed

Yuki looked at him like he was insane "are you unwell?" Yuki asked

"no' Zatch said "I just realized something, instead of waiting for other people to do it for me and letting people get hurt with out doing anything about it, I try to help, and stop Naomi!"

"you are unwell!" Yuki said "it far to dangerous, it's practically impossible!"

"too bad!" Zatch said, got up and ran for the door "I'm going to the other side of the world" and with that he ran out the door.

Yuki just stood there "he is crazy, no food, no map, no protection!" she shook her head "he'll be back by 8:00"

He wasn't back…..


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