Hannah: WELCOME!

Dr Riddles: yes, welcome to the chapter.

Hannah: as you may have already realized, I am not updating as frequently as usual and the reason is I have a lot of work to do, ok? So don't be angry.

Dr Riddles: she has to write a whole story for one class and then change the setting or character and write it again! And bring up her Algebra grade!

Hannah: ugh….I wish I was smart like Shikamaru, but determined like Naruto. Everything would be perfect!

Dr Riddles: Hannah doesn't feel like typing a long dialogue so just READ!

"WHERE IN THE WORLD WERE YOU TWO?" Zofis's voice rang out through the halls of Naomi's base "We were supposed to be attacking!"

"Shush!" Leila whispered, "You'll blow our cover"

"Yeah, genius!" Alm laughed.

"Shut up!" Leila exclaimed, "You're loud too!"

"VERY MELON!" Victoream yelled before he could stop himself.

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" Zofis yelled.

"So have I"

The group turned around to see that they had been found out by…. NAOMI!

"All the time you fools always try to sneak into my base but it always fails!" Naomi yelled "don't you fools ever give up? It is getting annoying! Now I will have to pull out my secret weapon and annihilate you all!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Zofis and his group yelled "NOT THE SECRET WEAPON!"


So Zofis, Leila, Victoream, Alm, Penny, and Rykun (am I forgetting someone?) were thrown into the sky and blasted off by Naomi's secret weapon.

Hannah: Guess what it is…

Penny landed in Naruto. She found herself face to face with…Gai/Guy!


"Noooo!" Penny shouted "Too bright!"

Suddenly Chip Skylark popped in and sang: "When I'm feeling lonely, sad as I can be. All by myself an uncharted island in an endless sea. What makes me happy, fills me up with glee, those bones in my jaw, they don't have a flaw my shiny teeth (jutsu) and me!"

Hannah: I remembered those words all by myself! (I know the rest of the song too…I'm such a loser)

Gai/Guy: How youthful (wait…is it Rock Lee that says youthful…?)! But that youth over there stole my line! But I like the shiny teeth youthful song, I think I'll be youthful and do karaoke!

Hannah: no.

Dr Riddles: no.

Everyone in the world: no.

Gai/Guy: you guys are all…. um…. uh…NOT YOUTHFUL! –storms off-

Hannah: back to the story.

Victoream landed in a melon field and well…began to sing (and eat melons).


But when he tasted the melons he found, to his disgust that they were rotten!

"NOOOOOOOO!" Victoream cried "I have, once again, been denied melony goodness by the passage of time and the melons being rotten!"

Hannah: Just so you know he sang the Very Melon song for a year so the melons went bad. READ!

Alm landed in a circus.

"OK!" the ringmaster shouted to the screaming crowd in the circus tent "TIME FOR THE FINAL ACT!"

"Get on stage" someone whispered to Alm.

"No way" Alm muttered.

"But you're a clown!"


Alm was kicked into the center of the tent and was made to balance on a ball while juggling and singing. But he messed up so the audience laughed at him and he got his candy taken away from him, waaah.

Hannah: ok…

Leila landed lethally leaning left (say that five times fast). Well what happened was she landed on the edge of a cliff on the left side and almost fell to her doom when…


Zatch and his group ran up to Leila and saved her life. Little did they know she had a tracking devise (everyone in Zofis's group does) on her that would make it easier for Zofis to find her…and now Zatch group.

Hannah: dun, dun, dun, dun!

Zofis landed in a beauty parlor.

"Ok, huh" some lady sucking on a lollypop said "come here, I'm gonna fix that make up and hair for ya, deary"

"What?" Zofis exclaimed "No!"

"Too late, girly" the lady said, "See what I done for you? You look so good, I could eat cha up"

"NOOOOOOOO!" Zofis exclaimed and stared into the mirror, seeing that his usual makeup had become bright red blush and lip stuck with blue eye shadow.

"Oh ya look adorable!"

"NOOOOOOOO!" Zofis yelled again.

Hannah: some wannabes in my school come wearing the grossest make up!

Dr Riddles: Lady Susan looks good with make up!

Hannah: keep it to yourself!

Dr Riddles: whatever!

Hannah: ok, I'm gonna be honest with you readers, I have run out of ideas prematurely for this story and now it will be ON HOLD until I get some ideas and get un-bored with it, ok. I am sorry. REVIEW