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- Epilogue-


He absolutely positively detested weddings. He would never get married ever. (and put people through the horror of having to attend, he wasn't that cruel, surely!)

It was nine thirty in the morning, on a particularly sunny day in April, that for the first time in his decade of existence Sebastian Ronald Snape decided this.

In fact he was quite sure that this was the first time he had ever felt the absolute horror and panic he was feeling now.

And having decided so, accepted without any delay that weddings were undoubtedly the worst days in the world. They were bad luck, pure bad luck in fact; he never been in a pickle like this before, so he was quite sure it was all the day's fault, being a wedding day as it was. Utterly to blame. Always.

Well, except maybe the time when his mother had caught him in her make-shift potions laboratory in the attic.


Or perhaps other than the time Gran (not his real grandma mind you, but that's another story) had caught him sneaking out to the pond in the backyard by himself – Good Merlin! His ears had never quite healed from that lecture on being around water bodies when he couldn't swim, why he quite fancied that that was what had put him off the concept of swimming altogether.

And he admitted with a wince, sneaking off with Uncle Charlie's dragon egg on Uncle Draco's latest nimbus wasn't one of his best ideas.

But this, this definitely ranked up there with those three, losing his mother's wedding ring on the wedding day.


He had about a half-hour till everyone came looking for him he figured, his finger tugging at the till now perfectly tied cravat at his neck, less if anyone had thought to check that he didn't forget the ring, he reckoned.

A dull flush crept up his neck; he really needed to find that ring!

He recalled vaguely, how Uncle Ron …er….Ron…um, Dad maybe?...well, anyway, he remembered how he had asked him for his mother's hand in marriage a fortnight ago. He had felt so responsible, so important, and now he realized with a miserable grimace, he was letting his favorite person in the world, down.

He was supposed to have taken care of the ring; instead he had somehow let it disappear under his guard. And what was worse, he just knew he had had it with him last night.

Oooh mummy was going to be so mad…and …his mind conjured up a image of a particular red-headed, blue-eyed taller than average chap, (and considering how many of those there were, in his acquaintance, it was no small feat), why he, Sebastian had the sinking feeling would be terribly disappointed.

And he really didn't want to disappoint him.

It wasn't that he was his father, his mother had told him rather early on who his father was, besides he'd seen the pictures, and more importantly he saw himself in the mirror. Daily.

There was no one who was dumb enough to think he was a Weasley.

At least by blood.

Not that that was something any of his numerous Weasley Uncle's would admit to his Uncle Draco. A fact that drove his only Slytherin Uncle to no little amount of insanity. His, 'The lad's a Slytherin! His father was head of the damn house!' bellows made him sound just the tiniest bit barmy, especially since he was more often than not ignored by the red-headed population of the family.

It was the Weasley belief that if someone other than oneself had a plausible and logical argument one did not like, there was only one thing to be done. Ignore it.

And despite how much he liked his Uncle Draco, he liked his Weasley Uncles just the tiniest bit more. Well actually there was one specific Uncle he liked more, and he was about to let him down any minute now.

It was his wedding too after all, he had every right to be angry. Furious even. But Sebastian had a sinking feeling he wouldn't be angry at all, but terribly disappointed.

And the last thing Sebastian wanted to do was disappoint him.

Normally Sebastian wasn't one to get himself into such a heightened state of panic, he really wasn't.

It was just that….well…last week Sebastian had been left standing with two of his mother's friends Mrs. Lavender Finnegan and a Ms. Parvati Patel, while she attended her bridal fitting, his Aunt Ginny would normally be going with her but she was as big as a baby dragon now (not that his Aunt had appreciated his sterling assessment, his Uncle on the other hand had turned a most curious shade of red, looking as if he just might burst, until suddenly he started to choke on gales of laughter. He was beginning to agree with his Weasley Uncles' opinion regarding the stability of his uncle's state of mind, or rather his lack of it.), and so he was left in the care of these two curious individuals the entire four hours.

Four, horridly long hours.

Until he started actually listening to what they were saying ….

"Ron and Hermione were the perfect couple even back at school…."

"…the had such love…"

"…..Never quite understood what came over Hermione….Professor Snape…really.."

"Oh, I never doubted she and Ron would come together….it was all written you know…"

"….saw her tea-leaves the day she stormed out of Professor Trelawney's classroom …."

"It's kind of sad that she fell in love with Snape first though…."

"…dispute …..written in the stars…."

"But it's so weird how no-one but Ron knew!"

"Almost as if he were …..permission…..not that…."

"Hardly ….but fancy….."


Sebastian whirled around, stumbling slightly on the ground and ending up plopped down on the wet earth, big round eyes focusing on the huge man before him. Why he didn't even reach his chest!

"Hullo there my boy, your mother's going to throw a fit if she finds you sitting on the ground in all that finery you know." he pointed out genially.

And then all on a sudden it was as if he couldn't keep it all bottled up inside him anymore, "Did you know my mother before my father did?"

As if flustered by the suddenness of the change of tack Sebastian watched as a variety of emotions spilled across his Uncle's face. "Who on earth have you been talking to Seb?" he declared, laughter in his voice.

But Sebastian refused to answer, hands crossed across his chest in an exact imitation of his Uncle when he was in what his mother called 'unbendable moods'.

He heard the sigh of resignation and then suddenly he was on eye-level with his Uncle, who much to his surprise answered him with a, "Well, I suppose you could say so, yes. I did meet her first. Why?"

A sudden flash of the new rhyme his best-friend Gareth Vance had spouted at him just yesterday ran through his mind.

Finder's keepers loser's weepers.

He wasn't quite sure but he was pretty confident the same principle that applied to toys applied to girls as well.

And everyone knew that the only time loser's got anything was if the winner decided that he didn't want it (which considering the wedding today obviously wasn't true.); So, he decided there must have been only one other interpretation of what the two women had been talking about lately.

Uncle Ron had known how much his father had wanted his mummy (rather like how he wanted to be able to go to Hogwarts next year, he imagined) and had been nice enough to give it, or in this case her, to him.

Sebastian had to admit that did sound like the kind of thing he would do.

And suddenly another thought crossed his mind. His mother said his father had died tragically and heroically at the final battle.

Hero's often forgot to do things, one only had to look at Uncle Harry for reference. What if he had forgot…..well it was his place as his son to do so in his stead wasn't it….. he was his son after all.

"Uncle Ron, there were two things I wanted to say to you." he admitted with the slightest squaring of his shoulder's.

His uncle looked up at him crouched down on his ankles as he was, a slightly bemused expression as if to say what?

"I wanted to …um…thank you….I wanted to thank you. For my father, I wanted to thank you on behalf of my father, in case he forgot."

"Whatever for?"

Sebastian answered his voice exasperated as if the answer was as obvious as the nose on his face. "For letting, my father love mummy, even though you found her before him…..thank you for letting him love her first. I don't know if he ever told you that, and I think he would like to have telled you …umm, told you," he amended, "that."

Sebastian watched rather intrigued as the little ball in his Uncle's throat, bobbed up and down, only looking up when he asked in a rather hoarse voice what his second 'thing' was.

Squirming under the rather mellow yet direct stare of his uncle, he confessed, or rather confided in the mystery of the missing ring…

"Maybe the ghost took it?" he pointed out hopefully, falling back on his standard excuse.

And so on the morning of his mother's wedding at precisely nine–thirty, Sebastian watched his god-father, namesake and soon to be step-dad chuckle up at him.

Well maybe weddings weren't as bad as he thought.

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