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Summary: Ritsuka asks a lot of questions about his life so far. Both he and Soubi reminice about how they met and what is going to happen to them now. Read and review.

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Because of you

Chapter seventh: Prologue: Loveless, it's for Yuiko

Ritsuka walked down the street, school was starting again today so the break was over. He had spent the best two weeks of his entire life, and on top of it, the best birthday of his life also. Going back to school now, reminded him that his closest friend was now dead, she wouldn't lean over the lane to ask silly questions to him anymore. Ritsuka fingered the letter she left behind for him. He had read it at least a thousand times and nearly knew it by heart. He could remember when he opened it, he was with Soubi that day. He sighed, not wanting to remenisce about such a moment. In the letter, Yuiko had profested her love for him, probably in hopes of going out with him. But it wouldn't have happened anyway...Yuiko, if you hadn't seen us together that day, would you have killed yourself when I told you I loved another?

Regret was great feeling, one didn't know how much you could miss something until the day it was gone. He decided that he would live his love life to the fullest for her. At that thought, he smiled broadly and started at a run towards the school he could already see. For you Yuiko!

When the school day had ended, Ritsuka gathered his things from his locker and walked down the stairs, half expecting to see Yuiko pop her head over the top of the staircase and shout for him to wait for her. When he looked up though, she wasn't there. He smiled sadly to himself and continued on his way. When he went through the big brown doors, he scanned the area for familiar blonde hair. He caught a whisp of it in the wind and quickly ran to the man he knew was standing outisde the school gates. When he turned the corner, he saw Soubi smoking a cigarette and smirked. He quickly grabbed the cigarette from between his lips and threw it to the floor.

"No smocking where there are kids Soubi!" He mocked.

Soubi smiled and gave a small chuckle. He pat Ritsuka's head affectionally, going over the area where there used to be ears. Ritsuka took his hand in both his and sucked at the tip of one finger with a small smile. The sight almost made Soubi come as he surpressed a moan. He was so cute when he did that. He brought his hand to Ritsuka's cheek and watched as he kissed the palm then bent down and kissed the corner of the boy's mouth. Not a boy anymore. He thought to himself then kissed him fully on the lips. They heard squealing girls and broke apart, looking for the source. Three girls stood on the other side of the street looking at them and blushing. The huddled together and giggled, making Ritsuka blush in embarassement. Soubi chuckled at the sacrifice's reaction.

"Soubi! Don't laugh!" Ritsuka said hotly then smiled shyly and ran ahead. Soubi caught up and grabbed his hand and they both walked together to Ritsuka's house to spend the night.