A Rat's Betrayal

"What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard that ever existed?
Only innocent lives Peter!"

Innocent lives, Sirius?
Isn't there a saying that goes the innocent die young?
I think it's true Sirius
With four words, I betrayed James Potter, the first person who ever befriended me
But I had to, Sirius! I had to!
You'd never understand...
I don't expect you to - I was always weak
My parents, always fighting...
Always yelling - at me, Sirius...
Do you know what it's like?
Not wanting to go home again, Sirius?
I was almost a squib; they were so ashamed of me...
You went to a home of praise; I was ridiculed beyond anything
Lord Voldemort offered me power, Sirius
He offered me power in return for James and his son
Lily didn't have to die, Sirius, she wasn't one of them!
What did I have to lose, Sirius?
Between life and death?
"There in Godric's hollow, my Lord"
Four words, Sirius
It's getting easier, Sirius
My guilt's getting smaller
That boy with Harry - dead.
I did it, Sirius - I'm changing
The new hand my master gave me, it radiates with power
The Dark Lord grows stronger, Sirius and there's nothing anyone can do to stop him
But you were wrong about something, Sirius
I was passing him information, but it was much longer than a year, Sirius...

A/N: a fic I did a while ago. Just a look into the psyche of the cowardly traitorous Wormtail. It sounds psychotic and twisted but that's what I think he is-a raving idiot.
I really hope he gets what's coming to him and that Sirius is the one to give it to him. -v
Disclaimer: HP and other characters mentioned belong to JKR