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Author's Note: So it took me a long time to decide if I wanted to put this story up. I've had it around for a long time (long before they found John) and it's a variation on my Lucy stories. In this, Lucy is still their half sister and Sam and Dean are still the same age, but Lucy is five years old. Her backgroud is pretty much the same as the older Lucy, except that she is a lot younger. Hey. Who says a five year old can't travel with them? We all know that Sam traveled around with Dean and John when he was five. I'm not sure if I like older Lucy or younger Lucy yet. We'll see how this one goes. I hope this is at least a little different than a lot of the sister stories on this website.

Saving Firefly

"Hey Luce!" The butterfly was so pretty, with its blue and yellow wings. "Lucy!" It landed on a pretty red flower; the colors combined excited her. "Lucy Marie Winchester! Come on! We have to go!" The five year old, with the long brown hair and sparkling green eyes, felt her older brother Dean's arm suddenly encircle her waist as he plucked her from the ground and carried her over to the sleek, black, '67 Impala.

"Put me down!" Lucy cried as she wiggled, trying to free herself from Dean's grasp. She wanted to go back and watch the butterfly.

"No can do, kiddo," Dean replied, opening the back door of the car and placing Lucy in the car seat. "We have to go to Michigan, remember?"

"Mishgin? Where's that?"

"Michigan. It's a long drive that way," replied Lucy's other brother, Sam, from the front seat, pointing vaguely to his right.

"A long drive?" Lucy asked. Dean could hear a hint of disappointment in the little girl's voice. Lucy hated nighttime. If they slept in a hotel room, Dean could plug in her night light so his little sister wouldn't have to be faced with the blackness of night, but in the car, there was no where to put a night light. The only illumination was from the eerie headlights.

"Yeah, sorry Luce, but we have to drive through the night tonight if we're gonna get there quickly," said Dean as he finished buckling her in.

"Oh," was all she said.

"How about I come back and sit with you when it gets dark outside," Sam said, turning around in his seat to face Lucy.

"Okay," she replied, looking less forlorn. Dean climbed into the front seat and turned the car on, revving the engine.

"Your choice, Lucy. What should we listen to?" Dean asked the small child in the backseat.

"AC/DC!" It was Lucy's favorite band, and Sam blamed that fact on Dean. Dean popped the tape in the player and grinned as he looked into his rearview mirror to see a happier Lucy as she began to sing along. If Dean could do just that one little thing to make his baby sister's life just a little bit better, he would.

Actually, she was technically his baby half-sister, but it never really mattered to Dean. He had pretty much single-handedly raised her. Seven years ago, John Winchester thought he had finally found love again fifteen years after his wife's tragic death in a much younger woman named Lynne. They had married a year after meeting, which had seriously pissed off both of his sons. What pissed them off more was the fact that John didn't tell Lynne exactly what he did. For the time he was with Lynne, he gave up hunting for Mary's killer. That was the moment when Dean and Sam both decided that they hated their father.

After a year of marriage, Lucy was born. Five days after bringing the baby home, John finally decided to share with Lynne what happened to Mary and what he had done for the last fifteen years. Lynne was outraged and frightened by him and left, leaving Lucy behind for John and his sons to raise. The loss of two wives left John more depressed, more determined than ever to find Mary's killer, and even less attentive to his children than he had ever been. Dean and Sam, who were twenty and seventeen at the time, were left to raise Lucy. They loved their little sister more than anything and tried so hard to keep evil things from getting to her. She represented the innocence that they had lost so long ago.

But then Sam and John fought. They fought and they fought and sometimes it got so bad that Lucy would begin to cry. Dean would have to take her into another room and get her little stuffed rabbit and sing songs to calm her down. Then, when Sam was eighteen and scored his full ride to Stanford, the worst fight came. Dean held a sobbing, one year old Lucy in his arms as he watched Sam walk out the door. The only thing that kept Dean from feeling totally lost and alone, having no brother, no mother, and barely a father to speak of, was the crying girl in his arms. He vowed nothing wicked would ever touch his little sister.

The only reason Sam ever came home was to see Lucy. He would come into town for two weeks during the summer, not even staying at the house. It didn't matter to Lucy that she hadn't seen Sam for an entire year. Without fail, every time Sam came through the front door, Lucy would leap into his arms, and for those moments, holding his sister, Sam was as happy as she was. When the two weeks were up and Sam left, Dean saw the sadness take over his sister, and he would curse his brother.

Four years after Sam had walked out the door, they were back together again. John had disappeared, and Dean couldn't leave Lucy behind on his search for their father. He couldn't let just anyone watch over her. He had to be the one. So he brought her with. Sam joined them after his girlfriend's death, and they had been on the road for the last six months, searching for their father. It was after their first case that Dean had realized that he couldn't keep his vow. Lucy was being exposed to the evil things in the world. She was seeing all the horrible things in the world and Dean couldn't stop that from happening. All he and Sam could do was make damn well sure that nothing would ever hurt her.

"Where's Little Dean?" Dean heard from the back seat. He realized that he had been lost in thought and they had been driving on the empty highway for about two hours. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam pick up the tattered white (well, more gray now) stuffed rabbit from the floor of the car and hand it back to Lucy. The girl grabbed it and hugged it close. It was getting dark outside and Dean switched on the headlights.

"Do you want me to come back there with you, Luce?" Sam asked her. She gave a small nod and Sam unbuckled his seatbelt, climbed over the seats, and plopped down next to Lucy. "Better?" he asked as he put his arm around the little girl.

"Better," she replied, leaning into Sam's shoulder. Within twenty minutes, she was sound asleep.

"Works every time," Sam whispered to Dean.

Dean couldn't stay awake anymore. It was three in the morning and Sam and Lucy were fast asleep in the backseat. Luckily, they had finally reached the small town of Marsailles, Michigan. Five people had disappeared in the last year after visiting an abandoned warehouse at the edge of town. No bodies had ever been found. Now it was Sam, Dean, and Lucy's turn to do a little investigating. But first, they needed a little sleep.

Dean pulled the car into the parking lot of the Marsailles Motel, a shabby little place that looked pretty shady to him. But they needed somewhere to sleep. At this point, Dean didn't really care where it was.

"Rise and shine," he said, turning around in his seat to face his two sleeping passengers. Lucy didn't stir, but Sam blinked and lifted his head to look at his big brother.

"Where are we?" he asked quietly.

"Welcome to Marsailles, Michigan, Sammy."

"We're here already?"

"Well, time flies when you're sound asleep, little brother." Sam reached down to unbuckle Lucy's car seat as Dean went to the trunk to get the stuff they needed for the night. When they were all loaded up, Dean with their things and Sam with a still sound asleep Lucy, they headed to the office to check in.

"Good evening boys," said an older man at the front desk. He looked to be in his mid-60's, with snowy white hair and a smile that made Dean feel immediately uneasy. "Or should I say, good morning?"

"Hi," Dean replied. "We need a room."

"No problem. We got plenty available. What are you folks doing out so early in the morning?" He gave Lucy a look that suddenly made Sam and Dean nervous. "And with such a little girl in tow?"

"Just a little family road trip," Dean replied, wanting to get this conversation over with and away from the man into a nice, warm bed. "My brother and I wanted to take our little sister to see a bit of the country. We just need somewhere to sleep for the night."

"Well here you go then," the man said, handing over a key. Dean made sure not to touch the man's hand as he took it. "Room 7, down that way," he said, pointing to his right.


"And just call if you need anything. My name's Charlie, and either me or my wife, Sophie will be here."

"Okay, thanks," he said, quickly walking away, with Sam close behind.

"Did that guy freak you out a little bit?" Sam said when they were out of earshot.

"Yeah that was weird. Did you notice that he kept glancing at Lucy?"

"At least we're only here for the night."

"Tomorrow, we are definitely finding a better hotel."

Sam had been teetering on the edge of a full blown nightmare when he had heard Lucy's cries. She had gotten the nightmare first. He couldn't really make out what she was saying. Every couple of seconds she would cry out, as if something was hurting her. Noticing that Dean had failed to get up beside him, Sam realized that it was his turn to take care of his baby sister. He slipped out of bed and sat next to the little girl thrashing around on the bed. "Lucy," he said, shaking her shoulders a bit.

"No!" Lucy cried a little louder. This was the first word that Sam understood.

"Lucy, wake up," he said, trying to be gentle.

"Please! No!" Lucy yelled. That was what woke Dean up. Lucy cried again.

"Lucy! Wake up!" Sam shook her harder and suddenly, the little girl's eyes flew open and she was in a sitting position, sobbing. Sam pulled her close to his chest and rocked her back and forth. Unfortunately, these moments happened way too often for their liking. If it wasn't Sam having the nightmare, it was Lucy. It came with the job. And they hated it. "Shhh, its okay sweetheart. You're okay." Sam kept babbling things like that in Lucy's ear as Dean slipped out of bed and over to sit by Lucy. Dean stroked her hair as she began to calm.

"The-the big white doggie. It got-got me," Lucy said, shakily. Sam and Dean immediately understood. Their last job had been taking down a great white wolf in the woods of Minnesota. The wolf had nearly gotten Lucy, but Dean had shot it through the heart before it reached her. Obviously, it had still freaked her out.

"There's no more big white doggie. We got rid of it, remember?" Dean said from beside her.

"But it eated me! I felt it eat my toes!"

"Well," Dean said, moving down to her feet. "I still see ten little toes here. Do you feel…this?" Dean began to tickle her feet and the sweetest sound came out of Lucy's mouth. She began to giggle and squirm in Sam's lap, so Sam had a hard time holding on to her. He decided to join in the fun and started to tickle her sides. This went on for five minutes until Lucy was flat on her back and tears were again leaking out of her eyelids. But they were of a different sort. These were happy tears.

"Okay! Okay! Stop!" Lucy cried, sitting up as Sam and Dean stopped. "So no more big doggie?"

"No more big doggie," Dean said.

"Will you sleep in my bed with me, Dean? I'm still scared."

"Only if you promise to sleep."

"Promise!" Dean settled back into the bed beside Lucy as Sam pulled the covers up around her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Night Firefly," he said.

"Night Sammy," she replied. She turned to say goodnight to Dean, but he was already out. Within ten minutes, so was she.

In his half asleep state, Dean heard the sound of snoring. It couldn't have been Lucy snoring that loud, so he realized that Sam must have finally gotten some sleep. He next realized that light was streaming through the window, so it must be morning. He slid out of bed with his eyes barely open and walked sleepily to the bathroom to complete his morning routine. He was just finishing up when he heard a cry from the other room.

"Dean!" It was Sam. Dean threw on his t-shirt and burst through the bathroom door to greet the face of his panic-stricken brother. "Lucy's gone!"


"She's not here! I woke up and she wasn't in the bed!"

"Did you check everywhere?" he asked as he looked under the bed and the table. "I mean, you know her favorite game is hide and seek."

"I did, man, I did!" Sam cried.

"Okay I'm gonna go check outside. Maybe she just wandered away. Get dressed and meet me out in front of the motel. I'll also talk to Charlie. Maybe he saw her."


"Charlie! Have you seen my sister?" Dean asked, running into the lobby that was just as empty as it had been at 3 o' clock that morning.

"Ah good morning, son. Did you sleep well?"

"Have you seen my sister?" he tried again. "The little girl my brother was holding last night, with the long brown hair."

"Oh, yes, Lucy."

"Yeah Lu-wait. I never told you what her name was." Instead of looking embarrassed or nervous, he gave Dean the same smile he had given him earlier. It was almost sympathetic.

"Oh Lucy's gone, son."

"What the hell are you talking about? Where's my sister? Did you do something to her?" Dean was getting increasingly angry and reached across the desk to grab the collar of the man's shirt.

"Oh it wasn't me. She was gone to you when you crossed into this town.

"What? What do you mean she's gone?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that, son."

"Tell me now or I swear I'll-" Dean didn't get to finish his threat. He felt the dull butt of a rifle pound against his skull and the last thing he saw before blackness claimed him was Charlie's crazy grin.