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Dean heard the screaming cease and his heart stopped. The townspeople finally stopped in front of a giant metal door painted black. They had noticed the screams die away and the same crazy grin seemed to creep over all of their faces. That really pissed Dean off. In a moment of desperation, he lifted the rifle towards the group and fired one shot.

The group scattered as Charlie fell to the floor, blood flowing from his chest. Dean felt no remorse for the man. Only a great hatred. He could hear someone charging at him from his side, but before he could swing the rifle around, Sam stepped between him and the charging man and knocked the man to the floor with one blow.

In the moment of Dean's distraction, another man came up beside him and knocked the rifle from his hands. Dean quickly spun and punched the man hard in the face, dropping him like a stone. Someone jumped on his back. He turned his back towards a cement wall and backed up quickly, knocking the woman out and off of his back.

Sam quickly took out the other two men and he and Dean turned back towards the door and where Charlie lay dying. There was still the same smile on his face. "I'm afraid you're too late, boys. That's sure what it sounds like. Not long after the screaming stops is when the dying begins." He gave one last laugh before breathing his last breath.

Not giving Charlie's corpse one last thought, Sam and Dean leapt over it and pulled on the door. "Lucy!" Dean yelled as he pulled with all his strength. The door finally creaked open, shining light upon the horrible scene.

Lucy's arms were pinned to the wall and she was sitting on the floor, unconscious. There was a shriek as light came over the room and a mammoth black mass suddenly appeared. It had glowing red orbs where they assumed the eyes should have been. It turned away from Lucy, releasing its hold on her and flew towards the brothers.

Dean quickly spun around and grabbed the rifle from the ground behind him. He wasn't sure if it would work, but he was desperate. He shot the thing straight through the middle just as it reached Sam. There was an ear piercing shriek and a flash of white light, and the thing was gone. Dean dropped the gun quickly to the floor and followed Sam as they ran into the room.

Sam reached Lucy first. She had slumped to the floor in an awkward position. Sam pulled her away from the wall and laid her flat on the ground. Sam put his ear to her chest just as Dean landed on his knees beside them. "She's not breathing!" he cried.

"No. No way are you doing this to me, Lucy Winchester," Dean said frantically. Sam began to pump on her chest as Dean breathed for his baby sister. She was so cold. Her lips were already turning blue. Sam and Dean repeated the CPR cycle for what seemed like forever. Finally, there was a rush of air against Dean's cheek as Lucy began to breathe on her own. She coughed and choked as Dean pulled her up into a sitting position to help her breathe easier.

After her breaths became smoother, Sam grabbed Lucy's face in his hands. "Are you hurt anywhere, sweetie?" She shook her head no, causing the tears that were falling down her cheeks to create jagged lines.

"It-it was so dark," Lucy whimpered. Dean pulled her into his lap and held her tight. This had been a horrible experience for her and there wasn't much he could say to make her feel better. It would take a lot of time and there would be many nightmares. It was the price they paid for doing this job. Sometimes, Dean wondered if it was really worth it.

Sam, Dean, and Lucy got the hell out of dodge. They left the warehouse before the townspeople regained consciousness and within fifteen minutes, they were out of Marsailles. It was nighttime once again, and they were still in the car. Lucy and Sam were fast asleep in the backseat and Dean was left to again drive at all hours of the morning. This time, however, he didn't mind. He wanted to put as much space as he could between them and the state of Michigan. He was pretty sure they were in Illinois, but he wasn't positive.

Dean was tempted to go back to Lawrence. He was tempted to go see Missouri. He was tempted to leave Lucy with her. Missouri could protect the little girl. She knew about evil almost as fully as the Winchesters. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it. He knew it was a selfish thing to do. He couldn't bear to be away from Lucy. How would he know she was safe if he wasn't there to protect her?

Of course, he knew he hadn't done such a great job this time around. Dean would be kicking himself for this for the rest of his life. As much as he was mad at himself, however, he still couldn't leave her behind. He felt somewhere, deep down, that if he just dumped her on someone, he would never see her again. That wasn't about to happen, so for now, things would stay just the way they were. But how long could he keep the evil things in the world from stealing his sister permanently? That was something he just didn't want to think about. Dean drove on with that nagging doubt in the back of his mind. How long would it be?