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Chapter One

She had been missing for over three days and everyone was out looking for her. The Police even had their helicopter out and they even had men with bloodhounds also looking for her. Bakura was searching near the Pier when he thought he saw something over by one of the abandoned buildings and went to investigate, when he noticed a tarp and it started to move. As he lifted it up, what he saw make him violently sick. There lying on the ground like a lifeless broken doll, was Serenity Wheeler and she had not only been raped and raped in the worse way, and who ever did it had also beaten her poor body and Bakura took off his shirt and covered her naked body. As he knelt down to put his shirt over her, he closed his eyes and he threw his head back and , let out the most terrifying animalistic scream. It was so loud that it echoed threw out the entire Pier area. Yami and Marik grabbed their heads and went down on their knees. "God he found her" Yami said. Seto had seen what happened and he came running to find out what was wrong? Yami and Marik lifted their faces and tears were running down their faces. "What is it?" Seto asked. "Bakura found her and it can't be good" Marik said. Joey had heard the last of it and he grabbed Yami and said "where is my sister?" Seto grabbed hold of Joey and shook him, "listen, from what they just told me Serenity must be really hurt and we need to keep our heads and not go running off half cocked, is that understood?" Seto said to him. Joey shook his head that he understood, and the four of them got into Seto's car and he drove to where Marik said Bakura was. When they got there, Bakura wouldn't let Joey near her. "You have to wait here please" Bakura said to Joey. Seto had called the Paramedics from his car and they arrived the same time he pulled his car up. Yami and Marik went over to her and they both wanted to throw up. Marik grabbed the head Paramedic and said "don't let her brother see her is that understood?" The man shook his head that he understood and they covered her up and put her into the back of the waiting Ambulance and took her to the Hospital at Kaiba Corp. "Let's go" Seto said Everyone piled into his car and regardless of the speed he beat the Ambulance to the Hospital. Seto had called ahead and spoke to "Dr. Ben Faust and asked him to take care of her personally and he said that he would."

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