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Chapter Eleven

Seto made sure that all traces of the existence of the man by the name of Trent Winters were gone. He had some of his men go to the Hotel and clean out his room and because the owner of the Hotel was part of the Kaiba Corp. it was easy to make sure that no one would ever know that he was there. Hank called Seto and told him that he needed to see him and Seto knew what it was about and he had Joey come with him. Seto couldn't tell Hank the real truth so with Joey's help they kind of made up a story that Joey knew his father would believe, and that's what they told Hank. Joey hated lying to his father, but when he found out the truth it was easier then seeing his father fall apart knowing that in a way it was also his fault what happened to his daughter. Yami and Marik went to the Hospital and spoke to Bakura and when they told him that it was all over he fell apart and Yami and Marik held their friend as he cried. From that day forward there would always be a stronger bound between the three of them. Now all that was left was to make sure that Serenity was going to be alright.

Like they say "time heals all wounds" well it does. It took a long while but in the end Serenity was able to leave that part of her life behind and focus on her new life as wife and later as a mother. It is now three years since all of this happened and today Serenity had an appointment to see Dr. Faust. She has had trouble keeping food down and she thought it was just the stomach flu but to be sure she went in to be examined. After running several tests Dr. Faust told Serenity that when the results came back he would call her. She and Bakura went to the Park to relax and there they saw several kids having fun on the swings and he smiled at her and took her hand and led her to the swings and she sat down and he pushed her and he loved hearing her laughter. When they got home they sat on the couch and just talked about nothing at all and then she touched him and they ended up in the bedroom and well you get the picture.

It was three days later and the phone rang and it was Dr. Faust with the results of the tests he ran on her and when she put the phone down, she had tears running down her face, she was going to be a mother. Serenity went and sat down in the kitchen and just cried tears of joy. Her life was now complete, she was married to the most wonderful man in the world and now she was having a baby that was conceived because of that love. She got up, wiped her eyes and proceeded to fix dinner and she even baked a cake. When Bakura got home and cleaned up, there was something different about Serenity, but he couldn't figure out what it was. After dinner she got out the cake and when she put it in front of Bakura and he was written on it, he stood up and knocked over the chair and with tears in his eyes he knelt down besides her chair and said "we're going to have a baby?" she shook her head yes and you could hear his yell, "I'm going to be a daddy" almost all over town. They called her parents and Joey and Seto and told them their news and tears fell and laughter filled the air and all was good in their lives. She had a baby girl and they named her Heather Marie Bakura and she grew up knowing that her parents loved her. Because of some complications Serenity could have any other babies, but they adopted six more children and their house rang with laughter and was filled with so much love that it overflowed all around them.


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