Ok since y'all loved the last one and I got put on a few faves lists for it, I'm putting up another one, BEWARE THE MIND POLLUTING HOT CHOCOLATE


Sam had been nagging Danny to go to a concert with her ever since she saw the poster on the school wall

"Come on Danny, please" she begged

"Do I really have to go" he whined

"please, I don't want to go on my own, cause well it finishes late and well I don't wanna walk home in the dark, on my own" she stated,

"I'll go" he stated quickly

"Thanks" she said smiling

"Your welcome, now when is this concert?" he asked

"Tonight, here" she said and gave him a ticket

"Where did this came from?" he asked confused

"I bought two instead of one" she stated smirking

"You knew I'd come, didn't you?" he asked smirking

"Yep" she said still smirking

"Oh I'm guna get you" he stated playfully

"And how do you propose you are going to catch me Mr Fenton?" she asked playing, he waved his hand an a green energy surrounded her

"Ever since my eighteenth birthday, I've been able to put a force field around anything I want" he stated

"Could you let me go, I have to get ready for the concert, and so do you" she stated

"Fine" he said and let her go

"Thanks, now go, we don't wanna be late" stated Sam

"Fine, when does it start" he asked

"At eight" she stated

"Eight, that's only an hour to go!" he stressed

"And, you're the ghost boy, anything's possible, I'll be round in 35 minutes be ready" she stated and ran off

"YOU OWE ME FOR THIS" he yelled and walked to his house, it took him thirty minutes to get ready "she so owes me for this" he said to himself as he looked in the mirror at what he had on, he had black jeans on with rips in them and a black top saying, 'I'm anything but normal' (hehehe, well it is true) "well it's time to go" he said as the door bell rung, he ran downstairs (More like flew) and opened the door, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened (funny mental piccy)

"what" asked Sam, she was wearing black baggy jeans with chains coming off them, a black top saying, 'lets play a game called 'when you catch fire', her hair was down, she had black nail-varnish on, purple eye-shadow, purple lip-loss, a studded chocker on and studded black wrist bands,

"Whoa" he finally got out

"Like it?" she asked

"Like it? I love it" he stated and she blushed

"You look good yourself" she stated blushing

"Thanks" he said blushing

"Well lets go" she said and dragged him out of them house

"Where is it, I'll fly us there" he said

"I'd rather walk, took me ages to do my hair" she said

"Ah, right" he stated understanding, "so where is it?" he asked

"The field at the park, you know that massive field, which never gets used" she said

"Oh right, I knew that place would come in handy" he stated smirking

"Sure, ya did" she stated playfully, they walked to the park and to the ticket collector; it was one of the band members

"Mark?" asked Sam

"Sam?" he asked

"I can't believe it, I've not seen you in like three years" he stated hugging her

"Chocking…not breathing" she stated, and he let her go

"Soz Sam, so what have you bin up to" he asked

"Who's this?" asked Danny suspiciously

"Why so suspicious, jealous?" he asked

"Oh ha, ha, Mark, Danny this is my cousin Mark, Mark this is Danny my best friend"

"Nice to meet you Danny" he stated smirking

"Same here" stated Danny smiling

"So why are you here?" asked Sam

"I'm part of the band, here have these, but don't tell the guys I gave em too ya, they'll kill me" he stated and gave them backstage passes

"Thanks Mark" said Sam

"Seya after the show" he said and they walked in, they found a space near the front as the band came on the stage

"YO LADIES AND GENT, WE'RE THE PHONEIX FLAMES, AND WE'RE READY TO ROCK" yelled the lead singer into the mic, then mark walked up

"ok dudes and dudettes, the first song will be called 'down to the devil', it was first sung by hellfire club, we hope you like it" he stated and walked back as the keyboard started, then the guitars came in blasting with the drums

Roaming the plains,

Where a number is your name,

Through a puddle lighting up in the dark,

Oh look into a mirror

Is it what you wanna see?

Or just a cuddle toy

The volcans wash ashore

No I don't care what you say

Into the darkness I plough my way

I'm striking out

For paradise

To be the one I like

We're goin down to the devil

We are striking out for paradise

To bedlam below

Down to the devil

The mad parade is coming home,

Can't you hear the sound?

As they make the hammer pound

Rusty nails into a coffin of your size

To bury you alive

To make sure until your right

Then they reap you

When you're beautiful enough in their eyes

And they learn to make you believe

Put up glass ceilings that you can't see

To let down the freak

They don't want you to be

We're goin down to the devil

We are striking out for paradise

To bedlam below

Down to the devil

The mad parade is coming home,

The guitars and drums were blasting out, as everyone cheered louder and louder mark winked at Sam and she smirked

"I always knew he was good, but I didn't know just how much" she shouted

"Now I'm glad I came" stated Danny smirking, and the keyboard came in for a minute then the guitars started again

We're goin down to the devil

We are striking out for paradise

To bedlam below

Down to the devil

The mad parade is coming home,

Down to the devil

We are striking out for paradise

To bedlam below

Down to the devil

Mad parade is coming home,

Oh were goin down to the devil

We are striking out for paradise

To bedlam below

Down to the devil

The mad parade is coming home,

The music died down as everyone applauded and cheered

"Ok guys, we're guna take a short break, but our friend on the keyboard wont be, hehe, can we have Sam manson on the stage please" asked Mark, sam looked astonished and shook her head sayin no, he smirked

"Go on Sam" stated Danny

"Now you owe me" she stated and walked up shaking her head

"Ok guys this will be a short song, we don't wanna strange my cousins voice box" stated Mark smirking at the scowling Sam

"I'm goin to kill you after this, you do know that right" she stated angrily

"Ok guys, we have lately heard a rumour, that there is two famous lovebirds in Amity" he stated and Sam's eyes widened, se knew what was coming

"OH YOUR ARE SO DEAD" she yelled

"Try is cuz" he said

"I'm guna get phantom on your arse" she stated evilly

"OK GUYS MISS MANSON WILL BE SINGING, she is so guna kill me for this, but she will be singing 'I can't help falling in love with you'"


"Come on Sam" he said

"No" she stated flatly

"GO ON" yelled everyone even Danny who was blushing at that moment

"SHUT IT" she yelled

"Go on" said Mark

"Fine" she said "but you die after this" she added darkly, she walked up to the mic as the beat started

Do, dooo, doo

I just can't help fallin in love with you

Wise man say

Only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you

Shall I say, would it be a sin

If I can't help falling in love with you

Mark came in at this part

Like a river flows, into the sea

So it goes

Something's are meant to be

Something's are meant to be

If I help make it my whole life through

For I can't help

Falling in love with you

For I can't help

Falling in love with, you

And she finished smiling; Danny was astonished since she was looking at him the entire time,

"Ok guys, that has gotta have helped" stated Mark

"LOVEBIRDS" cheered everyone, they knew there was no point in arguing anymore danny was thrilled and Sam was unsure what to do, so she walked off the stage and up too Danny

"Erm, I erm" she stuttered

"What you said in that song, who was it about" he asked

"Er, y-you" she said unsure

"m-me" he stuttered

"Yeah, I understand if you don't like me" she said turning round

"Hey" he said and put his hand on her shoulder, she turned back round to face him "you, do know, I've bin wanting to hear you say, or sing that for ages right?" he asked as he walked up closer to her smiling,

"You have?" she asked

"Yep, now how can we make this official?" he said smirking

"I don't know, how about you come up with a solution" she said

"Fine" and he leaned closer and kissed her passionately while everyone cheered, they broke apart a few minutes after for air

"Sam, I love you" stated Danny and she smiled at him

"I love you too, clueless" she stated smirking as he smiled at her lovingly

"Give it up, for the new famous couple, people" stated Mark into the mic, the concert ended an hour after and Sam and Danny had gone backstage

"Hey guys, you two got us a lot of attention" stated the lead vocalist and the band leader

"Thanks" stated both teens in unison

"Now, I know you wanna kill mark so, he's hidin behind the chairs" he stated

"Oh thanks" stated Mark grumpily

"Nah, he helped, so I'll let him live" stated Sam smirking

"So rumours say, you know the ghost kid, are they true?" asked Devon (lead singer)

"Yeah, I know him" she stated "but then everyone does, he shows up a lot here, helpin out" she stated quickly

"Ah, right, so you know him personally then, well could you get him to come and visit, you know we want an autograph" stated Kevin, (drums) Danny smirked

"I'll ask him about it" said Danny rolling his eyes

"Thanks," they said

"Well, we're guna go now" stated Sam smiling

"Ok, let's go" said Danny smirking

"Seya Sam" stated Mark

"Seya, Mark" she said and they walked to her house (cough-mansion-chough…what, I have a sore throat)

"MUM, I'M HOME" she yelled, no answer, she found a note "dear Sammy-kins…oh I hate her, we've left early on that business trip, seya in two weeks" she read "my parents left, again" she stressed

"Come on Sam, you have a mansion…to yourself" stated Danny

"I know, it's just all the maids are off, and I get bored on my own" she said glumly

"How about I stay over for a bit, watch a movie or something" he said

"Ok, lets watch a movie" she stated ignoring all the pictures popping up in her head right now of her and Danny alone in a big empty house…alone "ok which one?" she asked bending over to look at the films

"You pick" he stated crouching next to her

"Erm, I don't know" she said honestly

"How about, I just tickle you instead" he stated grabbing her and tickling her

"No…Danny…stop please" she said laughing

"Make me" he challenged still tickling her

"Fine" she stated laughing and pushed up and kissed him, he stopped as she pulled away then they noticed the position they were in Danny was on top of Sam and Sam was out of breath from laughing, if someone had of walked in at that moment, man would that of needed explaining

"Erm sorry" stated Danny getting up

"i-it's ok" she said sadly, she was hoping something would have happened, she looked at him, and he looked at her (I'M TURNING INTO A ROMANTIC SAP, HELP ME)

"Oh I can't stop myself" he stated and kissed her hungrily and she kissed back with the same hunger (beware the mind polluting hot chocolate has struck again) hands roamed and sam ripped off his shirt with help from intangibility on Danny's account and her hands roamed over his well built chest 'thank you ghost hunting' she thought as he fazed off her shirt and pushed her against the wall (never give me hot chocolate late at night, seriously) she straddled his waist as his hands roamed, he fazed off her baggy pants and felt up her legs, (naughty Danny) he carried her over to the couch and led her down, then fazed off his own jeans leaving them both in their underwear, he climbed on top of her and began kissing her neck making her groan in pleasure, she felt her bra faze off her, she gasped as he kissed and nipped the hardened peaks as she arched her back at the pleasure he was giving her

"Da…nny" she said moaning as he left a fresh trail of kisses from her neck over her breasts, she felt something prod her thigh as he kissed her jaw, she reached down and rubbed the tip of his manhood, he hissed in pleasure as she continued this, he stopped her after a minute

"You're too good at that" he stated, his eyes hazy and lust filled, as were hers, she attacked his lips hungrily nipping the hot flesh, his semi-rough hands glided over her soft pale skin making her arch her back again in ecstasy, he fazed off the rest off her underwear and inserted a finer into her making her gasp sharply as he inserted another, he pulled them out and crawled down and inserted his tongue

"Danny…oh god, Danny…don't…stop" she said groaning as he continued to dart his tongue in and out of her, after a minute he stopped

"Danny, please" she asked and he understood he fazed out of his boxers, here eyes widened at it's size, she parted her les "danny be gentle, it's my first time" she said and he nodded and inserted himself into her making her gasp and dig her nails into his back as he broke her barrier, a tear rolled down her cheek

"Are you ok" he asked, his voice filled with guilt and worry

"I'm fine" she said as the pain was replaced by sensational pleasure, she rocked her hips signalling him to move, he pulled halfway out and thrust back in,

"Faster" she said moaning and he quickened the pace, sending waves of ecstasy over her like electricity going through someone's entire body, she matched it making him moan in pleasure, he loved the fact he could do this to her and she loved it too, the pace escalated, both groaning in pleasure and ecstasy, they reached their peaks and screamed as their juices mixed, Danny collapsed on top of Sam, both panting heavily he rolled next to her (big couch)

"I love you" stated Sam out of breath

"I love you too, Sammy" he said kissing her neck lovingly, they both fell asleep in each others arms, the moonlight reflecting the sweat from their lovemaking basking them in a eternal glow of love.

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