b I This is in response Alia's 'Gilmore Girls/BtVS: Dawn!Verse' challenge. /b /I

I Challenge rules: Luke and Liz had an older sister, Joyce, and when her and Buffy die, Dawn is sent to live with Luke.

---Main Pairing(s): I want Dawn as the main character, so definitely her. I want her with Tristan (do not ask me how it happened), Rory (Slash-Addict), or Logan (Meh, I ran out of idea's.)

---Background Pairing(s): Luke/Lorelai. Emily/Richard. Jackson/Sookie. Lane/Dave. Xander/Anya. Tara/Oz.

---Banned Pairing(s): Dean/Rory Lane/Zach. Lane/Brian. Jess/Dawn

---Characters to include (other than those above): Kirk. Taylor. Paris. Apricot (Babette's kitten) Michel. Cordelia, Faith, Louise

---Characters not to include: Dean, Ms. Patty, Christopher, Max, Nicole, Rachel, Hank, Liz, Giles,

---Must include: pop culture references, Luke's Diner, a bookstore, Stars Hollow High, Spike being arrested for 'stalking' Dawn after Taylor phones a complaint. Kirk admitting his undying love for anyone. Spike finding out Dawn has a tattoo. A town meeting. Spike taking Dawn out for a patrol. Spike and Luke bonding.

---May not include: hospitals, monkey bars, rabbits, Luke finding out about Dawn's tattoo, any lovey dovey 'first time I say "I love you"' moments, bars, Dawn becoming the bestest of friends with Lorelai and Rory three seconds into the story, any racially derogatory words.

---Alter: Dave never left, Rory and Dean didn't sleep together (Though she can have slept with someone else at any other point during the show), Dawn leaves after Buffy kills herself /I

b DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything or anyone. They belong to Joss and the CW. /b

Chapter One:

Dawn stared out the window of the plane, trying to tune out the noises around her. Xander sat in the seat next to her, silent. Spike and Faith were in the row behind. The group was on their way to Connecticut, where they were to leave Dawn with an uncle she had never met.

Dawn tried not to remember the shock she had felt when Giles had read her mom's will, the way Willow had cried, Spike putting a hole through the wall. She had to leave home, leave her family and move across the country to live with some I man. /I She blinked back the tears, not willing to let Xander see her cry. She hadn't cried since Buffy had thrown herself off the tower. She couldn't.

The pilot came over the intercom, announcing that they were preparing to land. Dawn gripped the armrest tightly, her knuckles turning white. She didn't want to be here; she just wanted to go home.


Luke frantically gave the apartment one last look-over, making sure that it was really clean. He checked the spare room, though the only thing in there was a bed and dresser.

He was losing his mind. He had never raised a girl before, and had no idea what he was doing. Sure, she was pretty grown already, but so was the last kid he took in, and look how that turned out.

When he had got the call saying that Joyce had died, he had broke down crying right in the diner. Joyce was his big sister; she wasn't supposed to die. She took care of everyone; even when she had got married and moved to California, she had always called to check up on him and Liz, making sure that they were doing well in school, seeing if they needed anything. Joyce had mothered him his entire childhood, and now, not only was she dead, but so was her daughter- his niece that he would never meet.

He had told Lorelai, knowing that he was going to need all the help he could get. She had immediately taken over, registering Dawn for school, helping him clear out the room that had been Jess', going through some of Rory's old stuff for books, and shopping for school supplies. She was more than willing to help him, and he suspected that being away from Rory was a big part of that. Lorelai was a mom, and at the moment, she was daughterless.

Someone named Rupert had called him yesterday to tell him that Dawn would be arriving around ten the next night, along with a few friends who were to see her off. Lorelai had booked them rooms at the Inn and Luke had already posted a sign stating the diner was going to be closed for the weekend. The town knew that something was up once they had seen the sign, but despite the deepest diggings of the town gossipmongers, no one had any idea what would cause Luke to close for any amount of time.

Luke sat down on the couch, his head aching. What was he going to do with a kid? The only kid he knew who liked him was Rory; everyone else seemed to be able to sense his loathing of all things under 18 and leave him alone.

He looked at the clock; they would be here soon. With a sigh, he stood up and headed downstairs.

"Oh, boy."

I AN/: Short chapter, I know. The next one'll be longer, promise. /I