Hot Egyptian Night

Written for a friend

I don't own Yugioh or Kaya. I do own Akina

"Marik, where have you been?" Malik asked seductively, not moving from his suggestive stance on the bed.

"Out with Akina and Bakura." Marik sighed. "And I'm really tired tonight, Malik."

"Well, I'll just have to help you unwind." Malik whispered to his lover. Marik grinned in spite of himself.

"God, you're horny, aren't you?" He stripped out of all his clothes, save his boxers, in which you could see a big bulge.

"When you're around, I'm always horny." Malik countered.

"Gods, I guess I'll have to satisfy your need." Marik said, shoving his boxers to the ground, releasing the giant erection his dick had become.

"Please, Marik, fuck me." Malik pleaded, sitting up, spreading his legs even more, to give Marik a full frontal view.

"Since the sight looks appetizing, I guess I will." Marik growled, tying Malik's legs to the bedposts. Next, he tied his arms to the bedposts, giving Malik a kiss on his lips. He pulled away right as Malik tried to find entry into Marik's mouth.

"No, love. You must wait. I'm eager." Marik said, stroking Malik's length with his finger. Malik's dick sprang larger at the touch, and Marik

"Please, Marik, don't torture me…" Malik whimpered. He shuddered as Marik licked his abdomen, down to his hairy treasure.

"You like that, don't you, Malik?" Marik hissed through his teeth. He scraped the sensitive flesh with his teeth, and Malik nearly came in anticipation for what was coming, but, earlier, Marik had distracted him long enough to slip a cockring onto his length. "I don't want you coming too soon, now do I?"

"Malik grinned, in spite of the pain. "Just try not to kill me," he joked.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that to my favorite little hikari." Marik whispered. He shuddered as Marik's fingers slid lower and lower until they were finally on his dick. He started to stroke it softly at first, with one finger. But then he used both hands to jack him off. Malik started to buck his hips, but soon after, Marik tied his hips down, as well, until the only thing Malik could move was his head.

"Please, Marik, fuck me now!" Malik pleaded. He kept shaking his head back and forth, as that was the only thing that was keeping him from crying from the pain of the cockring.

"I didn't know you were so easy to break." Marik said sadistically.

"You haven't broken me yet, but I really—need—to be fucked!" Malik screamed at his lover, who was grinning at him in a sadistic way. That's probably what he loved about Marik most. He could give him the one thing none of his lovers prior had been able to give him.

"Well, I guess I'll have to give it to you." Marik said, grabbing some lube from his nightstand, he spread a liberal amount on his fingers, and started to slide one, two, finally three digits into Malik's tight opening. He then started to spread the remaining lube onto his own erection, and started to thrust into Malik in long, hard strokes.

An hour later, Marik untied Malik and lay down in a spent heap next to the smaller boy. "That was great, Malik." Marik complimented.

"I couldn't have done that with anyone but you." Malik replied, kissing him. They fell asleep, peaceful and content.

That's the first full-fledged lemon I've ever written. I wrote this, as I said earlier, for a friend of mine who is obsessed with bronzeshipping. So I hope she likes it.