1 Later that night, about an hour after the verbal fight between them, Marik was standing in the middle of Poison with Akina. The place was so packed that he didn't recognize when Bakura walked into the club, looking for Akina.

She was too late to warn him, however, and Bakura landed a punch square in Marik's back, a sore spot for him. He looked over at Akina sadistically, and grabbed Marik, now barely conscious, by the arm. "Let's go." he said harshly, starting to drag him out of the club, knowing it was the perfect leverage for her. She started to cry, and threw her beer bottle at him.

"You asshole!" she yelled, loud enough for a few people to look their way.

A security guard walked over to them. "Can I help you, Miss?"

"That white-haired asshole–"

"Your boyfriend." Bakura said indignantly.

"–assaulted my boyfriend. I think he wants to–to kill him!" she continued bitterly and despairingly. The security guard looked over at them, "Sir, let go of that man, please."

"Is it in your job description to be so polite to assholes like him?!" Akina yelled.

"Oh, I'd kick his ass, you know that Akina. But the boss–"

"Whatever, just get him away from me. And Marik."

None of them noticed a petite blonde boy walk over to them. "No. Bakura, you may kick his ass if you wish. But I'm going to kick Akina's ass in return."

Bakura grinned at the prospect. Akina scoffed.

"Sorry, Malik, but you won't be able to lay a finger on me."

Bakura spoke up. "He can if you're tied up."

Her eyes widened in fear. With Bakura that meant...NO! She wouldn't let that happen to her again. Especially not from him. Marik made out a few slurred words before he fell completely unconscious.


I know...short chapter, and a cliffhanger. But It's four o'clock in the morning where I'm at, and I'm really tired and have to be up by 6.