Summary: AU. To stop the war between the Guilds Remy and Angelica LeBeau are engaged to marry the Boudreaux children, until they are exiled from home and meet up with Magneto and get involved in a whole new game. Remy/Belladonna, Rogue/Julien, Rott.

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Authors Note: Starts just before the first series, but you'll see that as this goes along.

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Chapter One: Home Sweet Home


"She's not supposed to be 'ere."

"Why not mon fils?" (My son)

"Elle est un ange, ils appartiennent dans le ciel." (She's an angel, they belong in heaven)

Jean-Luc LeBeau smiled down at his son, "Well it's a perfect name for 'er den." Before turning his eyes to the young girl sleeping in his arms, bundled up in his trench coat. Two pigtails on either side of her head held her unusual hair up as her face and clothing was streaked with dirt, the torn fabric covering her thinner than should be four-year-old form.

"Da poor enfant." (Child) Mattie tsked as she arrived next to the Thief King and the Prince, placing a bowl of warm water on the table next to them and dipping a cloth in before she reached forward to swipe at the girl's face. She never got the chance as the girl's eyes sprung open a moment before the cloth touched her face, her green eyes darting around the room as she snuggled deeper into the coat as if to get away.

While Mattie sighed at the reaction and Jean-Luc shook his head sadly the boy sitting next to his father leant his head to one side, studying her before speaking up. "Ya 'ave funny 'air."

"Remy!" Mattie snapped at the eight-year-old.

Seeming to find her voice and confidence again the girl glared over at Remy. "Well yah got funny ahyes!"

His smile returned as Jean-Luc gave a chuckle. "Ah 'ave a feelin' dey're goin' to get on just fine."



New Orleans.

"'e dodges to da left, 'e dodges to da right, 'e spins out of da way of 'is opponents," Adding his own personal commentary to his actions Remy LeBeau easily jumped out of the way of the older man and spun away from the female struggling to get in his way, running several steps before jumping into the air. Slamming the ball through the hoop he grabbed onto the metal ring, hanging from it with one hand as his other made a fist and pumped it into the air. "'nd da King of 'earts scores 'gain!"

For any onlookers that may oversee the scene taking place they would find three figures making the most of the hot day and claiming the local high schools basketball court, despite the fact none of them had ever spent even one day in public school. That was one of the bonuses of being part of one of the most powerful families in New Orleans. Money, plenty of it and all the services that came with it, including home schooling. That and several of their lessons would never be taught at any normal school. Dressed in the barest needed to be comfortable for the mixture of the warm weather and exercise of shorts and in the female's case a tank top, heavy black lace up combat boots rested on all their feet as black leather fingerless gloves covered their hands.

Dropping back to the ground Remy gave a cry as he was tackled around the waist and thrown across the asphalt.

"Yea', mais only with da 'oop 'nd not da ladies."

Wincing at his now bloodied elbows he landed on Remy rolled his eyes up at the woman resting on his stomach, a smirk quickly coming over his face. "Chèrie, ya just jealous dat ya not one of dose femmes."

Angelica snorted down at him as she swept the strands of white hair that fell in front of her face and looped them behind her ear with the rest of her short auburn hair, "Please Swamp Rat, Ah can do so much better dan yah." Traces of her original Mississippi accent mixing with her Cajun one.

Running a hand over his short layer of dark hair that just covered his head Henri walked over to retrieve the basketball as he shook his head his younger siblings. Sure they weren't related to him by blood, hell they weren't even by law as Jean-Luc never officially adopted them but none the less they were family. The two mutants instantly fitted into the family, apart from when it came to each other. They never treated each other as siblings, in fact they were more violent against each other than the war between the two Guilds. It wasn't until the trigger of both of their mutant powers appearing that they stopped their fighting and became not siblings but best friends. And they stated so. Never had they once seriously called each other brother or sister, always friend.

"Get off 'im Rogue, no need to give more fuel to da whole inbred Southerner jokes."

"Ah don't know," She said thoughtfully, adjusting her position so she now leant back on her hands that were placed either side of Remy's hips and her heavily booted feet upon his wrists to pin him. The use of her thief name was nothing new to her in casual settings, almost everyone called her that bar Jean-Luc and Tante Mattie who stuck to the name given to her when she was four, Angelica. The only other who seemed to find joy in the use of a different name was Remy, either using his nickname Angel for her or bypassing names all together with chèrie. "Ah lahke da ahdea of 'avin' 'im below meh, lahke a servant or slave. W'ere 'e belongs."

Grinning at her Remy bent his knees up and allowed her to rest her back against his thighs. "Remy never knew ya liked to be on top chèrie."

"Ah lahke to dominate." Rogue shot right back with a confident smirk still in place.

"Is dat so?" A voice from behind her came and she was suddenly plucked up off Remy and into the arms of another man, his mouth resting just by her ear. "Ah'll 'ave to remember dat."

"Dat yah should cher." Her lips softened into a smile as she twisted her head around to face the male, wrapping both arms around his neck and bring his lips to hers.

Pushing himself up off the ground Remy dusted himself off and rolled his eyes at his sister and her arranged fiancé. Anything to stop da war. He started making a gagging sound as Angelica LeBeau and Julien Boudreaux still stayed lip-locked, ignoring the need for air. Getting a raised middle finger in return from both Remy sighed and paused to check his elbows, knowing it was just going to lead to two more scars supplied by his loving sister, having lost count of all the injuries she had inflicted on him over the years. A pair of arms circling around his slim waist from behind brought Remy out of his inspection as his own smile formed. Twisting around he threw one arm over the blonde woman's shoulders and pulled her in for their own kiss.

Pulling back he lightly nipped her bottom lip, tugging on it gentle as he heard her sigh. "Bonjour Bella."

"'ey Remy." She purred back, peering up at him through her thick eyelashes. Belladonna's face quickly contorted into disgust as she raised her voice. "Julien! Save it for ya weddin' night! None of us want to see dat!"

Glaring over at his younger sister Julien finally lowered Rogue back to her feet, his hand moving up from her thigh to rest lightly on her back. "Like ya one to talk Bella, ya may as well do a lap dance on dat thief 'alf da time."

"'ey!" Slapping a hand hard against his chest Rogue narrowed her own eyes up at the Assassin Prince. "Did yah just insult thieves?"

A light laughter joined the group as a bottle of chilled water was thrown to Henri. Mercy LeBeau came into view as she took a stance at her husband's side, getting a kiss against her cheek as she threw two more bottles to the other two Thieve Guild members. "Ya be outnumbered Julien."

"We could take ya." Bella shot in smugly, scrunching up her nose as she pulled away from her arranged husband-to-be. "Ya need a shower Remy, ya all sweaty."

Raising one eyebrow at her while he chugged down half of the large bottle of water Remy paused to place the cap on before talking. "Ya tend to sweat w'en ya work out petite."

"Work out? Yah goin' soft Swamp Rat, dat was just a warm up. But den 'gain, Ah'm sure Bella's use to yah bein' soft."

It was Remy's turn to glare now at the female thief as Julien shot a smirk from behind her, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist and hands travelling down her hips. "Ya sure ya not referin' to Julien, Angel? Dere's a reason 'e 'ad to 'ave a marriage arranged, 'e couldn't get a fille by 'imself."

Sensing the sudden tension in the air between the two Henri cleared his throat. "W'at ya two doin' 'ere anyway?"

Shooting a look between the two glaring men Bella placed a hand against Remy's chest to try and calm him down. "To see if ya'll want to go clubbin' tonight," Her bright red painted lips twisting into a smirk. "Dat is if da bébé can stay up dat late." (Baby)

Prepared to just leave Remy and Julien have a go at each other Rogue rolled her eyes over at Bella, use to always being picked on because of her age. With Henri the oldest, Remy, Mercy and Julien two years younger than him and Bella another two years after the Princes Rogue was left the youngest in the group. It always bothered her that she had to be left out of things because she was only two years younger than Bella at 16.

"Leave Angel 'lone Bella, of course she's comin'." Remy said, standing up for her as always as he moved over to where the three's coats lay, throwing Henri his before reaching for his own brown trench coat as well as Rogue's. "W'at ya doin' 'ere Mercy?"

"Didn't 'enri tell ya? Ah'm ya ride back 'ome."

"Really? Ah thought yah were just 'enri's rahde."

Waving a disapproving finger in Rogue's direction Mercy tried her best to hold back a smile. "Ya watch ya mouth fille, despite 'ow true dat it be."

Smiling back at her Rogue placed a quick kiss on Julien's lips before pulling on her coat and pressed the side of the water bottle against her cheek, using the surface to cool her skin. "See yah later cher."

"Normal club? Remy asked as he detached Bella from him.

"Oui." She answered and pulled him in for one last kiss before letting go with a pout.

"Come on ya two," Mercy motioned for the younger LeBeaus to follow her as Henri led the way back to their transport. "Ya got a date with Mattie 'nd da kitchen."


"Bonjour all!" Bella cried as soon as she spotted the four LeBeaus at their normal table, saluting up to the table with a dress that may as well have been painted on as Julien appeared behind her. Bella paused in her happy moment, shooting a look as she spotted Rogue sitting on Remy's lap, the two Thieves having just come off the dance floor as Rogue drank from his drink. Spotting the look Rogue sent a smug one back and leant her head against Remy's shoulder, getting a chuckle from the kinetic charger as he realised what she was doing. Poking her in the ribs Remy moved her off him and to sit beside him further in the leather booth that sat in a semi-circle.

"'ey Bella." Remy answered for the four of them, standing to let Julien with a glare of his own before replacing the smile for Belladonna, allowing her into the seat first and making it so he sat on the end.

"Was wonderin' if yah were goin' to show up." Rogue teased her fiancé as he lifted her legs so they rested on his lap, his palm sitting on top of her thigh and tracing the edge of the miniskirt she wore. Noticing this Rogue took his hand and placed it down on her knee.

Taking her chin between his thumb and finger Julien leant in towards her face, "Chère, 'ow could Ah not come with knowin' ya were 'ere waitin' for me?" Pressing his lips against hers.

Rolling her eyes at the couple Mercy turned to Bella and Remy instead, only to find them in a similar position. With a sigh she rested her head against her husbands shoulder and looked up at him lovingly. "Guess we must be gettin' old if we're not makin' out in a club."

Chuckling at this Henri shook his head before taking a drink from his beer. "Guess so mon amour."

Pushing her thoughts into the back of her mind Rogue just focused on the way Julien's mouth felt against hers, trying to ignore the nagging in the back of her skull that in two years she would be like Remy and Bella was this year, planning their wedding. For the absorber it was a scary thought, she was only five when she was arranged to be with Julien and at the time she had no idea what she was getting into. Feeling him deepen the kiss Rogue rolled her eyes under her eyelids, feeling his fingers sneaking further up her leg. Each time Julien would run his hand up along her thigh until it grazed the edge of her miniskirt Rogue would move it back down to rest at the edge of her knee, she wanted to discouraging him as much as she could. That was at least one difference her and Julien had compared to Remy and Bella, while the male Thief and female Assassin had been fucking each other's brains out for years Rogue had made it very clear to Julien she would not be like that. And she was pretty sure he wasn't too happy about it, but she stuck to it. On the fourth go at him trying to sneak at least a finger under the tight leather Rogue finally had enough, smacking his hand hard before pulling out of the kiss and raised to her feet.

"Ah need a drink." She muttered and not waiting for any of the others to get out of her way stepped on the seat to boost herself up and walking along the table, dropping back to the floor easily and stomping off towards the bar, leaving a confused and less than happy Julien.

Instantly pulling away from Bella Remy got to his feet as well and started after her, calling out for her to slow down. Letting out a huff of frustration Belladonna crossed her arms and slouched down in her seat, pouting as she glared at Remy's figure as it blended into the crowd.

"Ya couldn't keep ya 'ands to yaself, could ya!" She snapped at her brother, getting a glare in return.

Catching up to Rogue at the bar Remy arrived in time to hear her in an argument with the bartender about getting a drink, claiming she was too young and as true as that was Remy waved to the guy to allow it, as well as gaining one for himself. The two sat on the barstools in semi-comfortable silence, nursing their drinks and just allowing the background noise to wash around them.

"Désolé Remy, Ah didn't mean to ruin yah nahght." (Sorry)

"W'at ya talkin' 'bout Angel? Ya did nothin'." Lowering his voice to a mutter Remy took a long swing from his beer. "It be dat Julien who ruinin' it."

Smiling at his honesty Rogue tilted her head to look back at the table they were at, feeling sorry for Henri and Mercy to get left there as the two Assassins argued with each other. "Whah don't yah lahke 'im Remy?"

"Why do ya like 'im?" He shot back.

"Who said Ah did?"

Taking her hand in his Remy pressed a kiss to her knuckles and rubbed his thumb against her palm, gaining a hint of smile in return as she tightened her own grip on his fingers. "Ya want to go?"

"Non," Finishing her beer in a long swallow Rogue stood and pulled at his hand. "Ah want to dance."

Chuckling at her response Remy allowed himself to be tugged onto the dance floor and into the mass of people.

Eyeing the couple dancing on the floor Belladonna narrowed her eyes at how intimate the dance was for two members of the same family to be doing, yet neither seemed fazed by it at all. "Ah don't get it, 'ow come dey so close, it's disgustin'."

"It's 'cause of deir powers." Henri answered automatically between mouthfuls of his drink, feeling a bit isolated with the two Boudreaux's after Mercy disappeared into the sea of people after spotting a group of her friends, leaving him to fend for himself. He had never been close to any member of their family apart from Julien and Bella and that was only because of his siblings, each wanting to try and have a normal relationship and learn tolerance before being forced into marriage once both sides of the couples hit 18. "Rogue 'nd Remy always been close since dey got dem."

"Why? So dey're mutants, big fuckin' deal." Julien inputted, his own eyes glaring holes in Remy's back.

Rolling his dark eyes Henri felt like he was talking to a couple of four year olds, which he was actually use to when his two siblings would act in one of their shared immature moods and wreaking havoc on the LeBeau household. Havoc that was normally stopped only by one person: Mattie. "Dey got deir powers at da same time, Rogue w'en she was 12, Remy at 16. 'nd both were untouchable." He started, getting a slight nod from both. It was common knowledge in both Guilds that the two adopted LeBeau's had trouble with their powers, one draining the life out of anyone she touched while the other would blow up anything he touched, even living things. And both were considered extremely dangerous during their period of no control. "Dey 'elpped each other to control deir powers. Rogue took in energy, Remy gave too much off, dey balanced out until dey could both stop da 'flow', as dey call it."


"So," Henri eyed Julien as a warning for him not to interrupt again. "'Cause of dat dey got a bond. Dey 'ad to learn to trust each other, dat's why dey do now." Spotting Mercy signalling him over he finished his drink, casting one more look at the two of them, "Don't get dem into trouble tonight." Before leaving the two Assassins alone at the table.


Staring up at the ceiling but finding nothing any more interesting on it than an hour ago – other than a few burn marks but those were years old – Remy sighed and rolled over onto his side before sitting up in bed, scrubbing his hands across his face. Sleep just didn't want to come tonight, not an unusual thing since a thief's body clock was normal trained to be awake as night and asleep during the day. Snatching up a pair of boxers he slipped them on before wandering out of his room and down the hall towards a certain room. Turning the doorknob he silently entered the room, looking around for its occupant. Rogue. Not finding her there Remy spotted one of the windows open, the main one she used to get to the roof. Leaning over the sill and sticking his head out he could just spot her feet dangling off the edge of the building. Hoisting himself up he easily scaled up the wall and made his way up onto the roof.

Watching him climb she waited until he was seated beside her before speaking. "'ey."

"'ey. W'at ya doin' up 'ere?"

Drawing her legs up to her chest Rogue wrapped her arms around them and rested her chin upon her knees, her tank top and own boxers wrapped around her body. "Couldn't sleep."

"Dis 'bout Julien?"

"Partly." She admitted with a frown before hesitating to talk again. "Do yah ever feel lahke yah bein' used?

Letting out a bitter laugh Remy ran a hand through his long hair, having taken it out of its ponytail after getting back from the club. "Dat a trick question?"

"Ah know, Ah know. Our powers are bein' used 'gainst us 'cause dey make us better thieves. Ah know we're bein' used to stop dis war bah marryin' us off to da enemy." Looking up at him through her lashes Rogue's brow dropped in concern. "Yah think dat's all we are to Papa? Tools?"

Rubbing the back of his neck Remy lay back on the roofing, resting his hands behind his head as a pillow. "Maybe not ya, ya 'is favourite, 'is petite fille. 'enri, 'e's 'eir. Moi, Ah'm a tool, a way to burn 'way windows 'nd get 'round laser systems."

Lying down next to him she shook her head, knowing he was serious if he used first person. "Yah not."

"Ah am." There was a pause as he looked up at the night sky. "Ya don't want to marry Julien, don't. Da Guild will 'ave Remy 'nd Bella, ya can say no."

"Ah 'ave to do it for da Guild, just lahke yah do Remy."

Wrapping an arm around her shoulders Remy pulled Angel towards him and pressed a kiss to her forehead through her white hair. "Oui, Bella is one thing, mais Julien..."

Turning to lock her vision onto his face she gave a soft smile as she rested against his chest. "W'at am Ah suppose to do? Go against da man who took meh into 'is 'ome 'nd cared for meh, exactly da same thing 'e did for yah? It's not mah first plan for mah lahfe, bein' forced to marry someone Ah don't love, mais w'at choice do Ah 'ave? W'at choice do yah 'ave? Leave? Turn our back on da Guild 'nd risk da war becomin' worse? Ah couldn't leave 'enri, Mercy or Tante Mattie, Ah love dem too much, deir family."

"Ah know."

Dropping her head she allowed it to rest on his shoulder as Remy's arm tightened around her.