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It was fun while it lasted ^_^ I did enjoy my little leap into Rott for awhile, and love Remy and Rogue being able to tease and fight without making them into a couple.


Guilds season 4

Chapter : Impact

Chapter : No Good Deed

Chapter : Target X

Chapter : Sins of the Son

Chapter : Uprising

Chapter : Cajun Spice

Belladonna kidnaps Jean Luc instead since Julien is dead. Rogue still has an x-communicator (given to her earlier on? by Scott in case of trouble? in turn of the rogue?) accidentally activates it. X-men were going after rogue anyway to help with apoc

Post rescuing JL

"W'at's goin' on fille?"

"Ah did something... bad."

Seeing where this was leading Remy instantly jumped in. "It wasn't ya fault, 'ow many time does Remy 'ave to say it?"

Turning to glare at him her eyes narrowed. "If Ah could of pushed Mesmro back-"

"'is powers are to control others! No matter 'ow strong ya mental shields be 'ow were ya suppose to stop 'im? It's not ya fault."


"Non! Non 'mais', non 'if's, non 'w'at if's!" Grabbing her shoulders he just stopped himself from shaking some sense into her. "It's not ya fault."

"Lahke it wasn't ya fault with Julien?" Rogue shot back bitterly.

Dropping his hands he released her and took a step back. "Dat's a low blow Angel."

Slapping a hand over his face Jean-Luc rubbed his palm over it roughly. "Mon Dieu, w'at did Ah get monself into with adoptin' ya's?" Lowering his hand he wrapped the arm around Rogue's shoulders, pulling her near and kissing her head. "'nd Ah agree with Remy, it don't sound like ya fault."

"Mais it's mah responsibility now."

"Hold on," Scott interrupted, pulling the three LeBeau's out of their family moment. "You two are siblings?"

Looking at each other Rogue and Remy gave a shrug of their shoulders.

"But you two kissed." Kurt interrupted, making a face.

Pausing for a moment the two younger Cajun laughed it off as Jean-Luc just gave a roll of his eyes.

"Rogue 'nd Remy ain't related 'part from name." Remy started to explain. "Not blood, not even by law. Jean-Luc never officially adopted us, 'e just took us off da streets 'nd brought us into da family. Da kiss be a joke, a way to freak people who know we be related."

"Or to keep away annoyin' guys 'nd girls w'en out clubbin'. As far as Remy 'nd Ah are concerned we're not family." Rogue picked up for him. "We're friends. 'enri, our brother, now 'e's family, so is Papa 'nd da rest of the Guild."



Thieve Guild Mansion.

"'oney, Jean-Luc be 'ome!" He called, a smirk on his face as his children snickered.

"Yah know yah always get joked 'bout w'en yah do dat Papa."

"Maybe Ah'm in a bon mood fille." Jean-Luc replied, wrapping an arm around her and giving her another tight squeeze.

"Jean-Luc! Ya 'ad dis old woman worried!" A voice shouted from deeper inside the house.

Shooting an excited look at each other Remy and Rogue whispered the same words together. "Tante Mattie."

"Vhat's a Tante Mattie?" Kurt asked as he and Scott and Logan stood in the doorway, being answered by a large black woman dressed in a bright coloured dress and her hair being held back by a equally eye burning headband wore a dirty white apron around her waist and was wiping her hands on it, looking to have just came out of the kitchen.

"Jean-Luc, ya 'ad us all worried…" Her words trailing off as she spotted the two Cajuns with him. "Mon 1children."

"Mattie." Rogue whispered again, tears appearing in her eyes as the old woman looked ready to have a heart attack.

Getting over her shock Mattie swept them up in one arm each, holding them tight to her as they returned the hug fully. "Mon 1babies! Ya back!" Pulling back she planted a kiss one each of their foreheads – Remy having to lower his head for her to do it, but was well use to the action – before giving them another bone crushing hug. "Ya 'ome!"

"Papa, ya back!" A male rushed down from the stairs of the second floor, almost losing his footing with the speed he was going at, reaching out to grasp his fathers arm. "Mais 'ow ya get out."

Clearing his throat as Rogue wiped at her tears, Mattie's arm still protectively around the girl Remy drew the man's attention to them, his grin widening as the man's mouth dropped open.

"Remy?" Looking past him he also saw her. "Rogue?"

"Yah know two other Cajun mutants with red 'nd black ahyes 'nd white 'nd brown 'air?"

"None with big mouth like ya two." Henri laughed, gathering his brother into a hug and a heavy thump against the back before moving on to her. "Mon petite 1sister." Wrapping her up in his arms and lifting her off the ground to spin her around, her arms encircling his neck as her legs did the same to his waist for support.

Wiping at her own tears Mattie hurried over to the base of the stairs, raising her voice to an almost deafening level for the X-Men, especially Logan. "Get ya scrawny butts down 'ere! All of ya!"

"Mais Mattie!" A voice whined back from above.


There were several thumps of footsteps from the ceiling above as a group of males and a very attractive blonde female hovered around the top of the stairs, each freezing upon seeing their missing family members.

"Miss us?" Remy asked with a grin.

"Remy LeBeau!" The blonde shrieked, flying down the stairs and throwing herself into his arms. "Don't ya dare ask us dat question!"

"Missed ya too Mercy." He said with a smile, hugging her in the same manner Henri did with Rogue, including the spin.

"Da Fallen Angel be back!" Lupin cried as he slid down the banister of the stairs, ignoring Mattie's scolding as he tackled Rogue off her feet and to the floor, biting her shoulder as he pinned her arms against her sides in his own hug.

"Get off meh Lupin! Ah don't wanna catch something!"

"Don't give 'er rabies Lupin." Henri said as he pulled his cousin off his sister.

"Aw, mais she's so biteable." Clicking his teeth together he ducked as Rogue scrambled to her feet and snatched up a pillow, throwing it at his head.

Waving an arm towards the Goth Mercy finally let go of Remy. "Get over 'ere fille 'nd let me see ma belle sister-in-law."

Cringing at the choice of word Rogue found herself in another hug. "Don't say dat word, it be too close to Bella."

"Dat fille be 1crazy! 1insane bitch! Ah 'ope ya knocked 'er through a wall."

"W'at yah think Ah got? Super strength?"

"Maybe next year for Christmas chèrie." Remy joked.

"Now we got dat over." Raising her hands Mattie smacked the heel of her palms across both of the back of their heads.

Getting a cry of pain out of both as they clutched their heads Remy got his voice back first. "W'at was dat for!"

"Don't ya raise ya voice to me boy! 'nd dat's for not callin'," Switching her glare over at Rogue she continued. "Either of ya! We were worried sick!"

Lowering their vision both muttered a 'sorry Tante Mattie', still rubbing the tender spots on their heads.

"Now," Taking a seat at his place at the head of the table Jean-Luc motioned for their guests to seat themselves. "W'at's dis 'bout dis Apocalypse."

"Apocalypse?" Henri asked, taking his place at the right hand of his father as heir.

Dropping down into their designated seating Rogue jumped in before Remy could. "It be nothin'-"

"Den it 'as to be something for ya to say dat." Their older brother cut in, eyeing them carefully. "What 'appened?"

after mentioning Apoccy stole her energy

"O', did 'e zuck ya blood?" Lupin drew out in an attempt to do a Transylvanian accent.

"Oh grow up Lapin!" Rogue snapped, throwing one of the coasters resting on the wood table and getting him in the middle of the forehead.

"Angelica LeBeau! Ya mind ya manners!"

"Sorry Tante Mattie."

Leaning over towards her Mercy whispered in Rogue's ear. "It was a bon shot."

Giving her a wink back Rogue allowed a touch of a smile through. "Merci."

"Ya let this psycho take 'er?" Henri cried in half concern half anger, snapping his hand up to hit Remy in the same place Mattie did.

Clutching at his head yet again in pain Remy glared over at Henri. "Stop 'ittin' Remy!"

"Yea', 'e needs all da brains 'e can get." Rogue snapped instinctively from so many years of teasing him.

Romy start arguing, get others included (minus XM, JL and Mattie)

A loud 'smack' echoed through the room, silence instantly replacing the noise as the younger LeBeau's fell quiet, the edge of Mattie's spatula resting against the wood of the table. The X-Men just stared in disbelief as the instant response she got from the all.

"Now, ya all goin' to behave, we 'ave guests." She sent a toothy smile over to the three, but after seeing the power she had in the household it lost some of its warmth with them.

"Aw, Mattie, ya don't 'ave to consider Remy 'nd Roguey guests."

This was meet with another smack around the back of his head, causing Remy to cry out in pain and lowering his forehead to the table, holding both hands over the back of his head as Rogue reached over the table and patted one of his hands tenderly.

"Boy, don't make me get a rolled up newspaper." Once she got a muttered 'No Tante Mattie' in response she smiled at him as he whimpered in pain against the wood. "Bon."

Leaning over to Scott Kurt lowered his voice in a hushed whisper. "Zhe be zcarier dan Volverine!"

End up staying there a few days as the family won't let them leave yet but they are going back with XM


Chapter : Ghost of a Chance - Danielle

Romy now with the XM

Chapter : Ascension


Xavier's School for the Gifted.

X: If you would like, we would like you to stay and become members of the X-Men.

R and G look to each other as G talks

G: Sorry homme, Angel 'nd Remy already 'ave plans.

Ki: What? Where you going?

G: We got too many enemies 'ere. Our family been tellin' us since our last petite trip to NO dat da Rippers 'ave increased deir search for us. Before if we stepped into NO we would 'ave been 'unted down, now deir comin' after us. We're leavin' da country.

S: For how long.

R: We don't know.

Just before leaving

Turning back to the school from her bike Rogue walked back towards the entrance to stand in front of one person as she smiled sadly up at him. Reaching out she pulled Scott into a hug, her arms going around his neck as his encircled her waist.

"Ah wish Ah could stay 'ere with yah."

Burying her face into her hair he nodded. "Then stay, we can protect you."

A sad laugh of hers echoed through him. "Ah go w'ere Remy goes. Ah can't leave 'im alone. Mais don't worry sugah, Ah won't be gone forever. Yah can't get rid of meh dat easy."

His smile was sad as they pulled apart, just staring at each other before Scott lowered his face to hers, kissing her lightly on the lips. A tear ran down her cheek as Rogue stepped back from him, returning to her bike and blowing him a kiss.

"Je t'aime Scott, don't forget dat."

"What does it mean?"

Grinning over at him Rogue pulled her helmet on, her emerald eyes the only thing showing under the black visor. "Goggle it."

fdapter : Dark Horizonrol, stealing powers for apaocylpse find out she did something in h----

Chapter :

Xavier's School for the Gifted.

One Year Later.

Ending chapter

Xmas one year later, open door to find a large bag of pressie, one for everyone from Romy. Scott opens his from Rogue (a letter) to find an Xmas card and a key, telling him to look outside. Finds a bike (movie ref) and from behind him hears her voice saying she has to teach him to drive it now. Turns to find Rogue behind him, change in appearance. Open to sequel.

About the keys

"What is it?"

S: A key. (looks back to the letter he raised his brows at the next note: Look outside)

Ignoring everyone else Scott did as the letter said, grabbing his coat and wrapping it around him before venturing outside the front doors. Parked directly in front of the school was a brand new motorbike (movie description)

"Guess Ah got to show yah 'ow to rahde it now."

His inhale of air came out in a gasp, almost scared to turn and face the voice behind him in case it wasn't real. Peeking over his shoulder the rest of his body followed to find the woman that had plagued his thoughts for the last year standing right in front of him.

Her hair was longer, resting at her shoulder blades and hung in curls and spirals of auburn and white, her lips painted fire red as thick eyeliner made the green of her eyes stand out. A heavy brown bomber coat complete with fur lining was wrapped tightly around her torso as her hands were shoved into the front pockets, riding leather and boots covering her legs as the cold had tinted her cheeks pink against the rest of her pale skin.

"Hah Scott."

"Hi Rogue."



Father: Jean-Luc LeBeau. Brother: Henri. Sister-in-law: Mercy (blonde, green eyed, first female Guild member (R second)). Taute: Mattie (healer, empathy, 122 years old). Cousins: Emil/Lapin, (red hair, blue eyes, goatie, computer expert), Theoren 'Theo' Marceaux (brown hair, Eti's older bro, serious, computer expert, helped teach Emil),

Others in Guild (T): Claude Potier (the tough guy, brown hair, short/military, big guy, good sense of humour), Genard Alouette (very quiet, the opposite of Emil, brown hair, glasses), Zoe Ishihara (Japanese, originally Tokyo Thieves Guild, good fighter, serious)

ASSASSINS: Gris-Gris (Black, short dreadlock hair, hates Emil (finds him annoying), voodoo master, 6'5, mean), Fifolet (Intangibility, 'ok guy for being an assassin', not a worry to the thieves unless they attack first, long black hair), Questa (psychopathic, slightly telepathic), Singer (Bella's best friend, always wears sunglasses, black hair, can fly, communications channeler, dislikes the others in the guild.)

NOTE: LeBeau family is catholic, but gambit gave it up/falling out with the faith

NOTE: remy pronounces it as N'Awlins, rogue as N'Awleans


Authors notes: Laters kids, hope you enjoyed the madness of my notes.